Should I work for a homosexual?

Is it morally wrong to do business with a homosexual?

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Joe from Texas asked, concerning the bakery in Denver that was ordered to make a cake for the gay couple; my wife and I have a screen-printing and t-shirt business, and one of our clients is a gay and lesbian organization. I have mixed feelings about this, however, we do get an order from them twice a year and we rely on all of our customers, so it’s hard to turn that down. How would you handle that and what should we do from a business standpoint?


ANSWER: It depends on the situation. If you’re an automobile salesman and a gay person wants to come in and buy a car, I don’t think you should turn them away. But if they want you to print t-shirts that say, ‘gays are godly’, or some message that would be seen as promoting the lifestyle, that’s where I would have difficulty. So I think it’s a matter of judgment there. If it’s designed to promote homosexuality then I think that’s where you have to take a hard, sincere look at it. But if it’s just simply printing something like, ‘welcome to Dallas’, then I don’t think sexuality makes a difference.


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