Unpardonable Sin

What is the Unpardonable Sin?

By Irvin Baxter

Question: Miguel from Washington: What is the unpardonable sin and is there any forgiveness for those who were unknowing?


Answer: The key to understanding the sin is to go to the setting of what was taking place. There were religious leaders that were claiming that Jesus cast out devils by the prince of devils Beelzebub. That’s when Jesus warned them because they were calling the Holy Spirit a devil. And he warned them that they were mighty close to the unpardonable sin. He told them that they can speak a word according to His flesh but speaking a word according to almighty God is a sacred thing. He did not tell them that they committed it. The Apostle Paul executed the saints and made many blaspheme and yet the Lord forgave him because he said he did it in ignorance. So bottom line is we should not call the Holy Ghost a devil. 


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