The Two Witnesses Ministry

When Will the Two Witnesses Ministry Start?

By Irvin Baxter

QuestionHarvey from Florida called to ask Irvin if the two witnesses from Revelation 11 will be on the earth as the peace treaty is signed?


Answer:  Their ministry starts at the halfway point, so around three and a half years into the final seven years. The Bible is very specific on when their ministry will starts in Revelation 11:3 and the timeline is established in verse 1 and 2 because John was told to measure the temple but not to measure the outer court because it would be trodden down by the gentiles for the next 42 months. Then it records the two witnesses appearing who begin their ministry in 1,260 days which is also 42 months and they continue  all the way to sounding of the last trumpet which is when the rapture takes place in verse 15. 


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