Sixth Trumpet War and the Peace Treaty

Will the peace treaty follow the sixth trumpet?

 By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Rodrigo from Texas wants to know if the Sixth Trumpet War will take place before or after the peace treaty.


ANSWER: I had thought that the Sixth Trumpet War would probably happen before the peace agreement, even though I told everyone on this program that I couldn’t prove that scripturally. I just logically thought that if the war happened, then that would probably push the world community to drive Israel and the Palestinians into an agreement. I also had a hard time imagining one-third of mankind dying right when Israel is building her temple on the Temple Mount, which she will do during the first three and a half years of this seven-year agreement. However, with the way events are unfolding, I’m not sure my speculation was right. If john Kerry is going to be successful with concluding this agreement by April 29th of this coming year, then there was the prophesied war, then I can see where the carnage of this war would serve as the entrance ramp for the Antichrist. The Bible says that the Antichrist will be revealed halfway through the final seven-year period, so if the war happened one or two years right before the Antichrist is revealed, which would be halfway through the final seven year period, then I could see how the Antichrist could present himself as a man with answers that has come to save the world from itself. Plus I can imagine the war could give the Israelis rational for actually building their temple, because they believe that when the temple is built, that it will bring peace to the earth. However, the Bible doesn’t tell us which way it will go, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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