Ask Irvin and Dave

Revelation 7 and the 144,000


Will People who Have Committed Fornication be a Part of the 144,000?

Question: Brett from Indiana called to ask Irvin about the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation 7. Brett asked can someone who has committed fornication be forgiven of that sin and looked at by God as if they are a virgin and become a part of the 144,000.

Peace Treaty and WWIII


Will WWIII Happen Before or After the Peace Treaty?

Question: Jasmine from Indiana called to ask Irvin if the peace treaty has to start for the seven year tribulation to begin or will the peace treaty take place after World War 3?

Israel and the Temple Mount

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Prayer on the Cross

Who was Jesus praying to When He was on the Cross? By Irvin…

LGBT Beliefs

Are the LGBT People Born That Way? By Irvin Baxter   Question:…

The Dead in Christ

Who are the Dead in Christ? By Irvin Baxter   Question: Brenda…

Psalm 83

Is Psalm 83 and the Euphrates River War the same? By Irvin Baxter   QUESTION: Tony…

America and The Peace Treaty

Dori from Georgia called to ask Irvin “Where does America, as a country fit when the peace agreement is signed and the seven years begin?”

Time Shortened for the Elect’s Sake

David from Virginia asks, “Matthew 24:21-22 talks about the Great Tribulation and it also indicates that this time will be shortened for the elect’s sake. So is this shortened only for the elect or is the whole three and a half years shortened?