Do You Need to go to Church?

Do I Need to go to Church?

By Irvin Baxter

Question: Kathy is calling from Massachusetts and wanted to know if it is ok for her to not go to church since she is learning the Bible through Endtime and other ministers.


Answer:  Kathy, you need to go to church if there is a church that teaches the truth in your area. That’s where it gets difficult because the Bible prophesies that most Christian churches in the end time will no longer teach the Bible, so therefore we have to really be careful when we choose churches. We have a lot of people who can help you find churches that we know teach the whole truth.

The reason it is important for you to go to church is because God said, I’ve put before you apostles, prophets evangelists, teachers and pastors for the furthering of the ministry, the perfecting of the saints and the edifying of the body of Christ. We need to be preached to and we also need to be under a God called pastor.

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