Middle East Peace Agreement

November 25, 2013   |   Category: Ask Irvin   |   Tags:

Will the Interim Agreement last seven years?

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Chris from Georgia wants to know if the peace negotiations that John Kerry is working on will be a seven-year deal.


ANSWER: They have not said it’s a seven-year deal but they are discussing an interim arrangement because they know that they can’t get a final arrangement. By the way, this deal with Iran is an interim deal, a six month deal, but it has nothing to do with the Peace Treaty of Daniel 9:27. However, nobody has said what the interim period will be as of yet. I believe it’s probably going to be a seven year agreement because the Bible says that the Antichrist will confirm the covenant for seven years. But they have not said anything as of right now concerning that.


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