The Lord’s Second Coming

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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Wendy in Ontario wants to know if Irvin is looking forward to the Lord’s Second Coming, or would he delay it if he could.


ANSWER: Yes, I am looking forward to it. However, I have mixed emotions when I see all the people that are not yet saved. Paul was in a dilemma himself; he said, I really want to go be with the Lord but it’s better for you that I stay here and teach you. So it is mixed emotions. For myself, absolutely; for a world that still needs to be saved, I think we can get some more saved in the short time that we have left.

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28 Responses to “The Lord’s Second Coming”

  1. Really good show, Irwin. Like you, I’m a student of modern Israel and your facts are right on !
    One thing you brought up that Iu had never considered:
    Yes, I knew Jordan (illegally) occupied east Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria after the Israeli 1948 War of Indrpendence. But yes: WHY didn’t Jordan create a Palestinian state at the time? They were holding all the cards at the time !
    Looks like God has other plans ….
    Another thing I hadn’t realized: I knew the PA was paying for terrorists… what I didn’t realize was that it amounted to 1/3rd Billion dollars each year and, what’s worse, that money in all likelihood was being paid by Americans unwittingly.
    My position now is aligned wirh Trump: Not one red cent of U.S. $ to the y Palestinians unless they make peace with Israel under the Saudi/Trump deal.
    Again, great show Irvin!