Can a Person Lose Their Salvation?

Is it possible to lose salvation after we’ve received it?


Rafael from Texas is interested in hearing Irvin’s take on, “Can we lose our salvation after we have received it and end up lost?”


Hello Pastor, I was in a Bible meeting last Wednesday and a discussion came up about salvation. Some people believe that we’re saved no matter what we do and once we’re saved we’re saved no matter what. We can commit murder, adultery and we’re still saved. I brought to them a bunch of scriptures like Hebrews 10:26 that talks about unwillful and willful sin; II Peter 3:17 that speaks about being careful not to lose your secured position. So next week if they still want to talk about it I’m going to bring up Matthew 7:22 that says, we bid miracles and drove out demons in Your name and Jesus tells them get away from Me, I don’t know you and also Matthew 25 concerning the ten virgins. I will take your answer off of the air if you have an opinion.



Irvin: Yes, I sure do. Thank you, Rafael! There are many clear scriptures that tell us a person can lose their salvation but there are also scriptures that tell us that no man will take us out of His hand – no man shall pluck you out of My hand, and that’s true. Other people cannot cause you to lose your salvation but, you can do things that would cause you to lose your salvation. For example, the last chapter of Revelation, chapter 22, it says if you add to the things that are written in the book of Revelation, God will add to you the plagues of the book. If you take away from the book of Revelation, God will take your name out of the Book of Life. Now if you can’t have your name taken out of the Book of Life, why does it say in the last chapter of the Bible that if you take away from the things of Revelation, your name will be taken out of the Book of Life? Also, in Hebrews chapter 6 it states there that there are principles of the doctrine that we should leave and go on to perfection, and then it goes on to say, for it is impossible for those who have once tasted the heavenly gift have been made partakers of the Holy Ghost and of the Word of God and the powers of the world to come. If they shall fall away it’s impossible to renew them again to repentance seeing that they have crucified the Son of God afresh and put him to an open shame. So it specifically says there, those who once tasted of the heavenly gift, those who were made partakers of the Holy Ghost; if after they’ve had a mature established walk with God, if they then shall fall away then it is impossible to renew them to repentance because they have crucified the Son of God afresh. Now there are a lot of questions about, okay what does that mean? Does that mean that anybody who’s ever been saved and then they backslide, they can never be saved again? No, that’s not true because we have other stories such as the prodigal son that clearly teach a person can fall away and can be restored. The Bible also says, if your brother has been taken in a fault rebuke him, if he repents restore him. So restoration is possible, however, to those of you who are mature, that really understand the scriptures, that really understand the plan of salvation; don’t play loose with your soul because it is a very dangerous thing to walk out on Jesus Christ and turn your back on Him and say I don’t believe this anymore. That is a very dangerous thing. So, can you fall away? Yes, but God promises as long as you continue to stay with Him, He will not cast you away, He will stay with you; that’s where everything hinges. You cannot lose your salvation without your own fault but, if you choose to walk away and start living after the flesh then you can lose your salvation.


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