Angels Bound in the Euphrates River

Yearlong extension for the Peace Agreement

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Chad calling from Canada asked Irvin, “I know that you teach that the war will emanate from the Euphrates River and that the countries surrounding the Euphrates River are mainly Islamic countries. But Revelation 14 says that the 6th trumpet angel said to release the four angels who were bound in the Euphrates River but what if the war did not start there and the angels were just bound there?


ANSWER: When I actually refer to that scripture I use the term, “emanate from” because of the way that scripture is worded.  Just as you stated, it says that there are four angels at the River of Euphrates. Well, what is an angel? An angel is a spirit; the Bible says angels are ministering spirits to us who are the heirs of salvation, and those are the good angels.  And the angels that are in the River of Euphrates are not good angels, they are the bad angels because they are bound and when they are loosed the Bible says that the spirits who will lose them will be responsible for causing this war.


Chad, your point is very good and it causes us to ask if we can teach adamantly that this war must start in those four nations (Turkey, Syria, Iraq or Iran), possibly not. Maybe just the spirits of conflict that have been generated from that area and that will then spill over.


I take that to mean that it will start there and spread; it will imminently

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