America Part of New World Order

December 9, 2014   |   Category: Ask Irvin   |  

Is America Part of the New World Order?

By Irvin Baxter

Question: Travis from Kentucky called to ask Irvin, “Since America embraces capitalism and the world economy, doesn’t this make us part of the New World Order?


Answer:  Yes, it does. Anyone who does not bow their knee to the United Nations or the Security Council Resolutions and the World Community is considered a rogue nation. I am very sorry to say that America is one of the leading lights right now; we are putting all of this together. And if we do not change course we will be in the middle of the one world end time. I do have reason to believe that we are going to change course; we are not going to change the emergence of this New World Order, it is prophesied in the Bible. The Bible specifically says that Great Britain is involved, Russia is involved, Germany will be involved, and the countries of Europe will be involved. It does not specifically say that the United States will be involved but it also does not specifically say that we’re not going to be involved either. But I do believe that America will have some kind of an awakening and it is going to make us change direction.

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