God Miraculously Healed Me of Stage 4 Kidney Disease!

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It was almost time for me to begin dialysis. But then God…

by Donna Padgett Crosson


Before the age of ten I realized I had a problem. I had many infections in my body. My mother began taking me to the doctor because I was having urinary tract infections, which would later turn into kidney infections. I was prescribed penicillin (which I’m highly allergic to) and from that time on I managed the infections the best I could.


Over the next several years, I had many small surgeries in which they tried to correct the problem. During this time I also went into emergency surgery with appendicitis.


In an effort to control the spread of infection, they placed me on medication to kill the gram-negative (bacteria). It began affecting my kidneys from the beginning, and from this I had to have emergency female surgery. This left me with only one kidney working at about 33%. It appears the doctor had left me on the medication too long and I was at risk of negative affects on many other organs.


From November 2006-2008, I had three heart surgeries and was considered a high-risk patient. It was suspected that the infection might have attacked my heart as well.


At one point I was rushed to the hospital with a 104.9 fever and was told I would not make it through the night. I had been functioning on about one-third of a kidney since 1991. Since then, I have seen a Nephrologist (Kidney Doctor) every 3-6 months. If my blood level was better, sometimes I could go six months without a doctor visit. But, I was told if things continued I would be placed on dialysis. This frightened me because my dad had passed away because of kidney failure.


In 2013, I took a blood and urine test and my blood level was so bad that I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. It was almost time for me to begin dialysis. But then God…


I had a blood test in March of 2015 and waited for the results. When I didn’t receive a call from the doctor’s office, I called them. They said we will see you in six weeks. On April 8, 2015 the report was handed to me that stated my blood report was normal. The doctor said “You have gone from stage 4 to normal! I do not have to see you anymore!”


No more doctor visits! No more medication! No more surgeries! As a result of the prayers from many pastors and friends, I have been healed! To God be the glory!

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136 Responses to “God Miraculously Healed Me of Stage 4 Kidney Disease!”

  1. alvin heng

    Please kindly ask GOD have mercy & grace and heal my Lupus (SLE) kidney now at stage 4-5 on standby dialysis as Lupus damage her kidneys.
    I always & do believe in miracle & sincerely ask Lord almighty heal on my Mrs Katherine Lai Siew Lian . We are Singaporean.
    We would be very grateful and thankful to God and to all who lends us your mighty prayers to God.
    Your Faithfully
    Alvin Heng

  2. Diana K Dungy

    Please agree in prayer with me for my daughter; Felicia Dungy. She has been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease and I am believing God for her divine healing with no dialysis or transplants, in Jesus’ name.

  3. Mrs Shirlene Anne Gunasekera

    My husband has to go for a kidney operation on the 20th of November. Please pray that he will visit his Doctor over the weekend and will be asked to go home because of normal kidneys.

  4. Mrs Shirlene Anne Gunasekera

    My husband’s both kidneys have failed. One is to be operated on the 20th of November. I am scared. Please pray that God will heal him today itself. I am in tension because I have to wait until the 20th of November. Please pray that my husband will be checked over the weekend and will be healed completely and thereby attend to normal work. Date I wrote this : 31.10.2019 from Sri Lanka at 12.25 Hrs.

  5. please i have kidney problem i dont know the stage am in but i think am in a bad stage because of my symptoms please help me in prayers i believe that in the stripes of Jesus we all will be healed Amen

  6. Teri Helms

    Please pray for me. I have CKD stage 4. Please pray that my kidney function will improve and be totally reversed and they will function normal! Complete healing! No dialysis! No transplant! And God will get all the glory and praise for He is the Great Physician! He is the God who healeth me! Thank you in Jesus name!

  7. Ronak Masih

    Please pray for my grandfather he suffering from renal kidney failure .He will need dialysis or kidney transplant soon. So please pray for healing and prayers be answered.We love jesus and trust in him he will heal my grandfather well soon.So please everybody pray for my grandfather.

  8. Please pray for a miracle for my 17 year old son. He is in hospital and has stage 4 kidney disease. With only 19% functions left. He will need dialysis or kidney transplant soon. Please pray for healing and prayers be answered. We love Jesus and Christopher.

  9. Keli Lalla

    please pray for my mom Cheryl, just started dialysis yesterday, Praying for healing hand of Jesus to use this servant as an instrument to grow peoples faith, please pray -believe & agree with me.
    much love & God Bless♡

  10. Leo Quesada Carolino

    I am from from the Philippines. My Humanitarian application here in Canada has just been approved in principle. They asked me to do a medical exam now. But my recent blood test showed a very high creatinine level. I am now on stage 5 kidney disease and that might become an issue in my application. I am now praying for some miraculous healing. Would you mind sharing us how you were able to do it? Please pray for me!

  11. I lost one kidney to cancer in 2008. I was also diagnosed with kidney disease in the remaining one. I have just reached stage 4 this year. I am believing for a complete miracle/kidney reversal and that I will never go on dialysis.

  12. My lovely wife is having kidney issues and her creatinine levels are going towards higher range. I wish her to remain happy and cheerful coz she want so many things from life and I want to fulfil all her desires, please pray for her. I believe in prayers and god within… let’s pray for each other

  13. Lailomah Fiaz

    Hi. My father is going through a very kidney disease and we don’t want him to be put on dialysis. Please pray that he recovers very soon. Me and my whole family is worried.

  14. Dharshan

    I’m Dharshan from Sri Lanka, My Brother Name is Vijekanth he was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. he’s recent nephropathy doctor said there is no cure to this disease 7 he have to undergo dialysis /Transplant and he is going on dialysis. Please pray for my brother to cure from god. I believe god he will help for my brother

    Thank you God Jesus

  15. Patsy. Woolridge

    Person healed of stage 4kidney failure blessed me I have told I have stage 3kidney failure my right kidney removed because of cancer now only kidney I have is failing I am a Christian believe in God to heal me I don’t want diayalis trusting God for a miracle go mon.for labs I need everyone’s prayers for my healing also for multiple sclerosis and other health problems.

  16. Franklin Xavier

    I’m 27years old, I was diagnosed with Chronic IgA nephropathy after my recent biopsy, doctors said there is no cure to this disease & I may have to undergo dialysis/transplant. I wish it was all a dream, I’m requesting all those who read this to pray for my condition, I believe God the mighty healer has a cure in his store. Please support me with your prayers.

  17. Patricia Crawford

    My name is Patricia Ann Crawford I reside in Houston,Texas.I didn’t realize that I Benedit bhave so much to live for .I have stage 3 chronic Kidney diseaseI please pray for me.

  18. Abiodun O Akanmu

    To God be the Glory. Please. Help me to pray for my father. Curre3ntlu on dialysis because of kidney shutdown. Weakened heart, irregular BP. AND inability to urinate because of kidney shutdown. Every family member has tried them best, me and my wife are even on fasting and prayer. To the extent that I’ve lost faith in God. I was just fasting in flesh, having feeling rhar God can’t do it, if he can do it, he should have done it. Thw pain is too much for my father. But, this testimony geared me up, increases my faith. Help me in prayer fornhim please. His name is ROTIMI. MAYBE MY SIN HASN’T MAKE GOD LISTEN TO ME BUT, IF YOU PEOPLE HELP TO CALL HIM, HE MIGHT LISTEN AND THERE COULD BE A TURN AROUND. I DNT WANT THIS MAN TO DIE NOW OR DIE DUE TO SICKNESS. THANKS EVERYONE.

  19. Paul Mavis

    Please pray for my husband Paul. He has been diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. Please pray that God heals him of this disease and he is completely healed in Jesus’ Name. Thank you.

  20. Ibitoye Elizabeth

    Please, I have a very similar problem from gall bladders infection to kidney which now lead to appendix. Pls join me in prayer for total deliverance. God that delivers u shud deliver me also.

  21. juanita howard

    please pray for the doctor said I am to a stage ckd I am praying the that thye lord heal my body of this dease and other health issue I am looking for that miracle I dont want to go o9n dialysis the doctor said I have to go dialysis dont want to I am asking God to healmy body want to be able to tell the doctors God heal my body and be able to tesify that God heal my body thank you Lord.

  22. Dimeji Ezekiel

    Hi, I was a smoker with youthful exuberance, I took a bad path and this affected my kidney. I have stopped and I am getting close to the GODs word. Please put me in prayers that my kidney healing would be complete in Jesus name!



  24. Jacqueline Moore

    Please pray for me. I’ve gone from 30% kidney function to 26%. I was abused for 18 years by my husband which caused malignant hypertension which in turn affected my kidneys. God can do anything but fail!

    • Doug Norvell

      Hello Jacqueline Moore,
      We will join with you in prayer. You are correct God can do anything! We ask for healing in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus!

  25. Dharshan

    Amen sister gid is great.
    Please pray for my brother he has been the same problem age is 33 years old. He has been continuing dialysis. Please pray for him to heal from jesus. We belive jesus. My brother name is vijekanth

  26. Dharshan

    Amen sister gid is great.
    Please pray for my brother he has been the same problem age is 33 years old. He has been continuing dialysis. Please pray for him to heal from jesus. We belive hesus.

  27. Zeny Silvestre

    Got PCKD stage 4 and praying for miracle that I don’t have to go on dialysis. Praying that my kidney be healed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Please include me in your prayers my brothers and sisters in Christ.


    Praise the Lord! Recently I was diagnosed with kidney disease. My creatinine was 5.6. Please do remember me also in your prayers for the complete healing. May our Good Lord bless everyone. Amen…

  29. Marita Brooks

    I am requesting prayers for my brother, Gregory Brooks that he will be healed of kidney failure and it complications. He is taking a lot of medications. But they are not working. He is frustrated. He is 40 years old

  30. Verlin

    Please pray for my mom. She’s 85 years old and the Dr. said her kidneys have stopped working. I know God hears and answers prayers. He said, ” That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” I am in agreement with my mom and with these pray partners asking for a healing blessing for her. by your strike Jesus, Rosie Lee is healed. In Jesus name I pray. Amen and Amen!

  31. Brenda

    I have had Stage Three CZD since 2010 because of high blood pressure caused by my brother for years causing stress lying regarding my Father’s estate and turning my girls against me. In 2016, I had double pneumonia and meds caused more damage. Had two renal artery stents put in Feb of this yr and have had trouble with GI bleed because of Plavix and aspirin, now only aspirin. My creatin was elevated Monday and hasn’t been this high since double pneumonia. Please pray I am healed of all of this.

  32. Tabitha John Ghorpade

    Plz pray for my dad’s kidney problem he hlis suffering from high potassium,high creatinine,high urea etc plz pray for his normal kidney’s ratio plz pray for his better health and get cured his problem.he even cant eat food and lil bit of swelling to legs plz pray for my dad

  33. Michelle

    My husband has stage 4 kidney disease, he was feeling pretty awful today and ended up going in for labs. We get the results tomorrow or a Monday. Please pray his kidney disease reversed itself and that he is healed. Thank-you

  34. Oleta Baker

    My Daughter is at stage 5 kidney failure they want to put her on diylasis but I know God is a healer he might not come when you want him but he is an on time God yes he is so will you all join with us in praying for God to heal her Kidneys 100% and go back to function normal Lord she need you please restore her kidneys and any other part of her body needs restoring thank you so much for your testimony please stay in touch so I will be able to tell you how God restored her kidney thanks again for the blessing testimony have a bless night in the name of Jesus

  35. Phyllis

    Thanks for the encouragement. I have been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease as well. The doctors want me to start dialysis, but I believe God. I am on the transplant list and I’m believing that God will heal my kidneys or find me some new ones. I celebrate your healing! What a mighty God we serve!

  36. 1 Peter 2:24 English Standard Version (ESV)

    24 He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.

    To God be The Glory!!! He’s healing all of us tonight! Hallelujah…Done at Yhe Cross. Just receive. Amen! Jesus Heal is all! We receive and believe. Hallelujah!! Glory to God Amen. In Jesus Wonderful Name and by His Grace He’s done it already. Hallelujah amen. Bless you all.
    3 John 2 New King James Version (NKJV)

    2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

    • Grace

      Please help pray for my brother Akin by name, is presently on dialysis that God should revert the kidney problem and give him a new one. Promise to return to testify to God.

  37. I just received my lab results and God is also healing me of stage 3 kidney disease. My creatinine level has gone from 1.32 to 1.03 (almost at the normal level. To God be the Glory.

  38. Adewuyi Oluwole

    As stated by Doctor, 32 years old been diagnosed of chronic kidney disease since Dec 2017 and says could last 6 months to come back for dialysis due to complication but its not January 2018 still leaving fine with God’s grace… If God back then can do it sure believe he can do it again for me… I need your prayers for define healing forever and sure soon can share my testimony God exist and liveth. Amen

  39. Going for Blood work to check kidney function levels on Jan 8th. Please pray all levels are in normal range. My symptoms are not good, but totally believing for a good report and totally healed, in Jesus Name. Please agree, pray and believe with me.

      • I. too have stage 4 kidney disease and am facing dalysis, soon. I hardly have any symptoms but drs insist. It’s only my blood tests that show it. I have no pain, I only feel sick if I go too long without eating. I’ve been praying and so have my family and friends. I’m suddenly, even feeling more better Han before. I belueve Godis helping me but I don’t know what to say to my doctors. I have other stress and illness that leads me to feel uncertain about putting my health through dis,Tsushima at this point. Please pray for me and advise what to say to my doctors who seem bent on my starting dialysis. Thank you and God bless.

        • Phyllis

          Sometimes you just have to speak to doctors in faith. Doctors said I would be on medication and dialysis 15 years ago. I told them that I believe God for healing. Fifteen years later it’s 2019 and God is still keeping my body strong and I don’t take any medication. My blood test show stage 4 CKD but I have no symptoms. I’m still standing in faith and I will stand with you. Nothing is over until God says it’s over. Just believe.