God Miraculously Healed Me of Stage 4 Kidney Disease!

It was almost time for me to begin dialysis. But then God…

by Donna Padgett Crosson


Before the age of ten I realized I had a problem. I had many infections in my body. My mother began taking me to the doctor because I was having urinary tract infections, which would later turn into kidney infections. I was prescribed penicillin (which I’m highly allergic to) and from that time on I managed the infections the best I could.


Over the next several years, I had many small surgeries in which they tried to correct the problem. During this time I also went into emergency surgery with appendicitis.


In an effort to control the spread of infection, they placed me on medication to kill the gram-negative (bacteria). It began affecting my kidneys from the beginning, and from this I had to have emergency female surgery. This left me with only one kidney working at about 33%. It appears the doctor had left me on the medication too long and I was at risk of negative affects on many other organs.


From November 2006-2008, I had three heart surgeries and was considered a high-risk patient. It was suspected that the infection might have attacked my heart as well.


At one point I was rushed to the hospital with a 104.9 fever and was told I would not make it through the night. I had been functioning on about one-third of a kidney since 1991. Since then, I have seen a Nephrologist (Kidney Doctor) every 3-6 months. If my blood level was better, sometimes I could go six months without a doctor visit. But, I was told if things continued I would be placed on dialysis. This frightened me because my dad had passed away because of kidney failure.


In 2013, I took a blood and urine test and my blood level was so bad that I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. It was almost time for me to begin dialysis. But then God…


I had a blood test in March of 2015 and waited for the results. When I didn’t receive a call from the doctor’s office, I called them. They said we will see you in six weeks. On April 8, 2015 the report was handed to me that stated my blood report was normal. The doctor said “You have gone from stage 4 to normal! I do not have to see you anymore!”


No more doctor visits! No more medication! No more surgeries! As a result of the prayers from many pastors and friends, I have been healed! To God be the glory!

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