April 3, 2014
The Coming Four Blood Moons

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  1. The only problem I have with this is that this will not bee seen in the middle east. So if it was a global announcement then I would think it would shown to the whole world. I do believe it is God trying to get our attention but It just leaves that one issue to thought. Great post though!

  2. DO NOT EAT ANY BLOOD FOODS (Meat of any kind), if you want to honor GOD fast the entire day, and eat FRUIT at the time of the moon. There will be 3 more times the blood moon will show itself, try to do your best to do the same. GOD be with you.

    FYI, There was a Blood Moon visible approximately 18 years ago in from Texas.

  3. About the paragraph regarding the blood moons occurring a year after the events to which they seem to pertain:

    The Jewish expulsion from Spain actually began in 1493, thus the timeliness of the four blood moons is accurate.

    The blood moons in 1949-1950 coincided with Israel’s war of independence from the Arabs, not its declaration of statehood, thus the timeliness of the four blood moons at that time is accurate.

    The blood moons of 1967-1968 coincide not with Israel’s miraculous defense against its enemies, but with the recapture of Jerusalem and establishing it as the new and permanent seat of Israeli government.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Be ready for the second coming of Christ. For no one knows when he will come except Jehovah. And it will take place in the twinkling of an eye. Prepare your hearts. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  5. the hype 14 years ago was Y2K. then there was the Dec. 2012 Nostradomus and mayan predictions. now we have the 4 blood moon hysteria. whats next? whats really happening is setting up the future scoffing described in 2nd. peter 3. “people” are making money off of peoples fears. will they recant after these 4 blood moons come and go? is there a “biblical loop hole” so they can save face. Jesus is coming as likened unto a thief coming in the night. By the way, can Jesus come like a thief in the night as the post trib’s suppose? NO. if the abomination happens midway through the trib, its easy math to know when Christs return is to the DAY. hence no surprise. charlatans….

  6. thank you brother that helps clear a lot of thoughts in my mind, but I will still keep my eye open.
    thanks and God bless you

    • The Bible does not reveal four blood moons as a sign but if they does signify anything they likely point to WW3 or the confirmation of the covenant as these are the events the Bible shows will occur next.

  7. I disagree that the war of Ezekiel is the war of Armageddon. The war in Ezekiel makes no mention of our Savior being present. The war of Armageddon tells us that He is the Victor.

    • Sir,
      Please explain what do you mean by “Virgo” ? I understand the scripture Rev 12:1-5 to say,
      the “women in pain” is depicting ” Israel ” and the “dragon” is the “devil ” …this shows the clash between the Jesus and satan; its obvious there were 1/3 fallen angels and the child born by this women is Christ !

      thanks !