February 1, 2010
How Do We Know There Is a God?

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  1. I have now realised that the problem of developing faith in God can easily be solved among atheist, non believers, call them pagans. For many christian believers today have read the Bible and claim to be knowing and believing in God but have changed the way we worship, eat and relate to one another including accepting same sex relationship. How is Prophecy going to help such people?

  2. For those of you who are atheist and need proof outside the Bible that the Bible is true and that God actually exist consider this: The Bible says that all things are knowable through reason. We know that many believe on faith which is a blessing. Read the book “New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy,” by Robert J. Spitzer. This author uses Physics, Science, Mathematics, Metaphysics, Philosophy, and ethics that proves God exists. This author uses Space-Time Geometry, Quantum Cosmology, Universal Constants, Laws on Probability, Big Bang Theory, The improbability of Infinite Past Time, The well accepted belief by Cosmologist that the Universe has a beginning, etc., and on and on that God “must exist” and that there is an astronomical improbability that life could not exist on earth without a Transcendent Cause prior to the beginning that we refer to as “God.” He shows that this “first cause” known as God, must exist, and whose very existence is existence itself. This book is a difficult read because of all the scientific principles involved, and may require 2-3 reads to fully understand it. Even some Physicist known to be atheist have reconsidered their beliefs that there is no God. The book was published in 2010. Since then, there has also been more evidence using physics proving that there is an initial “beginning” of the universe from which there was “nothing” prior to it. Thus, in order to meet the first conditions for the “first” reality created in the known universe of space-time, there must have been an unconditioned reality that does not have to have any conditions met for it’s own existence. Many call this reality God.

    • This proof is not specifically for the judeo Christian god though, right? Is Spitzer claiming to know the mind of god? He could be proving Islam or Hinduism or even Hellenism or something we’ve never thought of.

      • To Merc: This proof by Spitzer, even though a Christian, and a physicist Priest, wanted to leave “faith” out of the argument because we all have our biases based upon our own particular faith. He wanted to prove that God exists based on science, etc., as I stated above. Thus using his principles stated in his book proves beyond a reasonable doubt that God “must” exist. That’s why he changed the minds of some atheist to accept the possibility that God does exist, and He is the source of creation who met the conditions necessary for space-time, matter, and life itself to exist. Spitzer is providing evidence, outside the Bible, and Christian Faith alone that God exist. It would be equivalent to finding Noah’s Ark such as on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. As far as knowing the mind of God, he would be the first to claim that would be impossible, because our minds are limited and His unlimited. He’s not trying to prove Islam or Hinduism, or any other religion for that matter. He’s a Christian who believes in Christ.

    • The Bible was written by 40 men over a span of 1,500 years. Throughout the Bible we find a perfect harmony without contradiction. The Bible has been proven scientifically, historically, archaeologically, and through human experience. Once you prove the Bible with outside sources you can inwardly prove it through prophecy. There are numerous prophecies that match up perfectly with historic events. With a book so well proven outwardly that is able to answer questions of purpose, morality, and many others, no man could have compiled such a work. Honestly, there are atheists who still chose to deny the Bible and its teaching while some have been convinced of its truth. Ultimately every individual has the responsibility of studying these things, seeking truth, and making a decision. God bless.

  3. Brother Baxter Jesus bless you and all that you an your family do to save souls, just wanna say thank you for being an awsome leader !

  4. Go to a apostolic pentacostal church and praise Jesus for real and you will learn the truth. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. You may say god is not real but if that were true and you tried praising Jesus no harm would come of it. You can not say something is false without a complete investigation so try it and see if you can even hope to prove me wrong. And with all the truth in the bible you have plenty of reasons to try. The bible was never wrong even when it said the earth was round and the most “intelligent” men in the world said it was flat. When doctors were cutting patients to get the “bad” liquid know as blood out the bible was saying blood is life.
    God bless

  5. To Paul – well said and I might add that the way we get the Baptism of the Holy Ghost is explained in Acts. 2:38, Acts 8:14-18, and especially Acts 19:3-6. There are others but those explain it best.

  6. There is one consistent, verifiable, and repeatable revelation of God that we can look to since the birth of the Church on the day of Pentecost. That is, the baptism of the Holy Ghost speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance. This, along with the evidence of Biblical accuracy through science, archaeology, and geology, provide an experiential basis for the understanding and knowing of God.

  7. something I’ve been curious about…..why did God allow for generations to continue to go on and on? also, with so many many people?

    • in order to answer the question why does God allow so many people and generations to go on and on? the answer is simple! the promises of God to abraham is that there will be many more jews than there is grains of sand on the earth, but also because the earth is to be redeemed not destroyed as some misguided people think and to last forever and that there will be a milleannium of one thousand years in which The Lord Jesus Christ will rule on earth in person, but his reign continues after that to last forever and includes the then redeemed human race to go on to populate the universe forever and forever on other earths throughout time and space forever as scripture tells us the promise of God to abraham was increased to be as many descendants as their is stars in the galactic heavens, read the book of genesis and also in the book of the prophet Isaiah it says that ‘a little one shall become a thousand, and every other newborn baby the father of a brand new nation I the Lord will bring it to pass in its time’ the earth is too small for those promises to be fulfilled, the quote is in the original hebrew of the old testament in both the massorectic text and in the dead sea scrolls text of the old testament in answer to your question, God bless you, just read all of the bible and all your other questions will be answered as well.

  8. Only a fool, with all evidence of His Mighty Power all around us, can deny the existence of God.
    As humans, we cannot even explain how we came to be, from where we came, if there is no Higher
    Power, a Devine Creator, who, by His wisdom made everything to exist. Check yourself if you have
    not yet realized who you are.

  9. Excellent article. Full of truth. I simply cannot believe the depth of spiritual blindness man had deluded himself into.

  10. The word of God has been settled….your unbelief is not going to changed any of it. the creation has been done, there is nothing new under the sun!! The grass withers and flowers fall, but the word of the Lord endures forever. This world will pass and fade like an old garment, but God and His promises are forever!!!

  11. A lot of what scientists have discovered was already written in the bible not to mention the endtime prophecies in the bible are being fulfilled or have already been fulfilled plus a lot of history agrees with the bible and recently i read an article about an archaeologist who discovered 100% proof that noahs flood actually happened and also the bible never says how old the earth is it was man who came to the conclusion that the bible says the earth is only a few thousand years old and also the theory of evolution contains missing links in it and that is why some scientists don’t even believe in it anymore.

    • Watch the full movie on Youtube called “Expelled no intelligence allowed”. Very interesting movie which talks about “evolution” vs “intelligent design” which of course we believers all know the creator is our Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

  12. To start, i was raised as a southern baptist church member by my grand mother and mother. When I grew up and became enlightened by going to college i started requiring proofs of things. I became a scientific person believing only in what can be proved. I researched the whole Bible thing and the other books. They all were written interpretations of “gods wil ” written by men.men who were considered lasers and the cream of the crop of their time. Their interpretations were little more than Thier imagination. And since they were powerful men, no one questioned them.. That is the dogma that still plaques humanity. In order to “not go against the grain” we don’t question our family or friends or preachers. To believe in God is to choose to stay ignorant. Church us nothing more than a business playing on peoples emotions to collect money by making then feel good about them selves. Israel “gods people” are some of the most war bound people in the present world. They fight and kill and occupy militarily other peoples country in the name of God. Give me a break. Every thing is about money and war is the best way to make money. The world will be better when humans put this silly stigma down and, focus on science and realize that its not about one person but a whole. We are all human beings from Africans to Asians with the same biological make up. The differences we see on the outside are generic differences caused by environmental differences over a period of time. Some would call it mutations. What ever you call it, its a clue to the awesomeness of of the human body to change.remember religion is a tool created to control the masses.

    • Dennis, The fact is that if you truly believed in proof you could never believe in evolution. I was an atheist for 34 years of my life (my immature days) The fact is in these days of scientific discovery, that only the blind, deaf, and mute could still believe that the universe and life itself happened by chance. You talk about Israel, but please learn history. Now I will agree with you on one point. The American Church has lost its way and become about money. That is not a church thing, that is an American thing. As we continue to kick God out of the U.S.A. we will continue to see a moral decline. Just look at home video from the Christmas day sales, or the IPhone 5 release. Nothing but fights. Dennis, you have to understand, it is not about organized religion. (Note: Finding a strong church, bible study group, etc… can be powerful) It is about a personal relationship with Christ. Couple more notes, there is evidence of micro evolution, a species will adapt to its environment. Most educated Christians would agree that their is evidence of this. Macro evolution on the other hand is when one species evolves into another. Totally false and unproven. It takes very little research to see that evidence of evolution or chance is just not credible. My prayers are with you.

    • Everyone puts their faith in something. Some end up putting their faith in science, some end up putting their faith in God.
      Don’t forget that science can be viewed as man made as well.Scientists test this and that – put some things that already exist together – and when they believe that they have found some “new” answer they “preach” that conclusion as truth. Is it possible that the person who is “preaching” the scientific “truth” is doing nothing more than misleading whomever will listen in order to justify whatever he or she thinks or believes and that it is not really truth after all?
      Guard your mind and your heart carefully as one can no more disprove God and creation than anyone can prove them.
      The beginning happened a long time ago, we weren’t there, and nothing new has come in to existence since. Things have been manipulated for one reason or another but the truth of the beginning can not be proven by me or you or anyone else. We only have the ability to put our faith in one or the other.
      I also grew up in a Baptist church, that is fairly irrelevent. Organized religion has done much to drive people away from church. I also, at the age of 17, decided that I needed “proof”. I quit going to church and went in search of it.
      Now I know that I always knew the truth – it was revealed to me – I just didn’t want to listen to it or abide by it.
      God is the real deal.
      I don’t believe that leaves me necessarily ignorant.
      At any rate, a question. In this case, God / man’s genius – creation / evolution – sin / whatever goes – Christ – death – ressurection – heaven – hell, wouldn’t one be better off ignorant than wrong?
      Happy and satisfied – nothing to fear but fear itself.
      Keep searching – the Truth will be revealed to you.

      • wouldn’t one be better off ignorant than wrong? / Answer: NO! To be “wrong” implies that you may be open to accepting the truth when presented with information that leads you in the direction of truth.. To be “ignorant” implies you may have resistance to information that leads you in the direction of truth. Big difference.

      • Jim, Great comments! And your advice to “guard your mind and heart” goes right along with Proverbs (4:23): “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

        Your ending comment goes back to Pascal’s Wager, “If you erroneously believe in God, you lose nothing (assuming that death is the absolute end), whereas if you correctly believe in God, you gain everything (eternal bliss). But if you correctly disbelieve in God you gain nothing (death ends all), whereas if you erroneously disbelieve in God, you lose everything (eternal damnation).

        I, too, am a Bible-believing (KJV version only, as they are changing text in the other versions) Christian, who was agnostic for a while, in spite of being raised in the Catholic faith. Not wanting to go into a dissertation on organized religion — something that I’m tempted to discuss, as it is a quagmire — I will simply state in full agreement with you that the Lord does indeed reveal Himself to those who seek Him.

  13. if jesus kept jewish laws, especially dietary ones, why are we exempt. i’m familiar with the dream-vision of all of gods animals being acceptable as food, but it doesn’t sit right. this may not be pertinent to the subject matter of your ministry, but I would love enlightenment.

    • @dennis. Sadly, but obviously, your high degree of education is composed of only a few minor physical things. When you go back to your roots you will discover a whole new world on which you can now base your new human knowledge.

    • Before the ascension of Jesus Christ humanity was under the law. Now, in Christ Jesus, we are under grace. The Bible also teaches us in Hebrews that the Old Testament was a shadow of things to come. The Bible gives us a clear answer on this matter in 1 Timothy 4:3-5. We learn that if we receive the food with thanksgiving then it is sactified and good for us to eat.

  14. Luke 11:9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. If we are sincere, beleive, and call on the name Jesus …..He WiLL answer

  15. I envy those who can believe. I have sought for decades. Prayers for knowledge, wisdom, or guidance, as well as other prayers go unanswered. I have read nearly all the Bible and know the rationalizations, such as God only hears the prayers of the saved and does not hear sinners prayers, or I not listening, or I have to be patient for answers, or I just not getting the answers I want so I refuse to hear, and on and on… I shall keep searching and reading. If any of you do truly hear from God, I would appreciate it if you would ask him to talk with me. Thanks.

    • Ed,
      I wanted to comment on something I read in your post.
      “such as God only hears the prayers of the saved and does not hear sinners prayers,” I am not sure who told you this, but it is not true. Romans 3:23 & 5:12 both state that “all have sinned.” This being the case, there would be no way for us to receive salvation if God does not hear sinners prayers if that statement were true. How else are we to repent if God is not listening because we are sinners? Jesus is faithful and true. He is just.
      He did not suffer the cross for Himself, the cross was for sinners, which according to those verses, is all of us. His entire purpose in the man Jesus, was to redeem a lost and dying world.

      I’m not sure who told you this, but he is either ignorant of the Word, or a wolf sent to mislead you. In which case, he is a liar, just like his father the devil.

      Remember, we are not faithful because we are justified, we are justified by faith (Galatians 3:24).

    • @Ed. He already has found you and is with you right now. If he had given up on you these questions would not concern you. Keep learning, studying, and living what He teaches. That makes you the best follower of Christ you can be. He will never forsake you. Even Jesus Christ experienced being rejected by God. On the cross when Jesus took upon Himself the sins of all mankind God could not bear to look on that sin. He must have averted his eyes from that sight. That is when Jesus felt totally rejected and cried out “My God..why have you forsaken me?” That was the savior of mankind. If God loved and lifted His son why would He desert His creation? Because you still feel you are searching for him is a clear indication to me you have already found Him and vice versa.

    • you know Ed, you will know that when this world goes into a ww which has been predicted
      and told about, I bet you’ll believe soon enough…just open your eyes and see the events of
      the world, and then read about them in the Bible, and if you can’t see what’s happening, you soon will I really believe that!

    • Ed,
      This is something I have talked about with someone very close to me. I read what you wrote very closely and carefully. It sounds to me as though you are searching with your mind. I would suggest that you search with your heart. It may sound like much to simple or easy of a solution, but trust me, it isn’t easy. Try to open your heart up and quiet your mind. Try to see God first. Pray, even beg God for Faith, without faith your heart will stay sealed up tight like a buried treasure chest. Find a place that you feel safe, anywhere that you can turn off your senses. Try to completely turn off your senses than quiet your mind’s voice (it will most likely be telling you that you are foolish, weird, etc) these tauntings are proof your doing something big, and right. When all is quiet, feel… feel from your heart, then pray. Pray for faith, strength, love, and an understanding. It can be very difficult in this day and age to connect to God. Know, also, it can be just as difficult to STAY connected. This is something you may have to do several times. Once you connect to God, you’ll know. You said you’ve read the bible, but wait until after you connect with God – you will THIRST and HUNGER to read it. It’s meanings and the understanding with jump off the page at you! It is well worth the effort. It is, however, a relationship, and like all relationships, it needs daily attention, care, understanding, and love. Good luck and God’s blessing to you on your search!!! :)

      • The story of Nicodemus in John 3 is a perfect example of people who tried to get answers to prayers and tried to reach God any other way but thru Jesus. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. Just as Noah had only one door into the ark, so Jesus is the only door to God. People go to church, do good works thinking they are going to heaven. But like Mr. Nic in this story, Jesus told him he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God unless he born again. What exactly is “born again”. Thats the same question Nic asked Jesus. Interesting what Jesus answered, one who is born of the flesh (physical birth) is of the flesh, one is who born of the spirit (spiritual birth(born again), is of the spirit. Unless one is born again, he cannot enter the kingdom of God, worse, he will not be able to understand anything the Bible say!! Why this story so important for us to understand? Because Nicodemus was a Pharisee, a member of the elite who were socially upright and “righteous”. They taught the laws, keep the laws, observe the laws and made sure people follow in their steps. Yet, Jesus told him “he cannot enter into the kingdom of God”? because Jesus knows that works cannot save you or turn you into a child of God. One must go thru the spiritual birth to become a child of God.

    • Ed,
      You ask great questions, I would like to ask you if you believe that the Bible is true? If you don’t believe it is true, that would suggest that you feel it is false. It can’t be both. Hebrews 11:6 tells us that, ” it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that there is a God and that he rewards those who sincerely seek Him”. Believing that God exists is only the beginning, even the demons believe that much. God wants more than just your acknowledgment of Him, He wants a personal relationship with you that will transform your life. Do you know Jesus? John 5:23 “If you refuse to honor the Son, then you are certainly not honoring the Father who sent him.” Have you asked for forgiveness, salvation, and repented from your sins? Do you even realize why you need a savior?

    • Ed, Jesus promised that He would reveal Himself IF we search with all our heart.
      Search with ALL your heart. Jesus doesn’t lie.

  16. We have to keep in mind that this war is going to kill one-third of mankind. Regardless if we withdraw from all of the conflict or stay involved, it is very likely that the United States will be in the coming war. We know from the prophecy that the war is going to start in the Euphrates River area which consists of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Things have been boiling in that region for some time now. It appears that World War 3 is right around the corner and most importantly we all need to be ready spiritually.

    • what I am waiting to see also is the furthing of the plans of building the third temple…boy if that won’t open people’s eyes, nothing will…but, I agree with you…ww3 is just around the corner, and I am disapointed that the news at night won’t spend more time on the events of the middle east!

      • Sounds like you can`t wait for ww3. All God has to do,metaphorically speaking, is click his fingers and there will be peace. But no, it seems he wants to see a bloodfest. Man has been killing each other since the year dot, and we`ve only been here, on the clock of time,two minutes. Nothing will change until that big old meteorite slams into the earth and, like the dinosaurs who roamed the earth for 70 million years, we will be wiped out. Then there will be no more pain, fear, murder, cruelty to animals, belief in fairies etc.. That will be Heaven!

  17. I have shown statistically that it is not possible for the DNA in the human genome to be sequenced by a trial and error or evolutionary process. That only leaves one alternnative. It was sequenced by a determined process. We were designed by a extremely intelligent designer, GOD.

    • Perhaps you could cite your findings for us? What exactly do you mean it is not possible for it to be sequenced? Your and all DNA within organisms sequences itself numerous times everyday, and during this sequencing the DNA is constantly miscopied in ways that have good, bad, and no effects. When this miscopying occurs in somatic (body) cells, depending on the nature of the mutation (miscopying), this is what serves as one of the roots of cancers, and the lifetime accumulation of these leads to the decline of the body in old age.
      When this miscopying occurs in germ-line cells, the ovaries and testes (specifically in the process of producing eggs and sperm), these mutations (good, bad, or with no effect) combined with the mutations in the partner’s germ-line cells, as well as the mechanisms of the combining of chromosomes in meiotic (sexual) cell reproduction, is what gives rise to their offspring’s individual genetic makeup.
      This is the essence of evolution: an accumulation of genetic change through generations of an organism, the changes which confer enough of an advantage in an individual organism’s environment so that it is able to reproduce (e.g. disease resistance), are passed into the next generation; the changes which disadvantage an organism to such a degree that it is not able to reproduce (e.g. disease susceptibility) are not passed into the next generation.
      Regardless of a belief in a higher power, this is how biology functions. Besides, what does this have to do with eschatology?

      • Is there any DNA evidence in apes or monkeys that can prove they eventually evolve into a human? If that is where we came from, then why doesn’t anyone see one do it? Although our appearances may be similar, that does not mean they will or do evolve or someone would have seen it happen by now because our world still has them.
        I would like some DNA or amoebas or some kind of evidence that says human emotions exist. There isn’t any. While scientists are experimenting with commonalities in humans, they cannot prove how the brain works or functions. How do we define science? According to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, the definition of science is “knowledge attained through study or practice,” or “knowledge covering general truths of the operation of general laws, esp. as obtained and tested through scientific method [and] concerned with the physical world.”
        What does that really mean? Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge. This system uses observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena.
        The system was made by a man. They experiment with things they see in the natural. Although in todays world there is a large number of micro organisms that can now be detected through a microscope that no one had seen before. God, angels and demons are not seen with the naked eye. it does not mean they don’t exist. They are spiritual. Some people refuse to believe a spiritual world exists simply because it cannot be explained or they cannot see it. The thing of it is, it can be felt through emotions. Science cannot explain human emotions although they try through psychology. In Science, nothing is absolute. Its an ever changing world. It represents questions people try to answer. While some questions appear to be answered through technology, others remain unanswered by it. I saw a science photo of billions of micro organisms that live on the human body. How long did it take a scientist to be able to see them? Some things cannot be seen or explained. But you know they are there because you have had experiences with them. Billions of people have experiences with God yet no one can explain him in the natural. Science is about the natural world not the spiritual world.

      • I dont know about you folks, but as for me, I rather be created unique, one of a kind with my own DNA and finger prints, than be result of some monkey or some amoeba as darwin claimed!!! to me thats too simple….just like my rolex watch, did I tell you that it used to be a monkey and millions of years later became a rolex watch!!! I mean, it just became a rolex watch out of nothing. and all these times I thought some Japanese or who? created the rolex? Well, I never met him, but I love the dude for designing this master piece!!! Yes, am being sarcastic. No matter what, evolution has less prove than creation. I am glad am not from the monkey planet!!!

        • Whats so wrong about man evolving thru evolution? Maybe that was God`s plan too!
          Remember, before Man came along to mess up this beautiful earth, the Dinosaurs and other creatures had survived 70 million years living in relative peace. It wasn`t until they were wiped out that we mischevious creatures came along. What was God`s thinking in all that? Can anyone truly imagine Mankind living/surviving another million years, let alone 70.
          Yes, laughable isn`t it!

  18. I have shown statistically that the DNA in the human genome could not have been sequenced by any trial and error or evolutionary process. Therefore, it had to be sequenced in a determined process by an intelligent designer. GOD

  19. Thank you for all your study and work. This is great….I will use these revelations ,to help more people understand our creator,Jesus Christ
    Perfect for uninformed christians.
    Your website is very good and thoughtful.
    I am a part of your family in Christ…. Thank you very much,again and again !!

    Kindest personal regards
    Mack Taylor in Texas

    • I believe people dont understand because they dont want to understand. everyday there is evidence that God watch over us, carefully. Science even have come to a conclusion that we were not just a random selection. Of course they not going to say that God created us, but they usually say an intelligent designer, meaning God of course. I always say this dough, if you want to believe you believe if not then one day you will, hope is not too late when each and one of us realize the truth, and meet our Maker.

    • Tim…I ask you to prove the Bible wrong. This will cause you to read many history books and then maybe you will understand who the real God is. Proving will take a few years but i think you could do it. Scientists can’t figure out the human brain till this day and they never will because God made it that way.

      We were not created to just turn to dust. We have a spirit and soul. We have a purpose.

      • Carol…. I ask you to prove the belief in Unicorns is wrong. You can’t prove a negative, it’s impossible; to prove a negative wrong you would have to check in every possible place with every possible method in the known and unknown universe. If if you did that, there is still the possibility that they are extremely adept at hiding.
        Your argument is logically invalid, you could interchange Bible and Unicorns with anything.
        If it was as easy as you suggest to prove the Bible right, don’t you think it would have been done already and definitively, in the sense that everyone accepts it?
        Also, we are gaining a better and more accurate model of the brain, and in doing so we are better able to help people who were born with a full spectrum of mental disorders much to God’s chagrin regarding his attempt to make the brain impossible to understand.
        Just because we don’t fully understand it now does not mean we never will. Just think of how much the world has changed in the past century: “flight, atomic power, satellites, microprocessors, antibiotic, vaccines, etc”…

        • and who do you think is blinding you sir? certainly not God…can you see the wind? no you can feel it…but you know it’s there…Everything around you had a begining, and yes, we have been given the power to elaborate on it, but, you know something..when I see pictures of birds of paradise, and fantastic sunsets, and waterfalls, and feel the life giving sun on my face, I KNOW that there is a Creator that knows EXACTLY what we need to keep going! try living without air…..and how do you think it got here?

    • Many of the comments made are verifiable fact not opinions but more to the heart of the matter; do you really think that all the people who express having encounters with the Lord are crazy or liars?? All of them? Your very existence is proof of an intelligent designer. If you are someone who genuinely WANTS to know the truth then seek HIM for yourself. I stress IF you want the truth because it is a sincere heart that the LORD responds to; not a self serving heart that wants only to accept what is suitable to themselves but one that wants truth. HE is real and HE is beautiful. A fact that I know personally. I pray that you will seek to know that reality for yourself.

    • I fully believe in the existence of God because all my specific prayers for help were answered. We only need to believe. Nothing else is needed.

    • ANY belief requires an act of faith.

      Evolution for example, requires that you believe the universe has always existed, or that it created itself. Neither can be proven, but in science both are accepted as plausible explanations.

      My grandfather told me to believe nothing I hear & only half of what I see. Looking back after nearly 20 years of hearing those words, I can truly see the wisdom he shared with me in that one statement. Scientific beliefs & rules change seemingly everyday, and as humans we find out how little we really know. After all of these years of learning, there has been only One constant. It’s unchanging, and It doesn’t find out years later that It was wrong about laws or ideals. Because It is always right & true, and It only has One Author.

      My friend, I choose to live by faith, not sight. Though, if something visual is required for evidence I will offer the Bible and allow His Word to defend itself. For example, the list of prophecies that have already come to pass, along with those that are coming to pass now is staggering & undeniable.

      I would encourage you to act on faith and “request a minister” under the “contact us” link. God will reveal Himself to you, will you give Him that chance? Sincerely ask Him if He is real, He is always there & He will answer.
      John 1:1, 1:14

  20. Because of “LOVE”

    Example: Love those who have you as their enemy.
    Dont do things to others you dont want
    to do to you.

  21. Yes indeed. God is there. Coz He has answered my prayers and has saved me from numerous critical situations, He has punished and disciplined me, He has personally stated that He loves me. Al these things have happend indeed. Blessed b the Name Of the Creator. In Jesus Name. Amen..

  22. If you believe there was a creator GOD, you go by the year we live in today 2011 AD (Anno Domini) the year of the Lord Jesus’s birth. And before that was BC (Before Christ) so that illiminates all other religions and gods. And this world is so perfectly positioned in this universe to the sun, that a simple tilt of the axes changes the weather drastcly.So there was a creator, and it didn’t just happen by chance like the big bang theory suggests.

  23. Praise God.

    You quoted some of my favorite scriptures; I am a witness that God declares the end from the beginning. I know when I awaken every morning with the blood running in my veins and His Holy Spirit living inside of me. I know when I see the bible being fulfilled on the news and in my neighborhood. I know when I see a man of God, like you, bold and compassionate enough to SPEAK THE TRUTH IN LOVE, to try to introduce the lost to a loving savior, Jesus Christ.

  24. I pray for the body of christ.. that he keeps us and we keep him let our ears hear and our eyes fixed upon him at all times forever and always!!!amen!and his word we keep in our hearts! amen!

  25. God exists 100% sure.

    he has had answered my prayers and will always answer in the future.

    JESUS his son and our savior said “seek and you find, knock and the door will be opened and ask and you will be given”

    If you don’t seek HIM how you find HIM
    how? Prayer in JESUS name amen.