November 30, 2012
Transparency: Walk the Walk, Mr. President

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  1. please, tell me why conservatives republicans why you wasn’t lounding about the debt when you was in office. i know that we need to take care of it but not on the back of the poor and middle class and i still that the president is right my tax is already too high what i do not understand why you do not understand. valerie

  2. Conservatives are opposed to universal health care and would end the food stamp program. Do you think Jesus would agree? Would HE be in favor of denying food and healthcare to children? I don’t think so.

  3. Lets do all the spending cuts first to ensure these lying Democrats can’t weasel out again. Once the spending cuts are in force for a 6 month period we can implement a cap on deductions that can be ensured to only affect the top 2 percent of income filers.

  4. All you rich politicians need to understand,if you deplete your bank account,you can’t keep spending.We as Americans were taught that as kids.Why can’t you look at our budject….almost 16 trillion in debt and counting.Don’t keep raising taxes at our expense.Just because it doesn’t hurt your bank accounts,you’re putting alot of Americans in debt and on the streets.Poor gets poorer and the rich could care less as their pockets are filling over the brim…Can we say,”socialist” !!!! Obama needs to seek God,not popularity.

  5. I believe Obama’s intention is to weaken the economy, therefore making it easy to implement the one world currentancy.