July 27, 2012
The Coming World War 3 | Prophecy in the News

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  1. Any large world war fought using today’s modern weapons will result in the threat of much death and destruction at the very least, or actual death and destruction on a scale not fathomable. I see an organization that is behind the development of electrical and electronics technologies rising up in an attempt to provide solutions and innovations to try to defend against a wide variety of threats.

  2. in the revelations says, there are millions of armies land in israel/armagedon area.. only china has millions of armies, using human as weapon.

  3. With consideration to current propanda hitting the media, and the horrendus loss of life, I believe that
    this WW3 will be the fullfillment of the Psalms 83 war. Any One with differing viewpoints please post.

  4. Hey everyone out there in computer land. Don’t forget what Jesus said for the end times. He said, when you see All these things happening what things? The things we are now seeing happening around the world according to the bible check it out . He said, FEAR NOT for these things MUST HAPPEN but the end is not yet. Jesus said, for Born Again believers whose names are written in the Lambs book of life….to LOOK UP! He said, he would come and take us home to be with him forever…. NOW THATS GOOD NEWS. Lets be about our heavenly fathers business winning souls for Christ. We are not to FEAR but let LOVE and PEACE fill your hearts and minds…..Jesus may return today…. BE READY!!….If you do not know him as your Savour invite him into your life right now don’t delay. John 3:16 NKJV The Lord has it all under control and I know things are going to get worse Jesus told us it would. For Christians around the world…take note ”IT’S THE TIME OF JACOBS TROUBLE NOT THE CHURCH…Who is Jacob it’s Israel… I’M PRE-TRIB–WE ARE NOT GOING THROUGH THE 7 YEARS OF TRIBULATION.. WE ARE GOING TO BE IN HEAVEN FOR THE BEMA SEAT REWARDS FOR THE CHURCH AND THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB. HOW DO I KNOW THAT THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO….Now relax and enjoy your life in Christ and share His Love at work etc; Blessings….

  5. No cause for alarm 3rd world war is not now. d devil is stage managing d world to divert attention from d bible. before d 3rd world war d following events must take place:
    1. d raoture of believers
    2. d revival of Roman Empire in europe
    3. d emergence of d antichrist
    4. d pulling down of d dome of d rock
    5 d erection of Israel’s temple in d place of d dome of d rock.
    6. d great tribulation of israel nd those who will not take d mark of d antichrist.

  6. I beiieve WW3 can happen any moment given the situations in Syria and Iran. Also the window is closing on Israel. Personally if someone is not STOKED about where we are in Prophetic news, well u better pinch yourself make sure your alive. These are exciting times.

  7. The U.S. has given Israel 500 bunker buster boms to use against Iran. Will Syria use chemical weopans against Israel? We know God will protect Israel, but w3hat will be the repreccions to the rest of the world, and in particular, the U.S.

    • Great site. Plenty of useful information here. I’m sending it to a few buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you on your sweat!

  8. The church must wake up we are not in a time of blessings but it is judgement .(Matthew 24), the return of Yeshua is near and many will perish for lack of knowledge. All nations will come against Israel including the U.S.(Zech 12:3). When a nation economical status is degenerated it loses reverence,subsequently; the lesser develop countries are no longer dependency of the United States but are now rulers over them. The events is Syria must occur because when Syria is oblitrated Assyria(Turkey) will rise in position new world order, the arrival of the beast.(Daniel 11)

  9. i fell that the pigs are the unclean beast spoken of in prophecy and the vatican is going to back their currency making it the world standard please pass this on to rev baxter

  10. Yes, I have been watching, reading, and praying as I have been reading on christian and secular news. We are now teaching in a Spanish speaking ministry on the Book of Isaiah and compare it with other books of the Bible.

  11. There are so many examples in the Word that tell us to be wise and prepare. Noah saw what was coming and he prepared though everyone said it wasn’t necessary. Scripture tells us to “look to the ant” how it prepares…. Joseph knew to plan for the 7 years of lack that were coming…Proverbs 22:3 and Proverbs 14:8 advise us to recognize the signs of the times and prepare. Do not listen to those believers who foolishly say that no one needs to prepare for anything. You stick with the wisdom of the Scriptures. Remember the parable of the wise and foolish virgins….The foolish didn’t prepare and were desperate for help. When you prepare, remember the assumption is that we will also be helping the unsaved who didn’t prepare because they didn’t know any better. They don’t have the inside “intelligence” we have from the Scriptures. Many of these unsaved will be coming to us for help and we will then be the salt and the light of gospel’s sake…bringing many into the kingdom. Revelation admonishes us to “Be Ready”….are you?

  12. The more i try to be Christain like the more i am attacked.i just dont understand why people wont listen to the truth of our Jesus!

  13. Thanks Dave for this urgent and enlightening information. I also heard Hal Lindsey say that the old testament prophet (I don’t remember which one) said that drought is the greatest sign that the Lord is unhappy with a nation. God forgive America.

  14. FAITH that Christ died, was buried and rose again for MY sins, plus NOTHING is salvation.

    The reason why there are so many different thousands of religions is because Satan has deceived the minds of men, hiding the Gospel of Jesus Christ to prevent people from being saved. 2nd Corinthians 4:4, “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

    Religion wants to fit us with glasses, but the Lord wants to open our eyes. The King James Bible is truth, God’s inspired Words! This article doesn’t need to be long. The truth of the Gospel is simple. There is no need to guess what the Gospel is because the Bible plainly tells us what it is…

    1st Corinthians 15:1-4, “Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures.”

    FAITH that Christ died, was buried and rose again for MY sins, plus NOTHING is salvation. You can either pay for your own sins in Hell for all eternity; or you can receive Christ’s payment for your sins instead. Christ DIED, was BURIED and RAISED up, having shed His precious blood to wash away our sins. Ephesians 2:13, “But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.” You don’t have to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. If you receive the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as payment for your sins, then you are saved securely and eternally.

    • According to James 2 faith with nothing is dead faith. True faith is always coupled with obedience or action. This is why we find God taking vengeance on them that obey not the gospel in 2 Thessalonians 1:8. Therefore as a result of our faith in the gospel we should obey the gospel. We die through repentance, we are buried with Christ in baptism(Colossians 2:12, Romans 6:4), and we receive the resurrection power when we are filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost(Romans 8:11). When we obey the gospel we fulfill exactly what was preached on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2:38. For more information on this please view the free tract, “What Do You Mean, Born Again?”.

  15. There are simple things we can all do. Stop by a sporting goods store or even walmart pick up fire starters/flints/waterproof matches etc….all under 10.00 A clear BPA free water bottle. If ify water is paced in one in the sun for 12 pluss hrs it naturally kills bacterias but having water purification tabs is a bit safer. Foil. You can make your own smoker or solar oven w/foil and card board . These are just a few easy things to do!

  16. Most persons reading this webpage already know how to prepare spiritually for what’s coming. I’m offering a suggestion of preparing physically: Everytime you go to the grocery store, buy a few more items (longtime storage capacity) for your pantry. Soon you’ll have a good supply of necessary food and household goods….don’t forget personal hygiene supplies like toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.,….for when they may no longer be available.
    for when they may not longer be available.

  17. What do you guys think of the book of Ezekiel….. I get chapters 38 & 39 (read very carfully a yr ago). I also get the “watchman” part at the beginning. But yesterday I found ch 22 & 23 that made me sit back and take a deep breath! just saying….

  18. Come LORD JESUS! yes we are so close to HIS return! PREPARE yourselves Spiritually! For all those who don’t know OUR SAVIOR I urge you,,,,, NOW!!!! is your chance to ACCEPT CHRIST JESUS into your life BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! HE is our ONLY HOPE! G-d Bless!

  19. The prophecy of the grass being burnt is found in Revelation 8:7 and is referring to the first trumpet or WWI.

  20. Does the current drought affecting parts of our world fit the one third of grasses being burned up that is referenced somewhere in revelation. I believe that wheat, rice and some other crops might be considered grasses.