July 22, 2013
‘Secret Obama plan’ forfeits Temple Mount to Palestinians

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  1. It’s not going to happen because GOD will not let this happen and he is always with israel as it is his holy land.. I wish he turns obamas thought..

  2. Hasn’t anyone noticed that the “PA negotiator” who supposedly gave this story to WND is never named? And there is no corroboration from any second source?

    It’s about time that Christians in America start honoring a little concept called “truth”. It’s the first piece in the Eph 6 “armor of God”, and is the fundamental piece of the armor. Without the belt holding the rest of the pieces of armor together, a roman soldier’s entire armor would fall apart (which was the analogy that Paul was going for, and which all contemporary readers would’ve understood.)

    Christians need to stop being so gullible and believing every inflammatory piece of “news” that comes their way. WND is the same website that reported that Obama was married to a man, and had him killed to protect his secret. People who believe things like this without checking out their truthfulness for themselves, are disrespecting the truth, and dishonoring God and all Christians everywhere.

  3. The Temple Mount belongs to GOD and he gave that parcel of Holy land to the Jews forever. Period !
    This issue doesn’t belong on the negotiation table . The LORD rebuke you Satan ……………………

  4. May The Lord Jesus bind all Obama and his Iluminaty organisation’s evil thoughts and plans they have against Israel, the United States and Gods children.

  5. I agree to save the HOLY LAND ! OBama can’t handle our nations ptoblems,what makes him think that he can solve Israels ? Well, actually he can’t he’s not in the White House to do so either ! Father Ya has him there to open the doors for the TRIBULATIOM in AMERICA ! And who else would be best for that, a Muslum of cource ! A member of the enemy is now our US president ! And America put him there just so we can have our first black president ! Well their’s notthing wrong with that but why a Muslum? Well, what’s done is done, FATHER YA allowed man to have their way,that way was stupididy and his phophecy is now unfolding before us ” I PRAY TO BE COUNTED WORTHY TO TO WITHSTAND THE DARTS OF SATAN DURING THIS EVIL DAY’ AMEN

  6. Notify the Christians across America of Obamas plan probably thru all churches, then let’s start a movement to get the spirit of the antichrist out of the White House, probably Thu impeachment.

  7. I am so not with this happening to Israel! May God have mercy and intervene on Israel’s behalf. I am praying with and for Israel!

  8. enough is enough, these palestinians which are the real occupants, need to be evicted from Israel, and
    Israel won their God given land in the battle against the arabs just a few years ago. They need to decide
    for themselves, not have any other country or entity tell them what they must do. This is their land, and
    what they do is non of our business.

    • God’s business is also His people’s business. Are you ready to die for your non-belief?
      I am ready and willing to die for Jesus, or Immanuel (God with us).

  9. I believe God put Obama in as our president knowing he is the one who will put our country in the complete place where God can go ahead and judge it. Goodbye U.S.A. as we knew it all our lives up until now.

    • I believe that too! We never know who God has put into place for such a time as this. I am praying for this country because she has been in a backslidden state way before Obama got into office. Each one of our presidents have played a role in helping America get to the point of where she is now. Its just that a lot of it has been hidden due to the LORD’s timing.

  10. God, will put a wrath on our country. If Israel is smart they will not go along with this. This is Gods land and i know he will not let this happen. Bless our country and Israels country that we don’t do this

  11. This will never be allowed. Not by God. Not by Israel. All real Christians would not allow this. CUFI is 1,000,000 members strong. Heavenly Father please bless and protect Jerusalem and all of Israel forever and ever. Amen

  12. Remember what happened the last time these tricks were tried? Disasters in the US and physical damage to the Israeli negotiators that tried and/or gave up Israeli land. Whose wrath was stirred up when the promised land was negotiated away?

  13. Like that would ever happen. Obama can only do what our Lord will allow him. The temple mount was bought and paid for by King David. Israel would never allow that. The bible tellls us that God says only a wall seperates pagan worship from his temple. That will be destroyed that gold top green ugly thing that’s there now.

  14. It’s obvious that God’s word is true! So however it happens it will happen. Armageddon is coming soon! Guns won’t stop it but accepting Christ and obeying him will get us safely into his kingdom! We pray for the peace of Jerusalem, however let God’s will be done! Come Lord Jesus!

  15. this sounds alot like what the BIBLE says about the anti christ. could Americia have put the anti christ in office

  16. This shows how close that God is for his returning to get his people. I am ready and can’t wait to get out of this world.. I am tired of them pushing God out of everything that we have stood for all these years. People that aren’t ready, better be getting things in order. HE is coming, ready or not.

  17. My heart goes out to Israel. I pray for you daily! Lord bless and protect Israel! This won’t go good for Israel no matter what is promised to Israel. But God is with her. America better stand by Israel. If our leaders won’t, Lord replace them with leaders who will. WE LOVE YOU ISRAEL!!!

    • Brenda, what wonderful words. We are to pray for Israel and also to pray for our leaders. Time, as we know it, is about to wrap up. People get ready, Jesus is coming!!!

  18. God said dont touch Israel period !! if they touch isreal . God touch america destroy or whatever!! . aslo they are nuts!! cuz they miss point and read bible by God say so !!!

    • NWO, global economic collapse, natural disasters, these have all set the stage for ww111,the rapture is whats next. Lord Jesus come soon.

    • God bless Israel. God bless the Jewish people.
      There are many little “anti-christs” running around and thinking they are really something.
      Come soon, Lord Jesus.