December 9, 2013
Satanists plan statue to stand alongside Ten Commandments in Oklahoma

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  1. yes i agree this is God’s battle, read 1 Kings chapter 18; how Jezbel influenced king Ahab that Baal be given equal place with God by building Baal an altar next to God’s altar. Elijah mocked them saying ” maybe he is on a journey or he’s sleeping”. then Elijah prayed to God and God’s fire from heaven consumed the altar. when the people saw this, they fell on their faces and said “The Lord, he is the God!. God will always prevail when we pray. let them build it, God will not be mocked!.

  2. yes peter you are exactly right, that is why i’m going to my daughters school and set up a bible class after school hours. I’m sure i will be met with opposition, but i have Isaiah 54:17 to stand on. Pray for me…..

  3. just another sign we are living in the end times. George Washington dedicated this country to God in the little Chapel in New York City at ground 0. So people can say all they want about this country not being founded on Christianity, but he warns about what will happen if we ever turn away from God and i think everyone can agree that he was right. Look what we are living in….

  4. W/O the hand of mankind , the statue could be on its face every morning. It happened in the Bible, Pray for them to have their blinded eyes opened to the Love of God that sets people free.

  5. Let them do what they want. We all know God is greater than satan and his evil followers. Have faith in God, He knows all and hears our prayers and will take care of this stupid situation. God bless everyone praying about this.

    • Now I’m an Australian, and although I am a christian I believe satanists have a right to have their monument there.I notice that yes, originally your country was founded firmly on christian biblical principles and laws,however, over the years your people and politicians and governments have allowed these principles and laws to be kicked out,changed and flaunted,so now its their turn.As the old saying goes,”evil prospers when good men do nothing– and thats just what has happened.Your forefathers would cringe at the fact that most christians have not held to those original decrees but have turned a good Mans teaching into a religious,pitiful circus.—

      • Amen Aussie!!!!!!!! America is a spiritual dump for the most part. Denying God in every corner. We are definatly reaping what we are allowing to be sowed. Sow evil—Reap evil. Spiritual law!!!!!!

        • Hi Ron.guess I was a bit stirred up when I wrote that but truth is there are still a lot of fired up christisns out there.I think we just need to step out more in faith and boldness just like Jesus and the disciples did.I think a big problem is that many are waiting for some big revival ,but God is waiting on us to stir that first love passion and boldness, then we will see true reviva.Yes its up to us.He has given us all the power and boldnes (in Him) to do it!!