April 1, 2014
Passover Sacrifice on Temple Mount

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  1. Israel, you are God’s chosen people. My prayer is that all the Jewish people will know their King and receive Him into hearts and walk with Him closely. Yeshua is faithful, full of love and mercy, and is waiting patiently for all of you Jew and Gentile to turn to Him..Prime Minister Benjamin Netyanyahu, you are in our prayers and all of your government too…Mr. Prime Minister,yes quote Scripture in all your speeches, THE WORD OF YESHUA IS POWERFUL!!
    God bless Israel, and equip them with faith, strength and a generous supply of Grace, be a sheild around them Lord, reach down to them when they cannot reach up to You, give them wisdom to handle tough times…Israel is the city of THE GREAT KING, No one, not one political leader will ever be successful in wiping Israel out of the map. Those who try that due to lack of insight, knowledge or understanding, may God reveal Himself to all you political leaders. It is Only Yeshua who can give everlasting peace not politicians!!