December 3, 2013
The Truth Regarding The Four Blood Moons

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  1. 4/3/2014 Just watched a clip by Irvin about the blood moons. Sounds like he believes something will happen to the Jews with the coming blood moons. Doesn’t Anthony work for him, but they don’t agree..hmmmm

    • I apologize for the confusion but we do agree on this point. We both agree the blood moons are not necessary for the prophecies to come to pass but they may be a sign of soon coming events. The rapture and the war of Ezekiel 38 & 39 cannot happen but the confirmation of the covenant or the sixth trumpet war could. The blood moons may be a sign of something to come but the Bible does not state they are. We agree on this subject and I hope this clears things up.

  2. 57:05….”If we start to see a third temple being built, I think that’s preeeeeeetty good proof that we just entered the final seven years” I love this guy!

    Hey Anthony, you’re hitting John and Mark in their pocket book. I would actually really love to see John and Mark turn from their course and apologize, or at least concede that their zeal for a theory or hypothesis has caused them to become blinded to some truth that is relevant. That probably wont happen, because as you stated, these truths have been intentionally twisted and left out. Thank you!

  3. That was excellent guys! It sounded like to me that the research was well done and complete. Thank you for your coverage on this topic!

  4. Very well done Anthony. I had serious issues with the latest book on many theological levels, as well as the eschatology within its pages.

  5. I think there is a shift in the destiny of the world’s future war. Instead of exploding the 3rd world war in the middle east I think it will take place here in the Pacific against China because of the heated display of power between nations involved in the territorial crisis.

  6. It seems your research is missing one of the main points of the blood moons. You keep saying that many others have occurred throughout history and the ones being promoted aren’t the only ones. You are correct that many more have occurred, but the point being made is that the blood moons being mentioned occurred on main Jewish Feast days. Since some feast days occur at full moons (because the Israeli calendar is lunar), we would expect to see some of the those full moons be total or partial eclipses from time to time. The theory that they appear to have occurred in the past “around” significant events in Israel’s history is provocative. Is it possible that, because we have computers now, that God opened up this information/revelation at this time just before another two sets are about to occur to signal that we are entering a critical time? I found it extremely interesting that on the same Feast Day for three consecutive years prior to these two sets, we had solar eclipses. And another three consecutive years after these two sets, we will have solar eclipses. To me, they were like flashing arrows telling us to pay attention, something significant is going to be happening between these two sets of three consecutive solar eclipses on the same feast day each year. And what has happened since the first set of solar eclipses? We saw the global financial crisis and the quick weakening and downward spiral of America and great new advances in the development of a globalized governance. Of course they “may” end up being just be coincidental, and nothing significant prophetically occurs during these years between the “bracketing” annual tri-solar “signs”. There has been a long ancient belief by the star-gazers of the past that solar eclipses were potential signs of trouble for “Gentile” nations and lunar eclipses were potential signs of trouble for Israel. If we do see some type of major prophetic fulfillment occurring in the next few years, it wouldn’t be wrong to connect that with God giving us a “heads up” and a verification that these events are the fulfillment of prophecies that gave to Israel and the world. Part of the creation event for the heavenly bodies is that they were also given as signs as well as seasons and years. We have only to look at God using them to announce His arrival and incarnation among us. In other words, I wouldn’t be so quick to write them off as you are, but to keep an openess to the idea that they might indeed be signs from God to us who are living the the very end of days where multitudes of prophecy have been given in regards to. It truly would be like God to give us a heads up in regards to such a critical time of earth’s history.

    • Revelations 6 Revelation of John 6:12
      And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; (writers note: could we be witnessing one of the seals?)

    • Anthony has not been “so quick to write these off” as you say. He, as I, has spent hours researching, trying, and proving whether these things be so. He even said that he is not discounting the timing of these being on specific major feast days, he is just debunking the falsehood of the teaching that the sheople have been believing.