August 1, 2013
Snowden Gets 1 year Political Asylum in Russia

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  1. I have mixed feelings about Eric Snowden. On one hand, yes, he gave us information that the federal government was violating the Constitution. I have worn a uniform and swore to defend that Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so this is personal for me. On the other hand, I am not convinced that releasing the information to a foreign newspaper was the best way to do it. For that, I’m convinced that he violated the law. Treason? No, I don’t think so. But it is a crime to release classified information. I’ve had a secret clearance, and therefore I understand that it is not the keeper of classified documents who has the authority to determine what should be released and what should not. But on the other hand, when the keeper sees abuse, he has a duty to report that abuse to his superior. In this case, though, the superiors knew about it, so that would have been pointless. Mr. Snowden was in quite a moral dilemma, to be sure.

    The sticking point for me, however, is the point at which he released the methods by which we spy on other nations. This, in my opinion, is where he turned traitor, and should be tried. Spying has gone on since the book of Genesis, and will continue at least until Jesus’ return. Any nation that doesn’t think other nations are spying on them has its head stuck in the sand. But to release the methods by which we spy on other nations, thereby giving them the information that they need to block said spying, diminishes our nation’s security.

    At first, I was on his side. But when he started revealing our foreign spying practices, he lost me. He has committed treason, and should be considered a traitor.

  2. Eric Snowden is a hero in my book! He told the American people what the government was doing. I personally have had my conversation recorded from a government ageny here in Spokane, Wa. I used to be a child care center owner and another child care center owner called me after the department of early learning raided her child care center with no cause. They used the police department to get come into her center and stand guard while they called the parents of the children to come get their children. Anyway during the time we were on the phone we could hear the clicking noises of being recorded. We just started talking about being recorded and that it was being done through the Boeing Corporation because of the military status. At least that’s what we thought at the time. Instead it must have been done through Comcast who was my server for the phone line. The state government agency had access to the wire tap of my phone line. We were only child care providers and we did nothing to the government to warrant being wire tapped. This state agency had a vested interest in wanting to know what we were talking about but we were not terrorists. Tell me that this is something that the federal government has approved! This makes it real when it has already happened to you even before all this has come out to the public. This happened about 1 1/2 years ago. Americans need to open their eyes and stop the government from invading our privacy. Yes I agree it is an impeachable invasion of privacy to the American people. Who would be able to stop it? Congress needs to stop this from happening to our country. Snowden doing it the way he did was the only way it could have gotten to the general public. If he would have tried to do it legally, nobody would have heard about how the government is betraying the American people. This should be a free country!