September 30, 2013
The Seven Trumpets

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  1. Hi Irvin Baxter and ministry team,

    My question is what is the difference between the pretribulation saint and the posttribulation. During the course of the seven year crisis my understanding there is one rapture but the big thing is like you have stated before is to be ready. United States I agree is the eagle the came out of the Great Britain but we also house united united the world government. Is there chance we can be considered the revised Roman Empire spiritually. Usa roots came from europe but we were made the voyage over here? The power and influence we have over the world love us or hate us is overwhelming.

    • The difference between the pre-tribulation belief and the post-tribulation belief is 3 1/2 years. There will be a rapture but some question when it occurs. There are some that have been taught and profess it will take place before the tribulation; however, Matthew 24:29-31 says otherwise. Regardless, you made the point we stress; be ready.

      As far as the United States goes, I do not see how there could be a spiritual application therefore qualifying the US as the reborn Holy Roman Empire. Revelation 12:14 gives another depiction of the eagle helping the woman, Israel, during the times of the tribulation. Seeing the eagle is not depicted in Revelation 13, I cannot see how the United States will be a part of the world government system in the last days. God bless.