March 28, 2013
Is Pope Francis the Final Pope?

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  1. Obama says he dose not take orders from our Congress like our US Constitution is supposed to protects us. Obama says he only takes orders from the UN. The UN is very anti-Christ in all its ways.

  2. Pope Francis is a Jesuit, most likely a 33 degree Luciferian Freemason. He may have been in Argentina but his family is from Italy and one of his mames is Petrus or Peter. He could be the Peter of Rome and the last Pope.

  3. He steals, kills and destroys. Steals billions of our tax dollars and gives them to the Muslim Brotherhood, kills and destroys giving Monsanto the go ahead to genetically poison our food and claims Executive Powers to assassinate any American citizen even with DRONE air strike. Who is Obama? Is he the devil? Is he the anti-Christ? He is worshipped as God by his followers who call him the “Chosen One”, “Messiah”, “LORD and Savior”. Obama never refutes this worship but instead just smiles and gladly receives it and even craves worship. He gave a speach in Israel proclaiming Peace and Safety.

    Obey Acts 2:38 before it is too late.