September 3, 2013
Did Assad Use Chemical Weapons?

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  1. In listening to a different Christian prophecy program, the host said there is a separate war discussed in Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and Jeremiah 49 that is different from the war discussed in Ezekiel 38 and 39. The war in Psalm 83 involves those nations that border Israel (Jordan, Iraq ,Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria). Israel wins this war by the hand of the Lord. In thinking about this, Israel appears to regain the land given to Abraham in Genesis 15:18 (from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates River). Is it possible that this war could be started when Syria retaliates against Israel for a missile attack brought on by the United States? To be honest, I had never before heard of this separate war. What to you think?

  2. This is really amazing, people we really need to get ready because something is coming. This is truly the sign of the times. I truly believe that God is tired of man’s horrrific rulings.

  3. Unlike Bush’s unfounded claims, these claims seems to have considerably more solid evidence (as in dead bodies, symptoms, access, motive, chemical signature, attempt to coverup by shelling the locations etc). You’ve make reference to video of people eating other human beings. How is it, in the same conversation you have chosen to ignore video of hundreds of dead in other videos.

    It really seems that you are making more partisan political conversation than evidential conversation. Did you doubt George Bush’s non-extant evidence? If people are taking this with a grain of salt, it is because of what Bush and company and their out and out lies.

    I am sorry, but, how is it that you with your gift if prophesy have turned to parroting conspiracy theory. You don’t know who are in body bags? Kids are acting in front of cameras. Please Pastor, Talk about you know and that is the bible and not Alex Jones like wack-o-talk! Note the Tin Foil hat callers you are getting. This tells you that you are wallowing in the same bud pit as the wack-job callers. Why are you tossing your lot in with nuts while at the same time conducting a show of bible facts?

    Please stop this and get back to working your gifts?

    • Before getting into such rhetoric–please spell check for errors, it lends credibility to what you are trying to convey…which, according to my thoughts about your tirade is not constructive criticism but just that rhetoric. When you can factually disprove what Pastor Baxter is saying perhaps we will listen.

  4. There is no proof of it. There is the same rhetoric being spoken as there was with Iraq. This is all setting up for what will be the 6th trumpet war. Exciting time to be a saint of Christ!