July 12, 2012
Will the Next Pope Be the False Prophet?

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  1. I keep hearing everywhere about a big war in Ezekiel 38 they will encompass the city and take spoils not one word mentioned about blood shed the only major death there will be is a spiritual death caused by Satan(antichrist, false prophet) what ever you want call him too much scare tactics Read the Bible and ask God for understanding and you won’t be confused God is not the author of confusion

  2. The mark of the beast is in your forehead your brain worshipping the antichrist the mark in your right hand symbolic of working for the antichrist no physical mark whatsoever the beast is a system political, educational, economical, religious system which the false prophet (Satan) will be in charge of all this and he is not born of any woman period he used to be an arch angel that protected the mercy seat he has many names

  3. America is not mentioned in Revelation as a country of power. The US will fall before those wars I think you miss the mark there.

  4. America is not mentioned in Revelation as a country of power. The UD will fall before those wars I think you miss the mark there.

  5. While you are correct that the only military power currently able to inflict sufficient force to kill 1/3 of the population is the USA. However, what you are overlooking is that a nuclear exchange between Russia, China, the US, Syria, and Iran (all have nuclear capability or, in the case of Syria and Iran, soon will) … millions of people would die, directly from the blast and heat … and millions more from the radioactive fall out. These atomic blasts would also burn the skin … kill the grass … and poison the waters – all punishments/judgements mentioned in Revelation. I think a nuclear exchange is the more likely scenario than the US wiping out a third of the world’s population.

  6. Okay I’ve gotten meself confused on all this. Is it going to Be WWIIII first then the Third Temple or is it the third Temple and then WWIII?

    • The Bible does not say for sure. We know WW3 must happen before the tribulation and the temple must be completed when the tribulation begins. I personally feel the war will take place first but that is an assumption.

  7. As I read through the article and numerous comments that follows I noticed that a whole lot of us have not yet understood the symbolism used in the end time prophecies. What if the antichrist is not a “particular but an empire or a system of Govt, an organisation that has been from the days of the early apostles. What if the Beast is not a person but an empire or system of Govt. What if the false prophet which is the beast that arose from the Earth is not an individual but an empire or system of Govt that took over from the Beast that arose from the sea which is also an empire. What if the image of the beast is not an effigy as man thinks but a replica of the beast system of Govt. What if the mark of the beast is different from the number of the beast, his name or the number of his name?. What if the mark of the beast is not a literal mark. Have you considered that even God’s people are described as having the mark of God,name of God or seal of God on their forehead too? What if all of these are mere symbolism and not literal marks as we already knw that. God does not literally mark his children on their forehead. What if all we think we know are nothing but deception or at its best an Half truth. What if there’s no rapture. What if the Roman Catholic church wasn’t created to be and it’s not a christian denomination as it seems today. What if the Roman catholic(universal) Religion was actually a Universal(one world religion) of the then Roman Empire. What if the RCC was actually a blend of all religions. What if the Son of perdition is not any definite individual but rather an “office” and anyone who occupies that offices has always fulfilled the prophecies concerning the son of Perdition from the time the Pope became the new ceasers(Maximus Pontifix) of the Holy roman Empire. What if the Holy roman empire was the beast that arose from the Sea and actually warred against the church of God and defeated them according to the prophecy. What if a replica of the holy roman empire is the image of the beast that will make war again against God’s people but this around the result will be different because its reign will be interrupted by the second coming of Jesus…I leave you all with these to ponder on.

  8. The Holy Bible KJV together with the Atlas show Holy Bible KJV Revelation to be correct.
    The red dragon’s brain box is Germany.
    His tongue is Italy.
    His ten crowned heads are the crowned heads of Europe.
    His thought originates in his mind emerging from his tongue showing Sicily to be the Antichrist lie finally revealed to the Light of Day.
    Ancient Britannia is revealed sitting on the water above the head of the red dragon linking her affiliation with Rome.
    Germany and Great Britain are revealed controlling the world from the year 666 using the Latin tongue representing their allegiance to the world.
    The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is Africa in its entirety, clearly revealed sitting in the kingly position facing the hissing mouth of the red dragon…
    Prophet Daniel’s rough he goat is portrayed as the Aleutian Islands being his horn, Alaska being his intelligence, Canada his upper torso with front feet shown broken from stamping the residue, and America as his nether regions.
    The Mexican drug pipe line and the pale seahorse of death as Brazil (Revelation 6-8. I looked, and there before me was a pale horse (seahorse)! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him) being cocaine and heroin coming up from Columbia through the pipe line umbilical cord destroying the rough he goat.
    But Truth, Abraham’s Christ, is in the air and we are now speaking it! Armageddon is the battle now taking place in the air with WORDS of TRUTH fighting words of LIES.
    Truth will reign supreme.
    We are again walking in the light of truth, for Christ is truth in YOU, the people.
    Daniel 8: 17 So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision….
    Vision is the power to see beyond…visionary…
    Truth being priceless is free to all.
    Time is short. Abraham’s spiritual God of the Israelite (people who see the Light) is the true God we love and follow.
    The beast that rose from the earth carries the Mark of the Beast as being the Nazi Swastika and the Mafia Underworld Mark of Blood. A brotherhood of evil in mankind’s soul.
    We must repent and confess and love our brother as ourselves.
    Christ is TRUTH in YOU, the people. God bless. xx

  9. But sir, so many children abused in the Church!

    Pope Francis “Who am I to Judge?”

    Did not the Lord give you authority! and what about the many countless victims? no justice for them!

    Pope Francis ” Gay clergy should be forgiven and their sins forgotten”

  10. I watched History2 channel (H2) yesterday until that point where the anti-Christ is believed to be the pope (in this series, because it’s an old one, showed Pope Benedict XVI). I was flabbergasted. We, Catholic church has been around for 2000 years! The anti-Christ should be someone new and powerful that teaches new things, not an old religion with a very consistent teaching. We don’t even have a strong army.

    I would agree more if the anti-Christ is the modern politicians of the modern world (Obama is one of them), with this new “politically correct” teaching that allows same-sex marriage and abortion to go overboard. In some states, even to quote from the bible can be treated as a “hate speech”. The pope is never going to be the anti-Christ. Those H2 series are a bunch of leftist propaganda to declare ware against the Catholic church.

    • The Roman church does have consistent teachings, consistently wrong. Wrong from the beginning when Constantine merge Babylonian paganism with Christianity and made Pagananity. Or Christaganism. The RCC was built on lies and is fueled by false teachings. I urge Catholics to read the bible 1st and foremost. Then search for the differences between Catholicism and Biblical Christianity. Mike Gendron’s website “Proclaiming the Gospel.org has research tools and information that does a side by side comparison between the bible and Rome. They are polar opposites of each other. Then if you chose to serve monolithic institution that has murdered more Christians than any group on Earth ever in history, has a collection if the most vile sinful leaders called popes who do claim to be Christ on Earth, and one lie after another that is heretical to bible teachings, then at least you will have seen the truth and chosen to believe a lie. Most will.
      BTW, Francis on day 2 after being named Pope, went to a chapel dedicated to Mary and prayed to her for 24 hrs. Last week he released the statement: if you pray to anyone other than The Lord, you are praying to the devil. Does that include his Mary chapel prayers? He also called out to follow him on Twitter for free early release from purgatory. A made up place. Really? Twitter can get you out of purgatory now? This is who you want to follow?

  11. The Dispensationalist prophecy about the Pope being the anti-christ was invented by Protestants with an agenda, during the hay-day of popular, prejudiced thinking, white supremacy, and the Klu-Klux-Klan. It is the thinking of people who want to believe that they are “purer-than”; “righter-than”; and “more-chosen-than”. Its ridiculous. Who decided which books were Divinely inspired and qualified to be considered God’s Word, anyway? Oh-yeah! It was the Catholic Church. When I was a young WASP (Evangelical), I thought and reasoned like a child- then I found a mature Christianity in Catholic teaching. I’m sorry that you are so caught up in false-modern teachings. I think you will find that Pope Francis is anything but your imagined Beast. Its time to pay attention to the message of Christianity, which is love, light and transformation from a sinful attitude. This includes your belief that Jesus-Christ needs your help to judge the world and other Christians. Look to the world for your Anti-Christ. But, keep searching for the Truth, eventually with God’s love, you will overcome. –Revelation 3:18.

    • Jennifer we are called to judge those in the church. 1 Cor. 5 in the bible. While we are in Revelation why not read chapter 17. Describing the whore of Babylon. First we know that the RCC was formed in 316 when Constantine who was a priest in a pagan temple merged Christianity into a twisted cult. Revelation chapter 17 describes the Catholic Church as a women harlot, which is one who has turned away from God. She is dressed in purple and scarlet. These are the colors of the Cardinals and the bishops and priest. Look up Vatican purple and scarlet on google image. She is adorned in fine jewels and gold. The Catholic Church is the largest gold owner on the planet. All chalices must be gold or gold plated. The priestly garments and papal attire is made with gold thread. And cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a piece. The Vatican and RCC is the richest institution on Earth. She holds a chalice that is filled with the abominations of her filthiness. The Catholic Church is the only institution besides Satanism and witchcraft that uses a chalice. The abomination in the chalice is the lie of transubstantiation which falsely claims the host, Eucharist, cracker is actually Jesus Christ fully embodiment. Flesh, blood and spirit. Which contradicts biblical teachings which says. Christ is seated at the right hand if the Father and will return as he went up. Acts 1:11.

      • Good evening, I like Jennifer am Roman Catholic, and am also a convert to catholicism, and I must say am a bit discouraged by your tone( JimmyK). I have the deepest respect for you and for those who are not catholic, and yet follow Christ as they understand Him.……. You will catch more flies with sugar than vinegar, and I would suggest, represent the love of Christ more accurately. With that said, Id like to address some of your concerns. In verse 18 of revelation the harlot is named as “the great city”. Earlier in the story, in chapter 11, the great city is named as “the place their Lord was crucified”. This most is certainly Jerusalem. Which as a matter of record, housed the temple, which had a mass of gold both in storage and as surrounding. I would also suggest that the harlot’s apparel and surrounding seem on par as far as any worldly power is concerned. In bible times, purple was a sign of royalty, authority as well as wealth, and arguably, so was scarlet. Today, if you have food clothing, a roof over your head, and $1000 in savings, you are more wealthy that well over 90% of the world. Wealth in any industrial country is rampant. Also, you mention the mention the use of the chalice…”The Catholic Church is the only institution besides Satanism and witchcraft that uses a chalice.” I know and believe you are well meaning, but Christ himself celebrated the last supper with a “cup”, in greek “poterion”, that according to Him was filled with His blood and commanded it to be repeated. This is the very same word used in Revelation 18. Thus the and cup or chalice is not inherently evil, but what it is filled with. Futhermore, the heavenly worship in Revelation itself puts on display of golden bowls and censors, vestments, incense, gold, jewels, vestments, and men who are celibate and other things that seem quite Catholic. I would suggest that this over-arching context fits the Catholic form of worship very well and seems quite out of place when compared to the protestant worship I have experienced in the past. Sadly, the things of worship in revelation were often called fallen, man-made, sinful and ritualistic. I confirm your assertion that satanism uses chalices during “black mass”. However, I would suggest that this further proves Catholic worship. Because in black mass they take true worship and invert it. Among other things, they flip alters and crucifixes upside down, creating the antithesis to, mocking and adapting true worship for their own purposes. They also use prayer, as do most religions, but this doesn’t relegate prayer as a wholes evil, only false prayer. Thus, I would suggest its not consistent to pick out elements of satanism and apply the to Catholicism, but ignore it’s similarities to other Christian denominations. After all, Satan can only twist truth, he can’t create anything new….He’s simply a master counterfeiter. To your last point dealing with transubstantiation, I would offer a challenge. Read John 6. What more would Jesus had needed to say for you to believe. There is no question, even in the original language, that He intended to say that His flesh was true food and His blood true drink. At the end of the story, the crowds who follow leave because of this “hard teaching to endure”, and certainly, it is. But it is His teaching nonetheless. Also, as I follow your reasoning, Christ cannot be two places at once. I understand your objection, but would disagree. God is omnipresent. He is not limited to time or space. Thus, he could certainly be present both at sunday mass, and in heaven. As a matter of fact, Id argue they are one and the same thing. I appreciate your conviction for the truth, and I share it. I left fundamentalism believing my family would never speak to me again. The truth was worth it then, and it still is. I believe their are answers to your objections. Please visit catholic.com, and scotthahn.com, and be patient in prayer and read with an open mind…….and I will pray for your journey with Chrst. Peace. -Nathan

        • Im glad everyone remembers that God is Love but you can not run to that everytime for protection from the truth…..the bible never changes and is the only truth. You are not to pray to Mary, you are to pray to Jesus your savior and there is only one and one God. Why pray to the virgin Mary or follow the Pope, he is not Jesus with his false teaching about how the bible is old and times have changed…..It is right in your face and you still can not see it??? The Pope is using “love” as a way to psychologically win “Christians” over to false teachings. Stating he is accepting Gay marriage and all……nothing he says is completely biblical and there is a “new Christianity” now days professing love but ignoring the ten commandments. There are many self righteous religions that are being practiced as well. Worldliness has crept into out churches. The harlot that sits on many waters. The harlot symbolizing idolatry, waters representing people/the church. Guard your hearts and read your bible if you want the truth because their are too many false teachings as time goes on but REMEMBER the word NEVER changes. “Whoever keeps my word until the end….” REMEMBER! Do not be so stubborn not to turn from your self righteous or false religions. JESUS is THE ONLY way. Not virgin Mary, the angels, OR the POPE.


    • The Jewish people do not believe that Jesus was the Messiah and they do not believe that He was the eternal sacrifice. They still believe that they have to offer sacrifices to God and this is why they will resume sacrifices.

  13. I had dreams of the 9/11 asult on our country in 1977 and here it is 37 years later and we are at the time of the false one,i do belive fransis is the one to fulfill this prophecy and he will in the time that is aloted to him and then hopefully everone will see more before the antichrist will blend in to the whole sceem of things and i pray for the comming of jesus christ our lord and saviour,AMEN

  14. There were 2 Holy Roman Emperors named Francis, Francis 1 and Francis 2. Could he really have been thinking about one or both of their names? And, could the name selection just be a deception?? Also, all of the Holy Roman Emperors had double headed eagles as their coat of arms. Could this be the eagle referred to in Revelation?

  15. Our new Pope Francis is the 266th pope since St.Peter. I’m confused about the 112th.
    Also, for the person that was worried about being led astray by the Catholic Church, I share the following:
    James 1:5-6
    5. If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. 6. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.
    In other words, you are wasting your time if you doubt & as a friend recently told me, “you’re wasting his.”
    Love & God’s peace to all.

    • The 112th pope prophecy comes from Malchy, a 14th century saint. He said he saw a vision of where the 112th pope would be the pope who would lead the church through the tribulation period and the fall of Rome. He also saw that this pope would forsake his calling and join with the Anti-Christ, serving as the false prophet, and leading the persecution and slaughter of millions of men, women, and children who become Christians during the tribulation period.

  16. I definitely believe that this pope is the false prophet. I seen this man in a dream the Lord gave me 12/26/12. It was in a catholic looking church (cathedral) I seen him dressed in pope attire. He was scorning this girl, crawling across a table to her yelling, “You didn’t worship the prophet! You didn’t worship the prophet!” The girl then looked very sad. She preceded to one of the walls in the cathedral and began painting black on the walls as were others doing the same. I have never in my life dreamed about the catholic church. I am a Christian woman and the Lord speaks to me often through dreams/visions. I believe this man is the false prophet. My mouth could have hit the floor when I first seen him, as this is the exact man the Lord showed me in a dream. Repent and turn to the Lord, for He is surely soon to return!

    • According to 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 the rapture cannot happen until after the man of sin, the Antichrist, is revealed. God bless.

  17. thought this was interesting, CNN put this out, could he be peter the roman ? “why Francis?
    St. Francis of Assisi was born the son of a rich cloth merchant. But he lived in rags among beggars at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

    5 things to know about the new pope
    By Holly Yan, CNN
    updated 11:50 AM EDT, Thu March 14, 2013″

    • We are skeptical of this fulfilling the prophecy of St. Malachy. Many people have tried to create tie ins but we are still researching for good factual information. We will look further into what you have presented to us.

      The first thing that we must realize is that the prophecy of St. Malachy is not scripture nor is it infallible. So it can be wrong and it appears to be wrong in this case. In light of what has transpired the best thing we can do is wait to see how things unfold.

  18. Implanted devices are not secure. They can easily be removed, replaced and or forged. The only way to securely ID people, with existing technology, is with a permanent mark, i.e., a tattoo. You read the tattoo, and then verify it to the “grain of rice implant”. The implant contains the “important data”. The tattoo is the unalterable mark.

  19. Will the “False Prophet” “baptist [crown]” the Anti-Christ like Pope Leo III did to Charlemagne?? For a complete revival of the “Holy Roman Empire”, wouldn’t that be a powerful sign??

  20. I think a key portion of the “mark of the beast” will be one’s inability to buy or sell without “the mark” or number of his name. If one writes to the United States Social Security Administration you will be told: “The Social Security Act does not require a person to have an SSN to live and work in the United States, nor does it require an SSN simply for having one…..” I know this because I wrote to the SSA and have their response letter in which this statement is made. The U.S. Federal Privacy Act, Public Law 93-579 Section 7(a)(1) even says: “It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State or local government agency to deny to any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual’s refusal to disclose his social security account number.” This law is meaningless: I know because I have refused to provide any SSN when dealing with Federal, State, County and local government agencies and been denied “right, benefit, or privilege provided by law” and ultimately been refused those government rights, benefits and privileges provided by law. The United States Supreme Court has even rendered judgements in support of a few individuals with Religious Beliefs that eschew getting or using an SSN. For the past year I have tried using each of these laws in support of my effort to “sell” my labor without “the mark of the beast” and tell you it is not possible in the U.S.A. The Equal Employment Opportunity Act claims to support individual’s religious rights and SCOTUS has rendered supportive rulings under EEOC plaintiff action but despite my efforts I find the SSN is “the mark of the best” in action here and now. Just try to comply with OBAMACARE without providing an SSN. I expect it will not be possible. In the near future I expect the US $ to be hyper-inflated into nonexistence and when the next currency is created it will be electronic and the SSN will be the “required” bit of information without which we will not be able to buy or sell.

  21. I do not believe the Pope is either the antichrist, nor the false prophet. Taking into account the false prophet causes anyone who will not worship the beast & his image will be beheaded. Only one religion since its inception has beheaded people – Islam. The antichrist will be the 12th imam, & the false prophet will be the Islamic Jesus who tries to convince everyone Islam is the only religion. He’ll be the antichrist’s pitbull.

      • After the last Jihad (Gog invasion) before the return of our Messiah, ended with the defeat of the Islamic jihadists, Israel shall set on fire and burn the weapons of Gog for exactly seven years (Ezekiel 39:9). This should be the last seven years of tribulation when the real False Prophet (religious leader, the false Elijah) and the Anti-Christ (the political leader, the false Messiah) from the feet and toes empire of iron and clay, shall rise and deceive the whole world, and shall kill the two witnesses of God (the true Elijah and Moses?).

  22. I think the mark of the beast will have something to do with our DNA. Like it was in the day of Noah, it will be again and that is when the fallen angels came and mixed with the seed of Adam creating the giants. God flooded the world except for Noah and his family because they had not mixed with the fallen angels. The fallen angels are evil and have much knowledge. Satan was trying to corrupt the seed line of Jesus starting with Eve. If you look hard enough on the internet you can find the true story.

  23. I saw a short portion of your program today,after the pope was chosen,And I thought you said that Catholics think that the Pope is Jesus Christ.Did I hear you correctly? I am Catholic and I believe that the son of God is Jesus Christ.

  24. New Pope has taken on the name of a previous Saint, which is the custom of the Vatican. “St. Francis of Assisi,” was Giovanni Francesco di Pietro Bernardone (Peter the Roman). So, now, we have PETER THE ROMAN as the new Pope!!!

    Once again, a name shrouded in secrecy. Isn’t this what the Jesuits are all about? Peter the Roman is here….

    Giovanni Francesco di Pietro Bernardone is known as St. Francis of Assisi… so, PETER or PETRUS is a part of FRANCIS I’s name… also, the new pope, tho Argentinian, is of Italian blood… so FRANCIS 1 is a “PETRUS” and a “ROMANUS”………. the 900 Malachy Prophecies are all EXTRA-biblical, but many have been correct.

    “Critics have accused him of ignoring the plight of victims during the country’s military dictatorship from 1976-1983, despite victims and their relatives relating first-hand accounts of torture, death and kidnappings to the priests he supervised as leader of the Jesuit Order.”

  25. Listen to yourself people…

    All these worries the end of time, who to accuse, to blame, who will be the fall guy and who will be the King of Kings? Gossip, confusion and fear, the mocking of Gods name, the trembling of His Church as it realizes its own sins against humanity.

    Satan is winning on this site because you have all began to focus and give your energy to the evil one. Why do you look to him, who has no insight and only breeds confusion and fear? Turn away from this and prepare yourself to witness the Second Coming of the Christ.

    Focus your prayers on this SOUL who is preparing His life to become the Living God and King of Kings. Cast a moment to feel what He would be feeling in His human form. Think that He is alive and aware of everything that is going on and know that He is patient and with God Our Father and all His Heaven. Give prayer to the bravery of this new King who has all knowledge in God and take heed your prayers are welcomed.

    Catch the Satan in the media and turn away from it. We are of a God of LOVE and FORGIVENESS and we are ONE in the Holy Family that we are all children. Don’t get caught in fear and gossip and pray calmly and lovingly.

    Peace and much LOVE †

    • Satan doesn’t need us to empower him. Jesus called him the Prince of this World. We know from Matt. 4:1-11 that the world is indeed under the control of Satan. Jesus never corrected him when he said “all this I will give you if you now down to me.” Jesus did correct him about who is to be worshipped. Satan doesn’t need us to focus on him for power. On the contrary those who have an understanding of satan and his power and how he operates will not vein the dark in these last days. “Do kit be ignorant if the devils devices.”

    • I agree that we are not to be given to worry, blaming and accusatory ways as we navigate these end times. I feel that, had God wanted us to know for sure who the false prophet or the antichrist are….He would have put it in the book. As it is, we are told in the Bible, not to be deceived……which tells me that He expects us to use a reasonable amount of care in “who” we listen to/deal with/follow. Educating one’s self is a good thing. One thing for sure is that God has it all planned right down to the smallest detail so there is nothing we can or should do about any of this. We can watch it happen and do God’s work in telling the gospel truth to those who maybe don’t know and to pray unceasingly. That is my plan, anyhow. God will take care of the rest. Blessings to all………..Carol

  26. My left wing brother got computer id chips implanted in his legs and now their is a red rectangle on each leg right where the chip was implanted . He says it burns and itches and the doctor just says I don’t know what it is then calls the Cops on him to get him out of his office

  27. What would cause the world government to want to “decapitate” some one.If you refuse to bow! i willfully renounce and resist any attempt by spiritual forces to cause me to dishonor my creator.I have pledged my head to heaven!

  28. my church and i believe christians will be raptured BEFORE the tribulation. the only way the “one world government “will have a smooth transition is if theres no christians to interfere. So Mr Baxter,like my mentor says”You can stay.Im leaving!

    • I would look into the pre-wrath rapture theory. This is zero evidence in the bible of a pre-trib rapture. Study the books of Daniel, Matt. 24, and Revelation. You will see that Bods wrath is not poured out until Rev. 8:1 the opening if the 7th seal. We will be on Earth for the time if the Antichrist. So be prepared. I know pre trib sounds great, but there is no scripture to back it up. Disspensationalism is a creation of JN Darby who may have been a Theosophist. And furthered by Scofield’s study bible. These 2 men alone in the early 1800′s invented the pre trip rapture theory. It caught on and sells easy today because most Christians today are unable to endure persecution.
      The church is not the restrainer and has no capacity to slow down the prophetic events. The praying church couldn’t stop Hitler from killing 6 million Jews, of the slaughter of Christians around the world today. There is an apostasy in the church that makes it even less effective. The antichrist we reign while the hutch is still here. Revelation 13 says the AC will make war with the saints and overcome them. That is not some dispinsationalist’s view of Jewish believers if Israel. Saints are all who believe in Christ. Check out Chris White’s video on the pre wrath rapture, or Marvin Rosenthall’s book “The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church.

    • The first thing that we must realize is that the prophecy of St. Malachy is not scripture nor is it infallible. So it can be wrong and it appears to be wrong in this case. In light of what has transpired the best thing we can do is wait to see how things unfold.

  29. Question: When the Rapture of the church occurs,The Holy Spirit is removed?(The restraining force) the bible talks about that will be removed before the Antichrist takes over? Than how do people who are left behind still have an opportunity to rendure there heart to Jesus with the forgiveness of sins?

    • No where does the commission of the Holy Spirit include restraining evil. That task resides in the scriptures on many occasions by angels. If the Holy Spirit was removed how would those who do come to The Lord during the time if Daniels 70th week also called the tribulation period ever receive conviction that leads to repentance? I believe Michael the arch angel is the restrainer he is obedient to the Most Holy God, and will hold back the evil spirits in high places until commanded no longer. It’s angels also that gather up the wicked as mentioned in the parables of the Tares and Wheat.

    • The “he” in 2 Thessalonians 2:7 is not the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit will not be taken away from the earth. If you have further questions please feel free to email us at endtime@endtime.com. God bless.

  30. Thankyou Joly Carney!.That was the question I had was when they scan our eye (if it automatically gives the mark)I feel it in my spirit you are correct,that is in a person who freely recieves the mark Rev 14:9-11 and this is starting to be required on the 23rd??or speculation on u-tube?Wow hopefully we will be taken with our Lord beforehand!! We shall see his plan.. Amen

  31. How does this new pope (Francis) fit in with Malachy’s prophecies?? Or doesn’t it. If not, explain his purpose. Will he still be Peter the Roman. Malachy said that this pope by his number assignment has that title so it can’t change but how does it all fit together??? I expected his name to connected with Peter.

    • Pope Francis took this name after St. Francis of Assisi whose original name was Francesco di Pietro (Peter) di Bernardone —literally Peter the Roman

    • I have been searching for the full name this Pope took. It was announced on TV but I missed it and cannot locate the full name. My Mother heard it. He took the name of Francis, and 2 other names and the last was PEDRO. His father is an Italian, immigrated to Buenos Aires. We need to look more.

  32. well, the new pope is not a ‘peter’, so now what??? he’s 78 years old, Francis the 1st…but he is the 1st “Francis…”’ wonder if that mean’s anything.

  33. What if the mark of the beast is a mark on our hearts? We are being told to be tolerant of other religious beliefs, homosexuality, abortion, etc… Maybe our acceptance of these and not speaking out against them according to God’s law is our way of placing the mark of the beast on our hearts. Not all professing born again Christians are true. Only God knows what’s in our hearts.

    • The Bible shows us that people who refuse the mark of the beast will be killed. Not everyone will fall under this pressure but many Christians will have to stand for the word of God and die for the cause of Christ.

  34. How do we know that the false prophet will be of the Vatican – the next pope in the Roman Catholic Church? I’m just curious? What if he comes from a different sect? Does the Bible give any information as to where this evil man will come from?

    • Daniel 2 shows us that the world government at the return of Christ will be the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire was a combination of the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church. The political leader will be the Antichrist and the spiritual leader has always been the Pope. So whoever is Pope at the time of the Antichrist will be the False Prophet.

  35. What now, it looks like the Prophecy of the Popes by St Malachy was wrong.There was no Peter the Roman elected?

  36. It seems as though we are so close to the return of Christ. It will be interesting to see what Obama does in Israel when he visits at the end of this month.

  37. Even though this pope does not bear the name of Peter, and he is not from Rome, this was a prophecy from St Malachy…We know that a false prophet is coming, and the Bible does not mention names…we just need to be ready at all times to meet our Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ.

  38. I believe it’s called the “mark” of the beast for a reason. I do not believe we need to fear any identifiers that do not MARK our flesh. The identifiers that I have heard mentioned such as retinal scans and finger prints we were born with and cannot be considered the devils work. Furthermore we did not have any choice in whether to accept our fingers or eyes. I believe the prophecy is pretty clear about what will happen should be willingly accept the mark. This means we must choose the mark to condemn ourselves.

    • Joly, you said, “I do not believe we need to fear any identifiers that do not MARK our flesh”.

      Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark “in” their right hand, or “in” their foreheads:

      Joly, if you notice in Revelation 13:16 there are two references to where the Mark will be placed, “in” is pretty specific. We are “not” told that this mark will be visible for everyone to see so there would be no need for an identifier on the outside of the forehead or right hand. This mark is going to be personal, and those that take the mark may not want others to know. This mark has to have a way to be identified in a way that would keep a person from being able to buy, sell or trade. There is only one way right now that we can even imagine this being possible and this is through the use of implantable electronic devices that can be detected by portable and stationary hand and body scanners. If you are still convinced that this is not possible, next time you are at a Wal-mart store and going through the check out counter, look down at the image that is on the reading surface of the bar-code reader. You will see an image of a right hand in the cross hairs of the laser scanner. This world system is all ready for the Mark of the Beast to be introduced into our now cashless society.

  39. Under the Old Testament Man was under Gods law. Under the New Testament man is under Gods grace. Jesus death on the cross paid for all the sins of those that put their faith in Him and pledge to live their lives for Him thru the power of the Holy Spirit. Loving our Heavenly Father we no longer want to sin and are reborn thru the Spirit. Jesus told us all the signs of the time when the end would be near. Every thing is happening so fast that it looks like it could be very soon. Put your trust and faith in Jesus, ask for wisdom, read His word and leave the rest up to Him.

      • The Bible has undeniable documentation and can be proven in numerous ways. Many people have tried to teach that the Bible is corrupted but all who have tried to disprove the Bible have only proven it true. The word of God is infallible.

  40. If you keep Sunday as the Sabbath, then you keep none of Gods true laws. The catholic church changed the Sabbath day to Sunday. Pope Constantine still worshiped in his own mind Sunday the pagan day for sun worship. The true Sabbath is as Jesus kept. Which is Saturday. You break just one of God commandments you are guilty of breaking them all. All the TV preachers, catholic churches, Baptists and so on, go and worship on Sunday are breaking the fourth commandment. The 4th commandment
    = “REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY, AND KEEP IT HOLY” (which is Saturday not Sunday) Man changed this not Jesus or God. All good Christians are now breaking the laws of God. Unknowingly. They have been fooled By the Harlot (The Catholic Church)
    revelations 17:4 (the woman) Catholic church
    The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and jewels and pearls, holding in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the impurities of her sexual immorality.
    Who wares these colors. Look at the pictures of the Pope and the pontiffs.
    Hosea 4:6
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

    • Tammy, I sure hope that GOD will have mercy on those that pass judgement on others for praising our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. I believe the LORD has revealed something for you to consider:

      Exodus 35: 1-3 KJV (1) And Moses gathered all the congregation of the children of Israel together, and said unto them, These are the words which the LORD hath commanded, that ye should do them. (2) Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day there shall be to you an holy day, a sabbath of rest to the LORD: whosoever doeth work therein shall be put to death. (3) Ye shall kindle no fire throughout your habitations upon the sabbath day.

      Tammy, do you, have a furnace that heats your home during the winter, possibly a wood stove or fire place that you place wood in to burn, or do you have a stove in your kitchen in which you turn the dial to release electricity to kindle the burner of the stove top in which you cook on the sabbath, if so, according to verse that means you are doing work on the sabbath and you shall be put to death. But we serve a LOVING and FORGIVING GOD that has commanded us to first LOVE GOD and then LOVE one another.

    • Tammy….how do you explain the conversation that Jesus had with the religious men about the sabbath, when he questioned them about a calf falling into a well, and working on the sabbath day to retrieve it. Did he not say…keep “everyday” the sabbath?
      Tammy…it’s not a law issue…it’s a heart issue. God is love. Without charity, everything else is in vain.
      Thou shall love the Lord with all….soul, mind…heart-and thy neightbor as thyself! This command that Jesus Himself spoke, fulfills “All” law.
      Even David danced bringing the ark of the covenant into the city…and by law he was “not” qualified to do so. It was the action of his heart that completed the connection to God.
      David is described by God as one who reflected His heart!

      ps….Obey Acts 2:38….then move in….and then move out!

    • When Jesus came he fulfilled the law and summed all in to two commandments: Love God, and love people; by doing this we keep all the commandments. The early church witnessed to the Jews and gentiles on saturday, and taught them Christianity on Sunday. We keep the sabbath now by having the Holy Ghost living in us. The Bible says that we will enter into this rest once we receive the Holy Ghost. God bless.

      • the disciples observed the Sabbath and
        attended a Sabbath service 85
        times in the book of acts alone!
        Again, the seventh day is called
        “the Sabbath” in this passage.

        Now how many times do we
        see them meeting together on
        the first day? Some would cite
        one example in Acts 20. Let’s
        examine the text…
        Acts 20:6 But we
        sailed away from Philippi
        after the Days of
        Unleavened Bread, and in
        five days joined them at
        Troas, where we stayed
        seven days. Acts 20:7 Now
        on the first [day] of the
        week, when the disciples
        came together to break
        bread, Paul, ready to depart
        the next day, spoke to them
        and continued his message
        until midnight.
        Here we see an example of the
        disciples gathering together on
        the first day of the week. There
        is no mention of a Sabbath
        being observed in this verse.
        Nowhere is this day called “The
        Sabbath”. In fact, we know that
        Paul was ready to depart the
        next day. According to verse 7,
        Paul spoke to them a message
        because for this very reason.
        Now some would say that
        coming together to ‘break
        bread’ constitutes a meeting
        that includes the observance of
        partaking in Yahushua’s body.
        But this is not true…consider
        this verse:
        Acts 2:44 Now all
        who believed were
        together, and had all things
        in common, 45 and sold
        their possessions and
        goods, and divided them
        among all, as anyone had
        need. 46 So continuing daily
        with one accord in the
        temple, and breaking bread
        from house to house, they
        ate their food with gladness
        and simplicity of heart, 47
        praising Yahweh and
        having favor with all the
        people. And Yahweh added
        to the assembly daily those
        who were being saved.
        According to this scripture,
        breaking bread was not an
        uncommon thing to do on a
        daily basis. It was one of the
        customs in those days to eat
        their ‘daily bread’. Even in
        Our Lord’s prayer He said “Give
        us this day our daily bread” .
        So we cannot confirm that this
        scripture in Acts 20 is a Sabbath
        day observance. In fact,
        nowhere does it say that the
        first day of the week is the
        Sabbath. But the 7th day of the
        week is always called “the
        Sabbath” in the ‘new
        testament.’ Unless you don’t
        believe in the New Testament

        • The disciples were trying to reach out to the Jews. The Jews were in the synagogues on the Sabbath day so the disciple went there to minister to them. The disciples’ ministry was daily. Colossians 2:16-17 shows us that the Sabbath was a shadow of something to come. The disciples picked corn on the Sabbath with the approval of Jesus. The Sabbath was made for the man, not the man for the Sabbath.

      • I personally believe that this message from God is a simple message. Take a day off work at least once a week and give Grace and Love to His Name on this day. Whether it be a Monday or Wednesday, He made it happen, so show appreciation thats all. We seem to complicate the Lords simple meanings. Peace †

        • That is exactly right! Too many people complicate the gospel. We are not to be stuck in legalisms like the Pharisees. Jesus made that clear by his example on many occasions. Why are people getting caught up in petty things lately. These arguments cause division which is exactly what the devil would want us to do now!

    • We do not believe that the pope will be the antichrist as well. We believe that the final pope, whether this next one is the final pope or not, will be the false prophet. God bless.

      • Agree, we are not saying he will will be the Anti-Christ, however will play a major part in the work of the anti-christ and the title of False Pope who governs over 2 billion people will be an assistant to the antichrist and assist in carrying out the final days. The Pope himself may not know when or how the evil or Satan will enter him but his decisions are already being carried out for the last 7 years. The fact the Bendadict retire is unheard of in this day, you are the Pope until u die, even if they are holding your head up so u can speak like the previous pope. We all should pray and be kind to one another and study your bible. God Bless…….

      • That’s right. If this Pope is the last POPE he will be the false prophet. His partner (the political ruler… or president of the united nations… or one world government… what ever you want to call it) will be the anti-Christ.

    • In my opinion, the mark of the beast will not be a microchip, but rather a form of the QR code. When you think about it, who’d want a microchip in their forehead, when a permanent tattoo would suffice. And to boot, the enforcers would use this to try & deceive people telling them Revelation 13 is wrong about everything – just take the QR code & everything will be just ‘fine’.

  41. I refuse to have a RFID chip implanted in me either way. I personally believe it may be the mark of the beast. I however am a firm believer that i was born unto this world naked with nothing in my body or on my body, when i die i am going the same way with nothing in me or on me. Bottom line listen carefully to what you hear and think about things. Make sure your right with god. Always repent for your sins and try not to re sin the same sins. At least that is what im working on. May god be with us all!

    • Also, meant to say the during the years of tribulation, I believe as they describe that those who are Christian will suffer the most unless they have the mark, aka Chip. Anyone who refuses to have the chip planted are the ones who will suffer in Christ name….but it will be a temporary suffering and the reward will be waiting for us in heaven.

  42. Pope John Paul labour of the sun.
    I’ve always thought that this was a reference to the Polish labour movement Solidarity which was formed about the same time he came to power the symbol they used was sol.

  43. Please keep me informed because I am a Roman Catholic, and I want to be on the right side of my faith, and if the Pope is leading me away from my faith, because I want to on the right side with the Lord. Robert Greenly

    • The Bible is an ancient book. I’d agree with everyone here who states it is important to read it for yourself, but I’d add… check for copyright dates on it. Shouldn’t be any.
      There are certain verses that the devil would rather you didn’t know about. Notably, “This kind cometh not out, but by prayer and fasting.” This is something Jesus stated in the New Testament. (He was referring to an evil spirit) If you can’t find that verse, get rid of your Bible and get one that is accurate.
      I sincerely hope that you also watch “A Lamp in the Dark” The untold history of the Bible. The whole movie can be seen on youtube.
      Thanks for being open to information. I think you and God will find each other.

    • If you truly want to seek God’s Truth study the Bible for yourself and not just surface reading. If your priest or even the Pope contradict the Bible then he is in error or a false teacher do not take his word over the Bible because he is just a man and not God. May God Bless you for seeking HIS truth.

    • Mr. Greenly, Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to be guided and not be lead away from the truth. Yes, God establishes certain authorities in the church to lead the people. However, the Catholic church is not telling the whole truth to his followers. It always hides and does things in secrecy, there is no transparency. I encourage you to pray and read the Bible on your own and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and teach you what God says in His Word. You might be surprise!

      Exo 20:4 “You shall not make for yourself a carved image—any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; 5 you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God,…”

    • God knows your heart Robert :) Just stay with God & you’re alright. Trust how He leads you. Keep studying and praying. And get out of that Church. Lol. You… Are The Church. <3

    • Robert, This year is the “Year of Faith”. The Catholic Church has many writings to help guide you as your read scripture. As the Ethiopian Eunach said to the apostle Timothy, “How can I understand what I read unless someone explains it to me?” You are not alone. There is no one that teaches God’s mercy and forgiveness by Christ’s work on the Cross than the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church compiled the bible. Our new pope, Pope Francis is a humble man. He preaches the truth. He said that homosexual adoption is, “demonic”. Pay attention to his pastoral leadership. He will finish out the Year of Faith that Pope Benedict XVI called for. Pray and repeat the Apostle’s Creed. It is beautiful and you will know the tenants of Christianity from it.
      That is all. Keep repenting and ask for the gift of faith and you will not lose your faith. You don’t need any particular religion to have faith. Faith is a gift.

      • Timothy was an apostle? Wasn’t it Philip who shared Christ with the Ethiopian? Isn’t it being “born-again” in spirit that gives understanding to the Scriptures and not the “church” as per the conversation Jesus had with Nicodemus! In love Terri……you have much studying of the Scriptures to do!

    • Robert, I pray that The Lord will give you the wisdom and guidance that you seek! I do believe in the Word of God and the bible clearly tells us that the false prophet will be a pope.

    • forget about the pope and being a catholic. Keep your eyes and ears and mind in the bible and ask God to open your hart and spiritual ears open for the Holy Spirit, and when you do become unsure, pray to God or Jesus and ask for guidense.

  44. could the mark of the beast be the rifd chip and to identified that you have the chip with the bar code which the 666 is implamented in the the code.

        • Matthew 24:29-31 shows us that the rapture occurs after the tribulation. The mark of the beast is issued during the tribulation. So the rapture will occur after the mark of the beast has already been issued.

  45. There is so much talk of this malachy prophecy but I would no more put stock in that than I would Nostradamus or any other secular prophecy……Hal Lindsey and the likes would do best to stick to what the bible teaches and focus on that. I don’t think it’s relevant or proof of malachy’s prophecy that Peter Turkson’s name is “Peter”….in fact, they USUALLY change the name of the last pope once he’s elected. Remember, Benedict was Ratzinger not long ago…..However, read up on Peter Turkson on Wikipedia…..He has supported a pro-muslim video, is laxed against homosexuality, calls for ONE bank for the world, and calls for “one political authority figure” over the world. These are quotes from the man himself that can be found on Wikipedia. As an astute and attentive student of bible prophecy, I would say if the next pope is to be the false prophet (he will NOT be antichrist) ……Turkson is a likely candidate.

    • Get a better source than Wiki….those links can be editied by anyone that knows how to type etc. Look for a .org or .edu or .gov site if you want a real source!

  46. It’s funny how both Bro. Baxter And Hal Lindsey both talk about the prophecies of St. Malachy these two men might not agree on everything but they are both talking like the next pope could be the last.

  47. Didn’t St Malachy’s prophecy mean from Pope Celestine in 1143 to the last pope – in other words count from that pope to the last? Would the African cardinal fit that description Peter the Roman OR could it be an Italian pope that chooses the name Peter? I watch Irwin Baxter every week – he is so gifted in the holy spirit – prophecy is unfolding so fast – I observe these days evil is called good and good called evil – Jesus help us to stand.

  48. How can the mark of the beast be an ID card? After reading Revelation 13:16-17, I see it as being a mark that is permanent such as a tattoo. Can i get some feedback?

      • how many times will they accuse you of this same thing. Reading through the comments you have had to address this many times over. Can people maybe read through the comments before stating the same accusation that Derrick has had to correct over and over again. LET’S SAY IT TOGETHER NOW: HE SAID ID CARD LOOKS LIKE A PRECURSOR TO THE ACTUALLY MARK THAT IS TO COME AND NOT THE MARK IT’S SELF.

        If they have all of our info in one database with this ID Card, that the whole planet will have to have, it will be easy for them to step up and say “ok we are upgrading from a card to a mark on your skin. This mark will let us know you can buy sale or trade and you wont have to worry about keeping up with your card we can just scan your mark and that will give us your info and payment.” There will probably be scanners all over the place so it will be easy for them to exclude those who don’t have it or hunt someone down accused of a crime. You’ll have to scan to get in school, scan to enter buildings, scan to get into work, they can have cameras that automatically scan people walking down a sidewalk and if it scans a wanted person it would set off an alarm at Homeland Security and they’ll be on you in minutes. They will totally have control of people…but not me I’m God’s child, I’m the bride of Christ. The Creator of the universe has my back. Though a man may take my life he will never be able to my soul. I belong to Jesus!!!!

  49. Dear Irwin,
    Regarding the mark of the beast, where in the Bible did you read the mark of the beast described as a card? The Bible clearly states in Revelation 13:16-17 “He forced everyone…to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, (17) so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, WHICH IS THE NAME OF THE BEAST OR THE NUMBER OF HIS NAME.” God gave us a clear description of the mark in these verses. This mark could possibly be a permanent tattoo or a permanent branding of the skin. An ID card is not a mark. My NIV study bible indicates satan’s mark is used to mock God’s seal on his followers.

    • I know you are referencing your own bible but I beg everyone to read the original King James Version for reasons such as this the differences in translation are not good. In the original KJV it specificaly says in the right hand and in the forehead were as many other “new” translations such as NIV have decided to change this for what ever reasons amongst many more things. This changes the whole game of the idea of the mark and what it could be something we need to be vigilant and informed about so just make sure you are getting the correct source.

  50. Lord help us all see the truth in the world. I see the signs and I know we all do even if some deny the fact that this is really happening. Lord please remove the veil from our eyes so we can see the truth and prepare, strengthen us to withstand what we must endure. We humbly await your return. Amen.

    • Well said in deed. WOuldn’t it be great if everyone could have this attitude and put all these unanswered questions to the Holy Family? They will give you all the answers if you trust in them and truly believe in them. They find ways through dreams to show you the way, through meditation and prayer. Instinct and unfortunately, through the lessons of our suffering. We grow, we become deeper in love with the Holy Family if we can truly believe they are real. If you can…pray in every spare moment of your day. Good or bad…just pray and offer love to everyone. No need to preach…just love. Amen and Peace to you.

    • Regarding the mark of the beast, how does Irwin come up with an ID card? Revelation 13:16-17 says its a mark. It could be a tattoo or a branding like they did with the slaves. Feedback appreciated.

  51. As we in the Body Of Christ see the events all around the world unfolding, it is definitely time for us to get closer to the lord in these days & be prepared to hear the small still voice of the lord so He can use as vital instruments to bring in the great harvest of souls in these last days. Time is running out. Jesus is definitely coming very, very soon. Pleases hold on to your faith & keep your eyes on the lord & His word.


    • If indeed the next pope is the antichrist, I would think he will be very similar to “0″ . Very smart, witty, charismatic. He might be even more popular and well liked than “0″ and people will definitely worship him even more so. At first he will be some super charismatic awesome leader, but over time begin to show his true side (yes unfortunately a little like “0″, which I haven’t counted out yet either)

  53. How will we know who the antichrist is and how do I get my family prepared, they believe in god but they are still blinded by the flesh world … Plz give me some advice

    • Just continue the good things you do and invoke to your family members that Jesus is our Lord and Savior and there is no other. Read the Bible as much as you can, daily, hourly, etc. Hang on to it, it has all the answers on how you can “save” your family. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one can save you but Him.

    • The Bible tells us in Daniel 9 that he will cause the abomination of desolation half way through the final seven years. So when you see the sacrifices stop, that will be him. God bless.

  54. Am I correct in understanding (from other sources) that Islam believes that their “messiah”, the Mahdi will come during a time of great upheaval? I believe they feel that when the Mahdi comes, Jesus will come back with him (apparently to show Christians how they have it all wrong).
    I guess my question is how does the Islamic Mahdi fit into all this? Could he be the false prophet, or at least somehow involved in the end times deception? Thank you for your time.

  55. I have attended the Catholic Church for nearly 20 years (I married a Catholic) and find Brother Baxter’s papal viewpoint difficult to accept. While I would not dispute the role the Vatican will likely play in the coming New World Order, I find it unlikely that Catholics will accept some teachings that would have to take place if the Pope were the false prophet. You must understand the the Catholic religion is a very conservative one and Catholics adhere to their beliefs. St. Malachy did predict that Petrus the Romanus would be the last pope and the city on 7 hills would be destroyed he did not predict that the 112th pope would be an evil pope. He predicted that he will nourish his flock through many tribulations. On Jan 11, 2013, Hal Lindsey presented a much more acceptable take on the role of the 112th Pope in the coming New World Order. Even though we all can see that Biblical prophecies are being realized, we must be cautious of what we assume will take place so we do not become blinded. It is possible that the Vatican will aid the false prophet and the antichrist rise to power, but in the end may turn on them (back to God) thus leading to the destruction Rome and the Church.

    • But the destruction of Rome and the Roman Catholic Church is described as a punishment (Revelation 18:4,5), and God’s people are called to “Come out of her………….and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Of course there are true Christians in the RCC, just as there are true Christians in all of the seven Churches. And for the church Philadelphia which “hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.” (Revelation 3:10)

    • If you know this about the Catholic church, why are you still a part of it? I would think you would want to flee from this false religion?

    • The Roman Catholic Church is the Whore Of Babylon mentioned in Revelation 17, a false religious system originated from Babylonian Mysticism ( practices, beliefs and doctrines that contradicts the Bible), it is a counterfeit Christianity.

  56. When the third temple is built will the Dome of the Rock have to be moved or not? Also i do not believe that the U.S is the only Nation the could kill one third of mankind, because of nuclear bombs. Russia the mother land and Iran working together could kill over two billion people. One nuclear bomb if place in the right spot could wipe out over a million people; not counting the after math.

    • Read Ezekiel, it tells us that God Himself is going to destroy 84% of the armies that come against Israel. Mankind will NOT be able to destroy Israel because God is watching over His chosen people.

    • We do not know if the dome will be moved, but the land will be shared. And you are correct, there are other nations that could potentially kill off 1/3 of the human population. God bless.

  57. Irvin states that the next Pope will be the 112th and possibly the final pope. I’m not arguing with his knowledge on the Bible or his predictions, but I have more of a question on the information I find when researching how many men have served in the papacy.??

    The first pope of the Catholic Church was St. Peter, the apostle.

    Since then, there have been a total of 266 popes in a continuous line of apostolic succession spanning almost 2000 years. The current pope (#266) is Benedict XVI. (FYI, if you find discrepancies in this official number sometimes, it’s because there have actually been 264 popes but 266 pontificates. Pope Benedict IX served multiple times, but with interruptions. So depending on how you count that, the number may vary.)

    An entire list of the popes can be found here.

  58. Thank you so much for preaching the truth of the end times. The Lord had showed me that the rapture isn’t going to be pre-trib. All my Christian friends believed otherwise. When you explained it I knew that it was truly the Lord that told me that. God bless you brother Baxter! You are loved and appreciated so much! It’s exciting and we just have to trust the Lord to get us through whatever lies ahead.

  59. The short answer is that Peter the Roman will be the next pope (the false prophet). But caution is in order such that he my not take on that role from day one. He could be pope for years before his real identity is revealed. Besides, the international media is demanding a non white, non Eurpoean be appointed.

  60. I watch your show on DayStar, and will watch with great anticipation to see if you discuss the Pope and it’s implications on our (near) future! God’s richest blessings on you and your efforts!
    Liz Vickery, Blairsville, GA

  61. A question along a bit different line. If WWIII is to kill 1/3 of the earth’s population, and the Mark of the Beast would follow sometime after that, would there not be a great disruption in technology to make administration of the Mark much more difficult? Thanks for any response.

  62. I totaly agree, very intresting times ahead. Let we do’nt stop praying to be be part of the wise virgins!!!!!

  63. After reading through the whole article ‘am short of words, the Bible prophecies have not been easy to understood but with this saint of God’s teaching ‘am blessed & I thank God for his life. Brother Baxter thank you for making yourself available to God for this generation.

  64. I urge everyone to get the 14 DVD series, You will be so glad that you did !! They are going to be priceless to have , You are going to need them in order to instruct your family in the days to come. God raised this man of God up for this hour, I am talking about Irvin Baxter. I have never seen a man any more ordained to teach the real truth of the Bible in my life !! God bless you Bro Baxter !!

  65. All we have to do is turn on the News and sit there and be amazed at just how many prophecies are being ful-filled. All the technology is available; they put into our animals so we can find them if they get lost. However, the chips will be implanted so Big Brother will know where we are at all times, and decide if we can, or cannot buy or sell. It’s only a matter of time, but we need not worry; we know how the story ends with Satan boughing down to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and then being cast into hell. We must remember to let God be in control of our lives and trust Him to take care of His children and make a way out of this situation. Life is unfair, but our God is good, and He is faithful to His promises. Praise the Lord from Whom all blessing flow.

  66. Rev 11:19 Talking about the ark of his testament being seen in heaven. Is this the Ark of the Covenant ?? Is this why that the Ark of the Covenant has never been found on earth ??

  67. I am listening to “Coast To Coast” radio, on which Irvin has been a guest. They are dissecting St. Malachi’s prophecy, as well as little known rabbinical prophecy, and if this is ushering in the end times of revelation. I would love to hear Irvin expound on thier program and what we need to look for in the next few months, in regard to the next Pope, whether there are signs that this is the final pope ( if this prophecy is as credible as they claim about the 112 pope being evil, etc.) ?
    ALSO-If so, how do we prepare our teens and friends, who are in emergent churches, have not had deep biblical teaching, etc. and may not recognize the signs?

  68. Real ID Act Introduced in the House of Representatives as H.R. 418 by Jim Sensenbrenner on January 26, 2005 Signed into law by President George W. Bush on May 11, 2005

  69. Hal Lindsey just announced today on his website that the prophecy of Malachi says the next and last Pope (112th Pope), will be called Peter the Roman. Interesting to see if this comes to pass. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Charles, I watch the news this morning and they are trying to find a right pope to control the catholics but many of those who think it may be Peter the Roman as a false prophet who will be side to the Anti-Christ? As you know that the Union Nation is working on to get someone who can control the financially system in the world…Next and last Pope could be a false prophet and he will be waiting for the Anti-Christ to show up and work with him…So I suggest to anyone who reads this, should not be worrying about as our true God is with us and leads us to tell others about Him before His time is up…God bless you.

    • I worked with a precious Catholic lady, and she told me that the next Pope will be the last, according to the Catholic Bible. Prophecy is at our door knocking, and it will happen whether or not any of us are ready. All we can do is study/read our Bible to know that prophecy is being fulfilled at a very rapid pace. We must remember to keep our family members in our prayers. God will not tarry much longer. God bless each and everyone of His children as they witness to others.

  70. Very interesting and I totally believe in this interpretation of the bible.
    Make me more determine and pray earnestly for those of my family who are not yet saved.

  71. This announcement of the Pope resigning just made all that Irving Baxter has been teaching a little more real. This last segment on the reborn of the New Roman Empire was interesting and then when I heard the news about the Pope it just brought everything into today and now.

    • Bill in Texas, you are correct in believing leaving will be soon. We must stayed prayed up to go up, but while we are still hear, we need to be studying God’s word so we are not surprised when we see these things happening. The Bible tells us not to be ignorant in what goes on around us.

  72. What should we watch for in the selection of a new pope after the resignation of the present one that happened today? Acording to your studies, he should be the last pope. From where will he come and what name will he choose?

  73. Forgot to mention. The book Petrus Romanus states that This was based off of the Saint Maliki Prophecy. The Prophecy of the Popes. The book states that the name of the next Pope in succession will be known as Peter The Roman and he may have the name of Pious or Pioux something like that!!!

  74. Just saw this now posted in my email from endtime ministries. So I had to leave a comment!!! I just wanted to inform you all of a book I just finished reading about a month ago. The book is called: The Final Pope Is Here. “PETRUS ROMANUS” by Thomas Horn and Chris Putnam. This book explains a whole lot of what Irvin has been explaining in a lot of episode teachings he has done. When I read the book and started reading almost word for word what Irvin has stated. I just got goosebumps. It is very wonderous how the Holy Spirit works, reviels, and inspires things threw us to others. I’am so glad that Jesus Christ has choosen Irvin to be our teacher!!! This also is a book that I recommend!!! It is a must read!!!

  75. After listening to Brother Baxter’s broadcast today on the resignation of the Pope, I did some research on Peter Turkson, one of the cardinals being mentioned as a replacement. I found a HIGHLY revealing speech that Cardinal Turkson authored and delivered at a conference in 2011. PLEASE READ this, as it gives a very chilling insight into the philosophy of the end-time coalition of economic/political/spiritual global power: http://www.news.va/en/news/full-text-note-on-financial-reform-from-the-pontif

  76. With Pope Benedict stepping down, we should look for the next Pope, Peter the Roman… I think we are standing right at the entrance to the Tribulation!

  77. According to St. Malachi, the last pope and false prophet will go under the name of Peter the Roman. This doesn’t mean that after Benedict that the next pope will be Peter the Roman, there could be popes between Benedict and him. I don’t believe there is enough time to have many more popes, especially if we are the generation to be raptured. I’m 69 years old and I believe this will happen in my life time.

  78. can we expect any NEW shows…..I hunger for more information and we have so much happening so fast…. It would be great to have updates on where we might be in this exciting process…… I LOVE this show I have learned so much!

  79. Irvin- thank you for your insights and for the excellent DVDs! We were asleep as Christians before we saw your programs…The greatest tool the Devil has is telling people -even Christians_ “Oh, that book of Revelation is too hard to understand- a mystery- and far off”…and people are doing the same as they did in Noah’s time-eating, marrying, going to ball games, and not “getting thine house in order”…thank you for your excellent works with the Holy Spirit leading…

  80. Have always believed that the church would be here during the tribulation and our associate pastor has while teaching on the Gospel of the Kingdom spoke of Matt. 13 with the wheat and the tares and that Jesus teaches a post trib rapture. I was gratful to receive so much scripture from your teaching on the rapture. With the coming of the mark of the beast and so much economic control and WWIII approaching, how can we as the body of Christ prepare? I keep asking the Lord and right now I have only gotten the just shall live by faith and that he who seeks to save his life will lose it and he who will lose it will save it.

  81. I know we are all excited with the news, but I would like to encourage believers to stick to God’s word and not worry about other predictions. As the time draws closer, I think our excitement may give way to a bit of anxiety. We will need to pray for strength as the days become more evil, and most importantly, pray for the souls of the lost.

    • You are so correct,we need to stay the course and continue to minister to the lost as normal and when its time its time.But dont slack off .god bless

    • Amen to that!! We can make a religion out of just bible prophesy if we are not careful. We need to keep looking up at God! We need to keep strong in faith and keep praying and worshiping!!

  82. Brothers and sisters please check out danielstimeline.com and consider , I have listened to Irvin for years and Thank The Lord for the attention he draws to the cause, so please consider the above link.

  83. Here is what I have heard a year or so ago..If it’s the last Pope his name will be Peter Romana, or Romano. I have also heard that they change one or more of their names when they become Pope..There is one that may be in the running and his first name is Peter..So we shall see. I did hear he will completely change the Catholic Church, and will be the False Prophet..I don’t think it will happen right off the bat, but who knows..We shall see our King Jesus soon..

  84. how is it possible to have a world wide functioning computer system when a third of mankind has been destroyed in a nuclear war with one third of the system infrastructure????

  85. I’ve been studying Revelation, Daniel AND the words of Jesus regarding the end times. There are a couple of things that I believe still need to be fulfilled. One, the Gospel must be PUBLISHED in all nations. (There are new tribes still being discovered in South America and Africa, people who have never heard of Jesus.) Two, the Temple needs to be rebuilt. Everything is in place for that, the Israeli’s are simply waiting for the right time. They do know where the original Ark of the Covenant is, they have it in their possession in a secret place.

    I find it very interesting that Malchy’s prophecies seem to be lining up with the Biblical prophecies regarding the destruction of Rome. I know the Bible is the final authority, but I also believe that God is highly capable of giving others divine revelation as well. Malachy was correct regarding the 111 popes, I see little reason (beyond it is not in the Bible) to think he won’t be correct regarding the 112th pope.

    The Holy Spirit has been showing many people across the world that we are nearing the end OF THIS AGE. (Not the end of the world yet, there has to be the thousand year reign of Messiah.) I believe that God is showing His people that we need to truly be prepared for the worsening of the troubles to come.

    Thank you for making these studies so easy to understand. Blessings to you!

  86. Dear Sir,
    Thanks very much for your hardwork and giving everybody a big call to study Bible deeply so they can understand and explain it to others as well. May God Bless everybody with Anointing of Holy Spirit for any kind of circumstances. May God Bless Mr. Irvin and his team abundantly.

  87. There is a prophesy that the false prophet will take the name Peter. This prophesy comes does not come from the Bible but rather from the Catholic prophet St. Malachy (as Derrick Weeks has so wisely stated).

    The interesting thing is that the last of these prophecies concerns the end of the world and is as follows: “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End.” It has been noticed concerning Petrus Romanus, who according to St. Malachy’s list is to be the last pope, that the prophecy does not say that no popes will intervene between him and his predecessor designated Gloria olivæ. It merely says that he is to be the last, so that we may suppose as many popes as we please before “Peter the Roman”.

  88. It is said in the bible that the Pope who lasts the shortest in papacy, will be followed by the antichrist. Just today, Pope Benidict XVI resigned, making it the shortest papacy in 4000 years. Are these major signs? Is this the sign that the next Pope will be the False prophet?

  89. Seems as though everything we have always heard is very quickly falling into place. Both interesting and also scary. I am thankful to be in the arms of Jesus, my Savior.

  90. Thank you End Time Ministries for continually holding God’s Word before us and repeately declaring what is Biblically correct and what is not, what is from the Bible and what is from man. It is only from God’s Word, the Bible, that we will find truth. It is our plumb line and we measure all that is written and said against it to determine truth. Bless you!

  91. If the real I D card is indeed a card that we carry is it the mark of the beast as the bible says we will take it on the hand or forehead?

  92. u r indeed a code breaker irvin.And may God continue to use u. ur explanations has been so educating and highly enlightening.i used to b confused about the endtime but now hearing these explanations has so lifted my spirit and giving me a great deal of hope

  93. I have a question about the tribulation. In the Bible, where does it say that the church will be there during it, and if it does, why it can’t be new members of the body of Christ, not taken in the rapture? In my opinion, it would not make sense to take us up, just to take us back down for Armageddon. As a pre-triber, I don’t want to be on this Earth when the tribulation occurs. Of coarse, it isn’t as big of a matter as long as we all remain in faith and in God’s grace.

  94. I am a bit confused abotu this National ID. How can we be sure this is the Mark of the Beast? I mean if get a National ID number and we don’t know its the Mark of the Beast will we be destined for hell? What if the Social Security Number was the Mark of the Beast…then everyone who hase a SSN (or their countries equivilent) took the Mark of the Beast unknowingly. I really don’t think God would deceive us like that. I mean you can’t do anything in the U.S. without a SSN…so who knows…our SSN could be the Mark…

  95. This is an awesome time we are living in for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ….I do believe it will be very soon as all the signs are being fulfilled fast…… Bro. Baxter i been listening to your ministry and now watching on tv when can too and you are right on the scriptures with the signs of the time of rapture….

  96. I also watch your show every week and I have learned so much. I try to share with others. There are
    so many skeptics in the world even the people in my church do not want to hear…..

    • The RFID is a precursor to the mark, not the actual one itself. As for Obama being the antichrist, we do not believe he is. Clues pertaining to the antichrist that he has not fulfilled are, being from the Holy Roman Empire, coming out of a ten nation alliance, and uprooting three nations. God bless.

  97. Our church has been studying your End Times DVD’s in our small group sessions. I thought I had a good handle on end time prophesies, but your simple manner of teaching and showing has taught us all a lot. We believe the end is near. Waiting to hear what you share today.

  98. Go into all the world and preach the good news- folks-its time to get past fear, laziness and selfishness. If it is true that in the next few years this whole thing wraps up, then what are you waiting for??? There are young teenagers without any direction in life, college students wondering if the big bang is all there is, and many “religious people” thinking by their goodness, goodworks, (self righteousness) they will be accepted by God. how can you take a couple hours/wk to go out to a park, the beach, your neighbor, a baseball game and ask people how they feel about God-if they know Him, and let the Holy Spirit take it thru u from there. Finish strong my friends-walk by true faith and not by sight/intellect alone! God bless

  99. Derrick, I agreed with what you were saying…I study alot of things about end times, see that there are so many events in this world. I believe that Jesus Christ is coming soon, can’t say when or what dates but you see there are terrible to come on daily basis. I think more likely that there will be a false prophet to go in after the pope step down. Also the verichip are already spread the world, no matter what the people will say it is just information in the verichip but it is “Mark of the Beast” even though the people don’t understand what is it mean…some already got it. However, I hope someone will wake up and see the truth and turn her/his life to the Lord before it’s too late…We are in this place right now that His time is almost finish! Thank you and God bless you

  100. Derrick Weeks thank you for keeping the difference between Bible prophecy and others clear. We will see as it unfolds. Thanks to the diligence of all here and the Holy Spirit we will know. Again thank you.

  101. Interesting that today the Pope resigned (02/11/13). I’m reminded of the Prophecy of the Popes, attributed to Saint Malachy, who wrote, “112 Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end. We’re down to the last one. Wow.

  102. Would just like to say irvin that i watch
    and study your show every week. i feel
    the Lord is guiding your teachings to
    keep us beleivers aware. i want you to
    know i pray for you and your teachings
    so that the rest of the world will soon
    beleive and except CHRIST JESUS. i wil
    continue to pray for you and your show.
    Thank you my Brother. GOD bless

  103. I really don’t mind about being pre or post since I’m ready at all times. Pre trib and post trib are both convincing arguments and we’ll see at the end who was right

    • i think it will be pre-trib, because in Revelations it talks about the church of Philadelphia, which will be kept from the hour of trial that will come upon the WHOLE WORLD.
      the only event that fits that is the CATCHING AWAY (Rapture).

  104. Totally agree that it is. This new pope they are talking about was born in the same year as the rebirth of Israel, that is not a coincidence. It is a sign to Christians and the world to wake up- it’s coming! I believe I hear some spiritual trumpets blowing people!! :)

  105. Mr. Baxter, I really do get a lot from your teachings and I thank you for your faithfulness to Jesus. I would really like more info on the pope’s role…. And what therir names meen, ect…

    • As for the role of the pope, they make and decree rules for the catholic church. As for their role in the end times, the final pope will be the false prophet that will work with the antichrist. God bless.

  106. Dear Sir,
    I am a student of the Bible. I am interested in the study of eschatology, especially in relation to the antichrist and the. Second Coming of the LORD.

    Can you recommend authentic books that have dealt with this and websites too. Thanks. Emmanuel

  107. Since the pope resigns Feb. 28, 2013. Noticed 4 Italians and 1 from Ghana whose name is Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson on the list for possible pope. Interesting times.

    • Hey Connie, Hal Lindsey just announced that the prophecy of Malachi says the next and last Pope (112th Pope), will be called Peter the Roman. Interesting to see if this comes to pass.

  108. That prophesy about the last Pope is soon to be fulfilled! The next nominee favorited to replace is Peter Kodwo Appiah. Prepare and brace yourselves! The end is clearly upon us!

  109. In light of the news today that the Pope is resigning the end of this month, is it correct to believe the new Pope will be the False Prophet?

  110. the news this morning is interesting and most people will not understand the relevancy. Will Pope Benedict XVI announcement of his retirement usher in the last pope, Petrus Romanus?

  111. i believe the church is leaving this earth soon. the next false prophet is at the door, especially when todays pope bendict is resigning feb 28 in todays breaking news. get ready god willing we are out of here, so jesus sound trumpet quickly. god bless you all and get ready…….

  112. The Pope announced today that he will resign 2/28/2013. Now what? According to Malachy and Nostradamus, his replacement will be the final Pope and the False Prophet.

  113. With the unexpected announcement this morning that Pope Benedict is resigning later this month, we shall soon see if the next pope will be the last one. The 112th prophesy states: “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Petrus Romanus, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End.”

    Already Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson is being mentioned as a possible replacement.

  114. What I am waiting to see is the actual building of the temple…when this happens…then I KNOW we will be heading for the final trials…
    Then we will see the antichrist and false prophet…

    • I do not think the anti christ or false prophet can be revealed until Jesus returns for the church??? Holy Spirit filled men and women would know this person and warn the world. The anti christ cannot achieve his power from satan until the Holy Spirit is removed from the face of the earth.

      • Jesus says in Matthew 24:29-31 that the rapture will occur after the tribulation. The tribulation is the wrath of Satan, Revelation 12:12. Daniel 9 says the antichrist will be revealed half way through the final seven years. We will know who he is. God bless.

  115. I enjoy all the info that I get from you. It makes more sense and the pieces fit.
    I do have a question, in Rev12:17 the word offspring is used at the end of this alligory. The same
    Greek word is used in Acts 17:28-29 in reference to Gentile. Isn’t this the same as the church, believers, & brothers (sisters) etc

  116. I do believe we are standing at the door, and need to speak loud and lovingly for and about Jesus. And of course the Mark of the Beast will be in one’s right hand or forehead, as spoken in the Bible. Those not taken in The Rapture will have to endure to the end, and then be saved.

      • Could you survive WWIII and the battle of Armageddon in to the millennial reign of christ? Yes, you could. That does not make you saved. In order to be saved you must be born again. Act 2:38 teaches what it means to be Biblically born again. God bless.

    • The Bible actually teaches that we, the church, will be here during the administering of the mark of the beast. Jesus then goes on to teach that the rapture will take place after the tribulation, Matthew 24:29-31. God bless.

      • I do believe Matt 24:31 says And He will send His angels with a great soundof a trumpet,and they will gather togeather His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. NKJV Sounds to me the rapture already happened & He is comming back with His saints.

  117. saw on H2 channel about prophecy of a bishop that said there would be a certain number of popes, we are on the next to last…any input? can’t remember his name. think he was Irish, a known person who functioned in the gift of prophecy

    • Sherry, as of today, 2/11/13, we are awaiting the final pope, identified by St. Malachy in his prophecy as Peter the Roman, who many believe will be the False Prophet of Biblical prophecy. Such an unusual occurrence as a Pope resigning his position of power and authority may give credence to this theory, as it speaks of monumental power games behind the scenes. We are all left to wonder why this would happen, and only the future will make things more clear. Exciting times! For all students of Bible prophecy, this is a very important occurrence, and another reminder that we are so close to reunion with our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ…what a time of rejoicing and bold outreach this should be for all of us! As John said in Revelation 22:20, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

  118. Have a good day Rev. Baxter,I was so blessed by your prophetic teaching about the 7th year tribulation and the second coming of the Lord.In your teaching about the great tribulation will happen upon the appearance of the anti Christ in the Temple mount.In my own understanding great tribulation will.start during WW3 before the building on the Temple.Could you imagine 2.2 billion deaths,for me it’s great tribulation.
    Thanks a lot!

  119. you all going to be stnned the next pope will come out of america william branham vinddicated prophet thus saith the lor never ever wrong . consult the history books . america is building the image to the beast an will give its military might unto rome like with the first pope .the threat never was communisim it is roman catholicosim its always been false religion it began with cain.that old serpent has woundd and twisted its self right up to toay . the bible says the antichrist sits in the temple of god showing that he is god thats the pope not a president . pope claims powers from god the status of god on earth. . satin said ill acent the sides of the north they will come and worship before me he said its always been false religion . jesus warned us of what communists ? no false teachers like in eaden .wake up and read the word of god .

  120. The false prophet will be one who is elected who has apostasized from the faith. The Novus Ordo is leading catholics into the one world church of antichrist. Those who remain faithful to Catholic Tradition will be a small remnant. The real pope will have to leave the Vatican and flee which was foretold by St Pius X.

  121. Isn’t he going to call himself Peter Romanus. I believe an evangelist in New Orleans was talking about it this summer when he came to First UPC NOLA.

  122. If nothing happens in the middle-east within the next tree years, then next pope and the next US president or the new UNSG will fulfill Rev.13 starting around 2016

  123. There will be only one more Pope. In the Vatican, there is a mantle of profiles of every Pope. There is only one more profile dish to be imbossed. Also what the majority of people in the U.S.A. donot know is; the C.I.A. and the N.S.A have already a Third Generation Chip to Mark You with, based on your D.N.A. When the car industry had Cash for Clunker’s; it was a deceptive way of crushing old car’s with no “On-Star” to car’s with “On-Star” that can be tracked. One last thing; the Geo-Eye II satilite can find you within three square feet.

  124. What are you thoughts on the day of Jesus Christ, is Paul referring to the rapture of the church? Through the burial, death and ressurection of Jesus Christ we are no longer under law but under grace. Those who are in Christ will be taken up with Jesus Christ in the air before the tribulation/

  125. could one look at isaiah chapters one thru chapters thirty-five and see the endtime. notice this is a vision. also notice the terms isles of the world and nations of the world. notice that damascus becomes no more or is taken away. notice the burden of damascus; egypt; and other places. one also recall a comment that history can repeat its self. one sees a lot of things in the news that makes one wonder about the significants of current events and the facts in these chapters. one asks that these thoughts be looked at with open mind and heart with prayer. appreciate your comment. thank you for your time well spend in bring ENDTIME to real life in this time.

  126. This is serious… We ar too near to the reign of antichrist. Those who ar not born again need CHRIST now (I am included)… How would one be ready?

  127. It’s time for the body of Christ to get off the fence and get real with God.
    We are in the end times and we need to be prepared.
    Jesus said in Revelation 3:16 “So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.” I want to be Hot. How about you?

    • but how do we pull the peoples head out of the sand.when they don’t want to hear or do anything .even some of the people in church appears asleep so to speak.you ask them how was the service and they just say oh it was good but when asked what was it about they go uggg uggg i can’t remember.

      • I feel your pain as well… sadly God did tell us this would happen…. that people would not want to hear. The name of Jesus has been made into a joke, and for many Christians it’s just a comfortable label to wear. You are are correct, we need a fit lit under our feet!!! Lets get going, and light others’ fires!