September 4, 2012
The Prophetic Future of the United States

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  1. Ancient Rome went to Russia when Caesar became Kaiser. So is Russia the real eagle? We all know England is the lion & China the Dragon, so what is the USA? The grizzly Bear? Science identified ‘ the end of time’ yonks ago, when it found that time does not stop but actually ceases to exist for anything moving at the speed of light – hence ‘end of time’ has empiric science reality, even for any atheists who might be dismissive of things written in The Bible. And what about the billion or more people in India? They be the Tiger? As to ‘the snake’; can’t we all guess that was Eve’s ‘Enlightenment’ against God’s advice when it (that be Adam?) responded to her ‘apples’? It’s hard to believe all living things grew fins, fur and feathers after a couple of lifeless molecules in a slimy swamp accidently bumped into each other billions of years ago, so surely some sort of Intelligence did ingest life into primitive clay. No? If not every entity ever since must all be accidents – or do we all credit accidents for cooking dinner? You heard about the UFO that landed on the lawn outside the King’s palace? The king met the intergalactic diplomat and asked how things were way out beyond the Milky Way. The diplomat said: “Well until about 2,000 years ago our world was full of wars, pestilence, plagues & famines, until this weird bearded fellow turned up and suggested we adopt different ways of living like ‘ do unto others’ etc. so we all did and everything changed. Now it’s all peace and equanimity and each year he comes back and we all celebrate his birthday with on-going joy and genuine love. Why ? How are things in your kingdom?” The king replied: “Well sadly we have all the wars and pestilence you said used to happen in your galaxy.” To which the diplomat replied : ” What a shame that bearded chap didn’t come to your world.” The King replied: ” Well actually he did just that about 2,000 years ago.” ” REALLY?” asked the diplomat; ” And how did you all get on with him – did he have a good time while he was here?”

  2. it may be, or may not be the united states only God knows for sure. but one thing we know, united states is not the same, as a nation, is not a nation the honor God anymore, is more Sodom and Gomorrah, so what united states need is repentance and turn away from so much sins and unholiness. (Jeremiah 18:7-10 7 If at any time I declare concerning a nation or a kingdom, that I will pluck up and break down and destroy it, 8 and if that nation, concerning which I have spoken, turns from its evil, I will repent of the evil that I intended to do to it. 9 And if at any time I declare concerning a nation or a kingdom that I will build and plant it, 10 and if it does evil in my sight, not listening to my voice, then I will repent of the good which I had intended to do to it.

  3. Well maybe we have enough followers of Christ left in the United States for God to protect us. i think of Lot and his family. I believe in pre-tribulation rapture. Just saw this tonight that Russia has a plane called Bear and long range Russian patrols have increased drastically around the Japanese islands and Korea. They even flew around California and jammed our LAX air control unintentionally, and around Guam. Not a good sign, and I also read they are calling themselves and referring to the Soviet Union again. We are not to know the day or hour but we are to know the season and be watchful. God said when you see the beginning of these things…look up your redemption is we will most likely not see some of the things that are going to happen right before the tribulation even according to some pastors. Exciting times. May our Lord Jesus come soon. Here is a link to the news story I am referring to.

  4. There is a lot of chatter about the Last Days, We as christians need to be like the noble Berueans and go to the Scriptures and see if these things are true. No one but God knows when we will be taken out of this world our Job is to Wait on the Lord and Watch. The United States of America is still the nation that is called after his name. We need to prayerfully reach all for the Lord that we can.

  5. I read an article yesterday that states that Russia is the only country in the world that could cause the US to be radioactive ash. Obama is weakening the US military. Could it be that the wings of the Great Eagle in Revatation is the Lord God Almighty and the US has been destroyed?

  6. Not sure what the position of America will be in the end. But the direction we are moving, sounds like we are mystery Babylon. Our nation is leading the world with the homosexual agenda. Gay marriage, abortion, filth out of Hollywood. Also our country has turned its back on Israel, our president wants to divide the land that was given to them, I think we all know how that will work out. Not good. I think America will feel GODS wrath for her evil deeds

  7. I heard one that the US’a military will be depleted in the end times & won’t be able to help Israel be cuz of this. Could what we’re seeing now with Hagel taking our troops down to WW1 stats be the beginning of the end of our great military???

  8. First of all, a great thank you and praise to God, our Father, for End Time Ministries and their devotion to revealing God’s will in these last days! My husband and I are considering the idea of how America is under attack and we want to know more about the miracle healing that one of the heads of the beast gives to itself. Is that possibly a scripture to relate to the US being seemingly destroyed, only to have patriot Christians rise back up and revive the idea of America? We are interested in this aspect and all the pieces that fit in with this prophetic outline. Thank you again, for your continued efforts. God’s Blessings to you.

  9. The bible says that when the first Wings were plucked off/more like torn off by God’s hands–the United States, which it may it stand up on two feet like a man, and a Man’s heart was given to it–Uncle Sam. those Eagle’s wings are representing all three the first great peril which is the American Revolutionary war along with the signing of the Declaration of Independence which took place on the 7th month of July 4th 1776–Daniel verse 7; 4. but move onto the second Eagle, the Great Eagle from Revelations verse 12; 14. the third great peril from Washington’s vision is representing that exact prophecy from the Bible so there is hope for America, more hope then any other nation on earth

  10. Pray for God’s second chosen nation–the U.S.A.; the end is coming right away…, i don’t know how long? but Jesus Christ will defend Israel and America from the wrath of the Antichrist, because the World Government will place economic sanctions on Israel and America–all 56 states and really mean all 56 states of the union to the “North of the soon former border”, will be Israel’s only best friend in the world

  11. My bible study group has been studying Daniel. We are at Daniel 7 and are trying to do research on the 4 beasts. As to who it is referring to and how the United States factors into this time. Just basically about the beasts.

  12. An eagle is an eagle is an eagle…why wouldn’t the eagle of Revelation be the US as it is in Daniel?
    Regardless of our feelings, we must continue to lift our President and leaders up in prayer daily. Not doing this is disobedience and it hinders the Lord.

  13. We as Christians have to have faith in Christ that he has a plan worked out. I don’t believe Obama is the antichrist. I believe that he is so liberal in wanting to please everyone that he does not seem to have any boundaries. I believe he has false illusions and thinks that everyone can live happily ever after. I do believe he is narcissistic in thinking that he is the cure for everything. I “think” that God has allowed this country of ours to be left to our sinfulness. God is leaving us to live in our sin to see how far we as a nation will fall before a great revival happens here. We have to pray daily for our country and for our elected officials. God can do anything and turn anyone away from his current life and views. I pray that some how we will rise up and believe that this nation is ONE NATION UNDER GOD and begin calling upon HIS name to forgive our sins and heal our nation. Please pray for this daily and God in HIS might compassion may hear our prayers. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  14. I do not believe Obama is the anti Christ. However I believe he is evil and is part of his plan. I also believe in the power of prayer and that God can change a man’s heart. We need to pray for Obama and that he opens his heart to God.

  15. Daniel 7:4.
    – lion = comes of British lion.
    – eagle’s wings = see the Great Seal of the United States.
    (remind Exodus 19:4.)
    U.S.A. support of Israel in the United Nations.
    – given a man’s heart = ELeanor Roosevelt – Human Rights
    The Name of the Creator is ELOHJIM.
    Genesis 35:12. Genesis 1:29 is the food for mankind.

  16. In my morning prayers I pray for many things… and have for many years… One of the things I pray is that the people of the United States of America will return to the principles and precepts upon which our great country was founded and that we will protect and defend the Peoples and the Nation of Israel. For this reason I lean toward the theory that the US will not become part of the one world order and that we will stand by Israel. However, I don’t loose sleep over it… I trust in God’s plan, whatever it may be!

  17. I cannot believe that America will be spared one inch after championing all disobedience against God. Find out from the BBC’s commentor who ran the innauguration commentry in 2008 of ur president who he really is.

  18. PLEASE PEOPLE! wake up…and QUIT blaming Obama for our troubles…HE IS NOT the ANTICHRIST! He is just a man TRYING to do a job that I bet NONE of you would or could do. Being a president in this day and time is very hard. He is trying…but when he get’s no help from Congress, or anyone else, then he has a problem.
    Remember, we are in the last days…and in these last days, we will be facing problems galore! and Obama is NOT the cause of this! it is greed, selfishness, and the prophetic words of Jesus in Mathew 24…
    and what’s been happening???? right on schedule…If Obama was the antichrist, then the temple had better hurry up and be built in te next 3 years…and before ww3…I am very disapointed in these unloving uneducated and thoughtless comments.

    • If Obama isn’t the Antichrist then he defiantly is a forunner leading to the man of sin. The fact is he is responsible for pushing this gay agenda, abortion, and many other godless deeds. He has mocked GOD on numerous occasions and even calls and praises those who come out of the closet. Ridiculous how so many don’t see him for what he is. GOD help us!

    • I don’t believe he’s the “Anti Christ” but he’s definitely not after my Heavenly Fathers heart. President Obama is for Homosexuality, Abortion & not for what my Father says is his way. America is suffering because of his presidency. God will prevail in spite of the damage this president & congress has done.

      • We must obey God… Pray pray pray whatis bound in Heaven shall be loosed on earth.. Pray that we loose the mighty armies of God in Heaven through the blood of Jesus to stand with Isreal and fight the good fight!

  19. This is why I was praying that brother’s and sister’s in the church would vote for our president using the Bible as a guide. Apparently they didn’t.

  20. Obama is one of many Anti-Christs, the term Anti-Christ means Against Christ. Obama is clearly against the teachings of Christ, with his views on abortion and homosexuality ect. There will be a World Leader Anti-Christ, but im not sure if that is Obama, but Obama is clearly one of many anti-christs.

  21. The messages that began to be relayed by the Blessed Virgin at Fatima said that before any end times, there would be a tribulation to punish the world for our terrible sins against God in the past century. She told us that what happened next would be conditional, depending on whether or not the world turned to God. Have hope, because God in His great mercy has given us self determination so that we may choose to avert the future if we turn back to Him. Pray for all the children of the Lord, that the Holy Spirit will enter them and they will choose to build a bright new world with the guidance of God.

  22. Brother Irvin;
    My husband and I have listened to you for years and believe as you believe. Is Obama the AntiChrist? I feel that he is, but my husband does not. Can you settle this question for us? Is someone else the Anti Christ or am I correct?

    • We do not believe that President Obama can be the Antichrist. The Bible shows the Antichrist coming up among ten kings in the reborn Holy Roman Empire. President Obama is not a part of the Holy Roman Empire so scripturally he cannot be the Antichrist. That is our view.

      • I agree completely. I have noticed a great awakening of God’s spirit in the People of America as Obama has caused definitive division. Biblically he does not fit to be the AC but he does have a mission and that may be to awaken Lost Sheep through his evil deeds and attempt to steal away our sovereignty.

  23. I don’t really know how to explain this and I don’t want to come across as weird but my children and I have had several prophetic dreams concerning the end times. I do believe that God has placed Obama in the position of presidency and I believe that hurricane Sandy had a part in it as well. My son heard the Holy Ghost speak to him a few days before the election and said that Obama was going to prevail once again and the hurricane was a part of the plan for this to happen. Now my son is 12 but he is filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus name. At first I just brushed it off but now I am 100% certain that God did speak to him thru the Holy Ghost. I am also 100% certain that Obama is the antichrist. It was given to me in a dream a few years ago where I saw Obama standing in the Holy Place, he immediately stopped all animal sacrifices and demanded for all people to worship him. I also saw how he began to persecute all of the Jews and Christians. At the moment I thought to myself, yeah right who is going to believe me but lately I have been feeling the need to share what I know. I believe it can save many people from being lead in the wrong direction. Also another warning came to my son from an angel in a dream. He saw a bomb that will take place soon. He was not given the date but it is going to happen in our lifetime. I am not trying to scare anyone but I feel that it is necessary to share what I know.

    • I too believe that Obama is the Anti Christ, but everyone around me says that he is either associated with him or a false messiah. I am glad to know that someone else feels the same as I do.

  24. the most improtant thing we as born again Holy Ghost filled believers is we are to reach as many lost souls as God will let us pass by on a daily basses. Dan. 11:32 b says “but those people who do know their God shall be strong and do exploits” it high time the Church Jesus bought stands up and takes back the souls of this world! we wont be able to stop prophetic events but we can be part of the great endtime harvest of this world. this is why Jesus said “this gospel” would be preached to all the world as eze. said we are the watchmen it time to blow the trumpet i see the sowrd do you?

  25. My country died last night…after the re-election of this non-christian / muslim man. I cannot call him President of my United States of America…if any Christians voted for him last night, may God have mercy on YOUR soul!

    • John;
      I AGREE with you totally. I too feel this way. I am glad to see that someone else sees what I see and truely “May JEHOVAH have mercy on the soul of America, for it is going to hell in a handbasket!”

      • It was as if God was giving Americans a 2nd chance to “not” vote for Obama knowing that he is for abortion and gay marriages, among many other ungodly issues and agendas..etc.

        I felt a deep sadness in the Spirit.. as if our Holy God has no other choice but declare His wrath upon America for her evil standards and her disobedience to God’s laws.

        Indeed, God will punish evil and disobedience,..regardless of His love.

        God help us to repent quickly of our sins.. and reach out to others before it is too late.

  26. Take solace knowing that God knows the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning; nothing occurs in life outside of His knowledge and permission. Yes, it is very disheartening that the American people were given the option to choose a leader who lives and supports strong work ethic, independence, and biblical values and one who is clearly and adamantly opposed these things; and indeed they have chosen. Despite my displeasure, ultimately I know that the right man has won as it was the one that was supposed to win. In God we trust.

    No doubt, over the next four years there will be incredible challenges directed toward our freedoms (economic, political and religious). However, ultimately the bible is very clear that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28). And so, I will greet today and every day that comes with incredible peace and optimism as my faith is ultimately not in this government- Obama’s or Romney’s; it is in the hands of the true and ultimate authority, Jesus Christ.

  27. With the re-election of Obama – does the phrase that describes ALL nations coming against Israel suddenly take on a more significant interest – for surely this President and his Jewish loyalists are Against the Jewish Nation.

  28. At this point in prophetic time what matters is to individually get things right with God first . Evangelize, stand in the gap, intercede for the unsaved souls. Cover eachothers in prayer.

    • yes,… I agree, God’s Spirit filled believers need to get more boldness to witness…which will only happen when we come out from among the world and stop acting like them.

    • I agree with angela completely. We need to stop trying to decode things. Stop trying to figure out what is going on and what God is doing. Our part is to stay alert, but to spread the word of the Lord, to love people, and not to judge. Focus on bettering ourselves in the Lord not telling everyone else how they need to change or what they need to different. The change starts within <3

    • So true. But you see there is a very big problem today. All the people who thought that voting was the way to get something done were fooled again by the devil. Now they ( who say they know Christ Jesus) go to God after voting did not work. Its so much better to focus 100% attention on faith in the Lords care for us personally rather than voting, this way God remains in the “drivers seat” in our hearts and minds. Dont forget who passed the real ID act before you think anything against me, and please read 1 Samuel chapter 8 ( read verses 7 and 8 very carefully!). My joy remains no matter what is going on in the world.

      • I totally agree with you,and I have felt the Holy Spirit confirm this to me over the past several weeks,So wonderful to have it confirmed and to know that there are others in the body of Christ that are coming to the same spiritual conclusion. We as the body of Christ need to committ to prayer and fasting, and hold each other (The Body Of Christ) up and the persecuted church along with the Peace of Israel.

      • I didn’t vote because God wasn’t on the ballot….lol Gods ggot this… He’s in control. Ill just hang in here with excitement that we will b meeting Him hopefully soon!

  29. I hope and pray that Rev. Baxter is right. Along with, I am sure, at least 243,000 American’s I have been on my knees in prayer and fasting for this land this past year. However, I think that the America Motto should rather be: “By faith we establish the laws of God” AND “In God We Trust”.

  30. The Lion (Britain), Leopard (Germany), Bear (Russia), and 10-headed beast (Euro union / revived holy Roman Empire) will be the major players in the end-times scenario, the Armageddon war and Anti-Christ dominion (Dan 7). The Eagles wings (USA) have separated from the Lion and aren’t mentioned again (in the context of a nation) until (REV 12:14), perhaps because they (USA) are not included in the end-times scenario!?

    Scriptures use the term “world”, not “Earth” or “planet”. The ancients had no understanding of “planet Earth” per se, the “world” was the “entire place” that “all of mankind” inhabited. They most likely thought of it as a flat space without boundary, or finite with boundaries very far away that you would fall off into a botomless pit.

    From ancient Egypt through the Roman empire and into the middle ages (the Church age) until the modern era, the “world” was a region bounded by the British isles down through Gibralter and North West Africa, then East across the area bounded by Saudi Arabia and Persia. This was the “world” in which most of Scripture and history takes place, and was pretty much the Roman Empire. There is never any mention of the New World, that relatively narrow strip of land bridging the two poles and dividing the great ocean. Perhaps God created it there to be discovered and inhabited later, and to play a unique role in the end times? The “old” world is the only thing in the Scriptures and it will also be where the Antichrist rules, and where the armageddon war(s) occur.

    Consider this:

    Remember the Eagle wings that flew away in Dan 7 and weren’t mentioned again until Rev 12:14 ? They must be significant or they wouldn’t have been mentioned at all! What have they been (will be) doing all during this time? We know from Scripture (Eze 38,39) that there will be an invasion of Israel from all sides, but mostly (initially) from the North. During this time God will directly intervene in such a way that the world will know that this is the one true God. In the secular political world of today, we see Iran (Persia) threatening to wipe Israel off the map, and they have alliances with Russia and Syria among others, and these bonds are getting stronger. The Muslim states, and Russia, dare not attack now because that would mean immediate war with the USA, which they couldn’t possibly win and would leave them obliterated. The USA must be removed from the picture. Total destruction? No. Nothing short of global nuclear war could do that. But it isn’t necessary! It is only required that the USA be disabled and rendered impotent.

    Now recall the 4 horseman. Red (communism) has run it’s course and is gone. Black (capitalism/democracy) is clearly waning; the USA has long strayed from it’s constitutional roots and most of the world seems to be moving towards some hybrid socialist systems. White (Catholicism) dominated the Church era for the past 2K years but is also waning in influence. The last horse, the pale green (chloros) is Islam and it is clearly the dominant rising force now. The last horseman is riding! We are that close!!

    How the USA be disabled and rendered impotent? Imagine “terrorist”/Islamic operatives smuggling into the USA a half dozen or so low-yield, primitive, dirty nukes. It can be done, and in my fear, has already been. Hundreds of tons of dope and millions of illegal immigrants get in every year, why not a few pounds of heavy metal? Hundreds (thousands?) of pounds of fissionable material is unaccounted for since the collapse of the USSR. The machinery to construct a nuke is not that sophisticated. We did it in the 1940′s before there were jets or microchips. Any operation (garage or country) that can build a car can build a nuke! They wouldn’t smuggle in the bombs, but the components, and assemble them here. Imagine a few of these placed in the center of a few of our biggest cities and industrial areas (gulf coast, oil refineries), maybe even D.C. Then all detonated at one time. The resulting chaos would totally dissable the country. Economically, militarily, industrially, and government. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, would die in the initial attack, millions more would die in the next weeks and months, the ones who depend on the welfare state for day to day existence – as the government would be inoperative at this point. Forget the “suitcase” bombs in some movies, we are talking “Sum of all Fears” here – but on a greater scale.

    The Russians won’t nuke us to “finish the job”; they could never be sure that our counter-nukes were inoperative. But no real need to. They will just let us squander and the Magog invasion will commence!

    And why would God allow such a terrible thing to happen to this unique country which clearly was founded on Christianity and blessed from the beginning? Simple. This will be our judgement, the judgement that has up till now been delayed due to our support for Israel. (Gen 12:3). It seems our culture couldn’t get any worse, but it continues to by the day. We have thrown God out of our schools and the public square, we have corrupted the Holy Sacrement of marriage, kill over a million babies in the womb each year, pervert ourselves in so many ways we make 3rd century Rome look pretty good by now. And our support for Israel has been declining, and will continue to under a 2nd Obambo term. It is a blasphemous joke when we hear politicians and citizens today say “God bless America” or invoke God when convenient for the moment, yet continue to indulge in this decadence.

    This judgement, terrible as it will be, will not be the end of the USA! Think of ancient Israel (Judges, Kings, Samuel). After the judgement there will be repentance and revival! Reconstruction will occur and at a rapid rate, now with God’s blessing (2-Chron 7:14). A new USA will arise! (It is intriguing that this scenario agrees with George Washington’s famous dream, if you don’t know about it google for it). The good news (if you can call it that) is that we will be spared the rule of the Antichrist and direct involvement in the armageddon war.

    Our parallel with ancient Israel is remarkable. A good country with good people founded on the best pronciples (the US constitution, and Israel’s “constitution” was written by God!). But a succession of bad leaders and an increasingly lazy populace leads to decline. Then judgement, repentance and revival.

    NOW those revived Eagles wings will embrace “the Woman” which is Israel (Rev 12:14); This is the last mention of the wings in the Scripture so I interpret this as a new and permanent alliance which will occur before the millenium, and lead the world into it with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as King of Kings!

    If you know in detail the history and founding of this country (check out the American Heritage Collection (7 DVD set, David Barton), available at any Christian gift/book store), it is impossible to believe that the USA will not be very important in the end times. It has to be! It HAS to!!

    This is what I think. What do you think?


    • i looked that up on snopes, that is false. however i agree with most of what you say, unfortunately i hope i dont die, i live in a small industrial city on the gulf coast. might have to move =)

    • I AGREE WITH YOU 100%. Very well written! I am taking quotes off of this and posting for my friends to see on Facebook. They laugh at us [end times prophecy], saying we are “thinking about it too much” but the simple fact is- we aren’t all gonna make it. Those who depend on the Government more than God are going to be sadly mistaken when the Government loses control.

    • I believe you are certainly on the right track…there is a definite link to Israel and the U.S. and Great Britain in the Bible through the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim…America and Great Britain in Prophecy is probably the most accurate rendering of the scriptures dealing with the U.S. and it’s true identity in these last days.

  31. My friend and I were talking about this today. The endtime is not coming, it’s here. We don’t know exactly how it’s to come to pass, but what we can do is fast, pray, win souls and be ready.

    Tied in with the endtime will be the former and latter outpouring of the Holy Ghost together. It will be a time when miracles, signs and wonders will be done in the midst of the believers. Denominational walls will come down, and people will wake up to the urgency of time. Also, the fear that comes with thinking about the end will vanish, and it will be replaced by joy and excitement that we are in the chosen generation that will do exploits for Christ. We will not fear the persecution, but count it all joy.

  32. Of all the comments about the upcoming election I am looking to Endtime for some insent for hope of knowing how to vote.

  33. Of all the comments about the upcoming election that I have heard on radio and on TV, I have not heard
    the quotes from book, Bible Code III. They are, “B. Obama re-elected U.S. President”, “2012″ “Sworn
    in twice”, “re-elected because of the war,” “re-elected because he is experienced,” “will direct war from
    underground bunker.” Why are people not talking about this?

  34. This depends totally on how God see the USA.Is the God of the Holy Bible is the same God on the dollar and the eye in freemasonry? The implications would be very disastrous for not knowing the truth.Watch and pray.

  35. I think that the sins of the USA which are like that of sodom are of such a grevious nature that Rev. 18 is applied to the political harlot and then to the religious harlot. I find it unusual that the term, “Come out of her my people”, would not be applicable to a false church as much as a political system of this nation by the sea. It is worth noting that Isaiah also depicted how God brings a government/nation down in chapters 3-5. The text speaks of Judah but everything that happened to Judah is happening to the USA. Jeremiah 18 also predicts the outcome of an evil nation. Morals decline, children rule over them, drouth and disease become a plague, economic crises after economic crises is the result of the curse of God, then calamity comes in waves which leaves the nation in destruction. When is the real question, not whether she will be destroyed. This may also fit into the “protection of Israel” scenario, however it seems to me that God would have to forgive Sodom and the Caananites for their sins if He does not punish the USA for her sins. Therefore I am not as positive in the outlook for the eagles wings as some.

  36. we truly hope that this would be the case that we take a stand for GOD thank you for all that you all do and say GOD BLESS

  37. Repentance [admit you sin, repent or turn away from sinning]
    Faith [Trust in Jesus and what He did on the cross to save you]
    This will save your soul from hell and is much more important
    than worrying about America’s future.

    • Remember, that when one is being told to have faith in what Jesus did on the cross thats only a part of what the Gospel is about and it is not enough. You must add the fact that Jesus Christ died and was buried, and also rose Himself from the dead and also ascended into Heaven. The reason is because, anybody can die on a cross, but nobody except The Lord Christ Jesus can raise themselves from the dead and ascend into Heaven by their own power. The Resurection is extremely important to include. I include the Virgin Birth as well, because as we know Jesus is The only One concieved by The Holy Spirit, nobody else can make that claim.

  38. Dear Brother Irvin, I have been following your endtime messages for some time on the Daystar Television Telecasts programs, and am interested in learning more about the endtime prophecies in the Bible. There seems to be a lot of confusion among endtime preachers about the interpretation of end time prophecies. I like the way you explain things and it seems more correct to me, as you corroberate your views with facts taken from past and current news reports. I am a Born Again child of God, a retired pastor, living in Pretoria, South Africa. I would like to obtain the full series of DVD’s on End Time Prophecies, but with our Rand Currency being so low against the Dollar, I am unable to afford it. Is there some way in which you could somehow let me have the DVS’s at a reduced price? Kindly add me to your E-mail list please, as I would like to receive your News Letter regularly, if possible. Thank you for your kind consideration in this regard. Blessings… Yours faithfully in Christ,, GPJ VAN Tonder.

  39. Thank you Irvin for all you do to educate and encourage us. I am made to believe that America, like many countries in the world, is under judgement that started Sept. 1, 2001, according Jonathan Kahn:
    If that’s the case, at what point does America turn away from sin and it is delivered from judgement in order to stand with Israel? I wonder what you all think about the harbinger.

  40. All these discussions seem to leave out Matthew Ch. 13 and Matthew Ch. 25 and don’t account for the end times separation of the wheat from the tares and the sheep from the goats that Jesus discussed extensively in the four gospels. And what about Matthew Ch. 24, verses 40-41 when Jesus says two people will be working in a field, one will be taken and one will be left. Jesus didn’t specify which group of people would be taken and which ones will be left behind. Are those left behind the meek who will inherit the earth that Jesus described in His Sermon on the Mount, Ch. 5? Are these passages simply another description of the Rapture as described in 1st Thessalonians 4, 6-17 and 1st Corinthians 15, 52-53? We have to take into account the great end times split between good and evil that Jesus talked about and are also well documented in both Old and New Testament scriptures. — Mike Garrett

    • These accounts in the gospels relate to what Paul spoke in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. Those who are in Christ are the ones who rise at the coming of the Lord.

  41. Why do you devide the country with your republican and democratic agendas when true christians will be serving the Lord regardless of the politics. You become like a Mullah when you try to enforce laws biased to your way of thinking. If a person is thinking about an abortion we should persuade a person that it is wrong, but to continually battle over making prohibitive laws gives us less freedom. If the world is of the devil we must act rightously, “Give unto Ceaser what is Ceasers” Just because a law allows you to do something doesn’t mean you have to. Those christians who are the loudest in trying to pass moral laws in this country probably live in glass houses. If Jesus wanted to change laws he would have gone to the roman senate. He lived by example, and we need to do the same.

    • Praise the Lord!

      Hi Maureen,
      I just wanted to comment about the enforcement of laws statement. I believe we should stand up for the rights of human life. Elijah stood up to the prophets of baal and condemned Israel for turning away from God. Afterwards, he slew them. Of course, I am not saying we should kill them if they disagree with us, or refuse to change their ways. At the very least, we should let them know they are going against the Word of God though, shouldn’t we? We should be willing to put ourselves on the line to stand against these atrocities, right?
      Jesus gave the commission to reach the world, but if we are silent about everything, no one will be reached.
      My pastor pointed something out to me about many of the issues we are facing in America. One thing he mentioned is how the followers of molech/moloch in the Old Testament used to make their children “pass through the fire to molech.”(2Kings 23:10) This was child sacrifice. The killing of innocents.(Deut19:10,13 & 21:8-9:Proverbs6:16-17) God hates hands that shed innocent blood. In our conversation he was showing me how today, in America, we are passing our children through the fires of molech. Except we are doing it in the name of “choice.” We may not literally be passing them through fire to a false god, but we are taking their lives and proclaiming ourselves to be in the place of The One True God. All for the sake of “choice.” Murder is not something we have a right to do according to God, yet because we pass it as a law we should accept it and not stand against it? God forbid! Do we obey the laws of God, our Creator, or the laws of men, the created? We are not bound by the law of sin and death, because Jesus has made a way for our redemption. That does not, by any means, exclude the laws of God, though. If we are immune to the laws of God by Jesus’ blood, then we should be able to murder, rape, steal, and lie with a clear conscience. By His blood & redemptive plan we can place our sins under His blood through repentance. Wash those sins away through baptism in Jesus name. Experience the new birth by being filled with the Holy Ghost. This does not give us a passport to commit sin!
      I am not intending this to come across as an attack on you. Rather, I am trying to make my case in such a way, that you are able to see clearly why I believe we should not be a by-stander in these political situations.
      This is not a stand for Republicans or Democrats, it is a stand for God.

      In Jesus name,
      Steve in SC

    • Lawlessness is not an attribute of Christ. You are right we should be more like Jesus Christ. Although you surely would admit that it would be foolish to have a lawless society. A true Christian would never condone or back one who promotes laws against the Holy Scriptures. Division is not always a horrible thing. For in fact, in the end time God will divide the sheep from the goats.

  42. My recommendation. Open your church buildings early every morning for prayer services. Without judgement, and without telling him how to do it, ask God to bless those who are your enemies. From atheists to terrorists. Their fight is not with you anyway. Their fight is with God. What would happen if a SINGLE congregation banded together and started to ask God to bless Michael Moore? Or Bill Maher?

  43. The United States is not depicted in prophecy because the United States is Israel According to our Bible… W the northern 10 kingdoms of Israel went into a Syrian captivity they never returned to The land of Canaan

  44. Reading this gives me some hope about the upcoming presidential election. I could never imagine Obama standing with Israel no matter what he says when the cameras are rolling. Mormon or not, I want a president who has morals and stands with God’s chosen people.

  45. have you noticed that the beast of nations i Revelation does not specifically talk about the eagle’s wings as does Daniel 7 – but DOES have a ‘rider’ called MYSTERY babylon – as in, you have to figure it out because it is not litterally babylon, itself – it is a GREAT ‘CITY’ that reigns over kings of the earth – the people who live there, live deliciously and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants are made rich through the abundance of her delicacies – she is drunk on the blood of saints (abortion as G-d said before I formed you in the womb, I ordained you to be…) – she is a great whore – in the prophecies of Isaiah scripture says, “How is the faithful city become an harlot! it was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers.” – she rides the beast, is in a position of somewhat control but goes where the beast goes

    • Just a thought here. The United Nations have been right her in NYC and our foundations and morals are as low as toe-hair on an Ant in some places. With Obama, we see him for who he really is. Not a christian by any means,but a Twisted Muslum or anything else he needs to be at the moment.Just think about where we are and his treatment of Israel? Jesus made it very simple,” Follow Me”. And so we do,by His grace and mercy,”the Blood of the Lamb!”.Soon, oh soon the Light!


  47. We someone please give me some encouragement? I am so concerned about the direction America is going in. Everything from abortion to same-sex marriage seems like God can remove His Hand if we don’t come back to all our nation was founded upon. I truly do believe that in the One World Government that the United States will stand apart and provide refuge for Israel, but when will the turning point be when we turn from our sins? I strongly believe the revival of this nation which I have heard spoken of for so many years will come when we break down the walls of Denominations and Unite as followers of Christ!

    • But the denominations do not agree with each other, they do not teach the same things out of the word. Catholics claim to be One God believers yet they worship idols and do not obey the word unto salvation. Unless they changed their view on scriptures meanings they could not unite.

      • uniting doesn’t mean imbibing other people’s doctrines.
        it just means agreeing that anyone who professes Jesus Christ is a believer.
        You dont have to attend his church. You don’t need to invite him to preach at your alter.
        All you need is to just show some humility, and accept him NOT as a FOE, letting him know that it is because of JESUS you have chosen to overlook your differences.

        That action can unlock the wisdom in that individual, and he can become more willing to re-examine the very doctrines that he grew up with. He may never leave the denomination he was in; but his encounter with you, and your NOT-SO MILITANT Christianity may have changed his mindset for ever and ever.

  48. It is more likely that this nation will be destroyed before Israel is attacked as described in Revelation. I have had several dreams, and so have my friends, about the nuclear destruction that is coming. I pray it isn’t so, but I see so many reasons why Yahweh would allow such a thing. Religious indifference, same sex marriage, the whole anti- Christian stance of government, the wholesale killing of babies, and the lying and cheating even in the halls of our government. This nation as seen by Yahweh, who is a holy and righteous God, is totally corrupt, especially in view of the way it began, dedicated to Him.

    • I agree that the USA needs a lesson, and I thought 9/11 would have waken up the USA to the fact that anything can happen anytime, and that The Lord God is in total soverign control.

      I disagree with the statement that the USA began as Christian or “dedicated to God”. In my view, true Christians would have had the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ all over the constitution, and the Bible would prevail over the constitution. No, the people who made up the USA government really could not have had The Holy Spirit. People can think all they want that the “founding fathers” were Christian, but God allowed them to make their secular laws that kept Him in the back seat and us humans take that freedom and abuse it. Just look at the love of money in the USA…..for the most part money comes before God in the heart of most americans … the whole world for that matter. I for one hate money very much and I cannot wait until The Lord returns to destroy all this foolish economy stuff that humankind has worshiped. All that to say, I’m so glad to know that every detail of every thing is totally part of The Lords most excellent plan. My advice to everybody is to be totally afraid of The Lord because none of us are worthy of His Grace and Mercy and there are so many people who think that they have The Lord, yet do not fear Him and they will fall away not able to over come the world. When we fear The Lord, He comes to us. Lucifer failed to fear God and thats how he could develop pride without concern of consequence. The same will happen to all who fail to fear The Lord.

      Like Irvin Baxter has pointed out a couple of times; if Elijiah was writing a constitution for a country would there have been a “freedom of religion”? I say no, because there is only 1 God, there are no other gods. Elijiah knew this, so he would never allow for even a possibility of other religions. So, the founding fathers did not know The Lord, they may think they did and others may think they did, not me.

    • I have also been having very graphic dark dreams. In them I am attacked by demons, not sure if it’s satan himself, but they are very real. I have also had awake times where I’m sure he’s there. I’ve been praying also for all the saints, and our nation, but God knows, I really don’t have any faith in our leadership. I do have an overwhelming feeling that we are going to be destroyed as a nation.

      Has anyone else noticed how much you so movies about evil and posession. I’ speaking from experience from my nightmares, this is real, and I’m wondering if this exposure is just another way for satan to penetrate our body of Christ. Any dialogue would be appreciated, I feel very alone, even as a believer.

    • Well said Chuck. We cannot believe that America is beyond saving. I believe the reason why our nation is being changed before our eyes is because of the unity of people for the wrong causes. i.e. People who are bound by the sin of homosexuality have now become the “LGBT community” that fights against “hate” and promotes “love”. If we as Christians stopped fighting with each other over doctrine and also united as one body, God will work through us to take back this land.

  49. My husband woke up the other night saying, “I have to read Obadiah!” We had no idea what was even in the book of Obadiah. We were amazed to find this is about the judgement of Edom(Esau) for standing by doing nothing while his brother Jacob was under attack. The following day we heard that our president canceled meetings with Israel, basically turned his back on our greatest alli! The parallels to America here are astounding!

  50. The USA will be God’s instrument to usher his return. Surely no one can be in office of the Presidency unless God allows it. It is not about what the devil is doing in the earth it is about the Gospel of the Kingdom being preached then the end will come. We are overwhelmed with a 24 hour news cycle that makes us believe the world is going to hell in a handbasket. God is raising up the fivefold ministry today that will fulfill the feast of tabernacles and bring in the final harvest. I don’t care what the world is saying or doing it only serves as a sign but it is the Gospel being preached that our focus should be on. The end cannot come until this Gospel of God;s kingdom is a witness in all nations! So go preach Jesus, the Holy Ghost and the Harvest!

  51. Not only do I think true christians will help Israel, but, the reason we are severely persecuited in the last 3 1/2 years is because we did.

  52. The eagles wings depicts a “part” of the eagle? I’m afraid we are going to be split into sections by our beliefs. The Democratic party is made up of dems [naturally, good hearted people], gays, lesbians, atheist, and the US communist party. Who, along with independent voters, started our demise as a nation destroyed by debt.

    However, conservatives, and, true Christians will continue to do what is asked of them..back Israel in whatever means possible. God’s leading His church to uphold Israel and fight for its right to exist.

    • I don’t know if the Bible gives us the idea that the eagle is divided. We do only see the wings of the eagle on the lion at first but the wings are plucked. The Bible goes on to say, “it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it.” At this point it is addressing a singular subject. The pronoun “it” must be referring to the whole eagle because the wings represent something plural, they do not have feet, and they do not contain a heart. Also when we get to Revelation 12:14 we find the two wings of a great eagle. Scripturally I believe the whole eagle is represented in these passages.

  53. I had noticed and spoke to my husband years ago about the woman that is dlown to the wilderness to be nourished for 31/2 years, After seeing your DVD,s I couldn’t help but wonder, it says she is carried by eagles wings to the wilderness, could it be that they are protected here in America as well? I’ve heard several things, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are carried here also to be prtected. I’ll have to go back & read it again! What say you?


  55. Although we know the eagles wings in Dan 7 is america, I believe the eagles wings in Rev 12 are the same wings as the eagles wings in Ex…. Exodus 19:4 Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself. I believe , America will become desolate because Godlessness is part of the norm.

  56. We all know that prophecy has to be fulfilled in this world as the scriptures reveal. I agree with what Kristi says in a sense but I believe that we must vote for the person that reflects the best moral standards and is in acknowledgement of God and Jerusalem. Throughout years this country has had presidents with different religious beliefs and ideas that may not have been on target with the word of God but still were able to put the best interest for or country. On the other hand the president we now have calls God a liar by acknowledging same sex marriage and saying its ok to have abortions. Am I saying that Romney is the perfect candidate for presidency? No, but he does place better moral and political standards for our nation.

    • Daniel 7:4 shows the eagle’s wings being plucked out of the lion. Then we find that the eagle was lifted up from the earth, made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it. If this is the passage you are referring to, we believe this symbolizes the United States of America.

      • @avandagriff,
        with all due respect to you, I would like to ask you to please consider going through the bible passage a little more closely. According to the scripture, it was not the Eagle that was lifted up on its 2 feet. it was in fact the lion which was made to stand on 2 feet after its wings had been plucked off.

        Also if you go to the end of that chapter, you would find Daniel discussing with the angel who explained to him that those four beasts actually represented four kings. So the lion with eagle’s wings was in fact a king, not the USA.
        We Christians need to be a bit careful with interpreting prophecy.
        Thank you sir.

        • To identify pronouns we must go back to the last noun mentioned, which in the case of Daniel 7:4 would be the eagle.

          Daniel 7:23 shows us that the fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom. So these beasts can represent both kingdoms and the kings of those kingdoms. As a result we believe that the eagle refers to the United States seeing that the beasts represent nations that will be on the earth at the time of the second coming. God bless.

  57. I have concerns either way the election goes. On one hand we have a president who has claimed to be Christian yet refuses to acknowledge Jesus; then we have the Mormon Romney who doesn’t believe that Jesus is the son of God. Both would be acknowledged as anti-Christ’s.

    • I heard with my own ears during the 2008 campaign President Obama acknowledged in his interview with Rick Warren that Jesus Christ is his savior. That’s obviously not enough for some people who still want to make their own judgments.

      • The bible says we shall know them by their fruits. Obama may profess to be a Christian, but the fruit that he produces by his actions, values, and policies say something completely different.

      • Talk is cheap – anybody can say “Lord Jesus” and many that do say “Lord Jesus” will still not be permited into Gods Kingdom – Luke 13 verses 22-30 – Matthew 7 verses 15-23. God makes it clear over and over that faith with out works is dead – not works as in working our way into Heaven , but rather practice the life we will live in Heaven as if God is right there with us every second. The Book of James explains all of this very well. And I say again talk is cheap. Also I would say that I do “judge” anybody that says they are Christian or within The Church – we are told to do this by the Apostle Paul in First Corinthians 5 verses 9-13, in order to keep the Church from being corrupted. I do this on a personal level to keep me far from apostasy. If people do not have a claim to be within The Church they we leave them for The Lord to Judge after they reject The Gospel. If todays Church would follow this advice then there surly would not be any such thing as a “mega church” but when a person entered the true Holy Church congregations then there would be power in the extreme…. but then again we know that God’s plan is all coming to pass.

  58. If we as a nation are currently choosing to support and do things that are an abomination to God, how could we possibly support that which God calls His Chosen? We have told God we don’t want Him in our schools; we don’t want Him in our government; we don’t want Him in our churches; and we support and uphold sins like abortion and homosexuality, to name a few. At the rate and direction this country, its current leaders and most of its citizens are going, I don’t see us supporting anything that represents Almighty God as He IS the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel).

    Not to mention the fact that the Bible clearly states the Lord will bring ALL nations against Israel (Zechariah 12:3, 14:2; Joel 3:2, Ezekiel 38:16, Matthew 24:9) unless, prior to this, the US ceases to be a nation.

    In my opinion, if we turn our backs on Israel, it will be betrayal as when Judas betrayed Jesus, though he walked with Jesus only to turn Him over to His enemies because of greed and unbelief.

    Lord knows I stand with Israel and I’m praying we as a nation will take a stand for righteousness sake. Please help me weep and wail on behalf of our nation, its leaders and the Body of Christ.
    Prayer is the KEY!

  59. I was wondering if you have any comments on the candiates for president..After hearing you teach in Taylor,Mich on Sept 7th.. I realized I need to make a informed decision in November.Since you have answered many questions I’ve had for years I pray you can help me with this. God Bless the work you do for Jesus.Your sister in Christ.

  60. I pray the US is standing in support of Israel, and we become the harbor of safety. I believe this coming election will be a deciding point, and we as christains need to pray desperately for wisdom in leadership of our country. Thanks to Irvin Baxter for his informative information in his many hours of bible study, that helps all of us understand God’s word better.

  61. I had the very same thought about Obama not being reelected. I pray it’s true, and we don’t stand with the world government.

  62. I hope we do not participate, and pray we will stand with Israel. (If true this means Romney will be president, because Obama won’t stand with them) This gives me new hope! I love Irvin Baxters ministries and think I have the Teacher ministry in these end times. My heart is so grateful to Mr. Baxter and others, who study so hard and share their knowledge.