January 21, 2014
A Special Message from Irvin Baxter

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  1. Log onto google maps and go to Oral Roberts university. In the satellite mode of google maps you can see such a clear picture of the top of the Oral Roberts University property. What you see from this aerial view is an explanation of why TBN is what it is today. If you are unsure of what you are seeing from the aerial view of Oral Roberts University you can do a google search to help define what you are seeing. Jan Crouch and many others on TBN are ORU graduates. When you see and understand what is on the top of the buildings and what is built into the landscape of ORU then you will begin to understand why Jan Crouch and others are the way they are :)

  2. Personally, I think it will make you more creditable to not be a part of TBN. I have always viewed the channel as more of entertainment. Perhaps the Lord is putting you in a better position to reach more people. I only started watching you in the last week but honestly had I known you were from TBN I would have kept scrolling and would have never watched. Im glad the lessons did not come with the TBN tag; they need to be heard.

  3. You remember that debate,,my heart is so broken by what I saw.. I raise my hand cry to the Lord. They are your brothers n sister. God gave you mission till death be His honest servant. that is why you heard His voice. Be man of forgiveness .. Above all pray for TBN.. Millions are watching ,touched by the power of gospel n saved.. may knowledge from the most High get all of Our TBN members. This is an opportunity to for prayers.I
    love you all in the love of our Lord.

  4. God bless, its not about bible prophecy that they don’t believe in strongly. Because they have many others on TBN broadcasting. Pastor Benny Hinn touch topics as well and is on more than anyone. The real is that Jan does not agree with your beliefs on Roman Catholic Church. It is affecting the program’s rep and support around the world. If its about bible prophecy it can not talk bad about the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is booming world wide because that’s the one and only “true” church. We should expect more Catholic casting. This is one reason I quit watching TBN.

  5. Brother Irvin Baxter, it’s going to be interesting very soon for you I feel my friend. Just like when you said the wall of Germany would fall and 20 yrs later, surprise! I am thoroughly excited for you all and what God is about to do! Praise Jesus!

  6. Reverend Baxter is one of the VERY few Ministers on Christian television broadcasting that has an incredible knowledge of Scripture and Bible prophecy and is willing to tell the TRUTH – the WHOLE TRUTH. He is well worth hearing and his show should not be cancelled on TBN. That is not a wise move. Personally, I have grown tired, and strongly believe that the Lord has too, of Preachers constantly asking for money that sound more like snake oil salesmen than truly the Lord’s servants, and sadly there are a few of those on TBN. They are just embarrassing to many strong, well informed, conservative, wise and compassionate Christians. Jesus never sold HOPE for MONEY! His hope costs nothing either. I have also grown tired, as many solid and mature Christians have, of Preachers who refuse to preach the whole gospel. They rarely, if ever, risk offending the liberals who bask in the glow of their acceptance of their non-repentant and sinful lifestyles. There is never any talk of Hell, or judgment, sin, or the need for repentance to literally turn from wickedness as Dr. Billy Graham – to this day, regularly has preached upon, for DECADES! These “Preachers” also never talk of refusing to support candidates who defy the Lord and His Word repeatedly, like the current President of the United States does in what he consistently supports. There is no talk of the horrors of abortion, or the abomination of the sin of homosexual marriage. No talk that America is going down the tubes morally with rampant fornication, adultery, greed, idolatry, pornography, violence, murder, blasphemy, homosexuality, lesbianism, gambling, alcoholism and drug abuse – and MUST SINCERELY REPENT in order to turn -what obviously are the current judgments of God upon this nation, totally around. If TBN joins the crowd of liberals who refuse to preach the entire gospel and supports Ministers more interested in lining their own pockets than doing the work of the Lord, that will greatly dishonor the memory of the founder of TBN, the late Reverend Paul Crouch. I agree that Paul Crouch Jr. and his family are needed now and healing in the Crouch family should occur soon to get TBN back on track. TBN is not showing sound discernment by failing to support great preachers like Reverend Baxter and letting go of others like Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe, who were brave enough to walk away because they, too, grew tired of some of the apostacy. You have some Ministers that are exceptional such as Rev. Franklin Graham, Rev. John Hagee, Rev. James Robison, Rev. Pat Robertson, Rev. Robert Morris, Dr. David Jeremiah, Dr. Charles Stanley and the classic sermons given by Dr. Billy Graham. Please try to find the Preachers respected by the likes of Moody Radio and Moody Bible Institute whose broadcasting reputation is unsurpassed – for decades. Please keep Dr. Baxter, too. SOUND Prophecy by mature and sound Ministers is ESSENTIAL especially in these END TIMES! Thank you for considering my comments. You are in my prayers as is TBN and all Christian broadcasting worldwide.

  7. I think it is sad that a ministry such as TBN,and especially Jan crouch does not look fondly upon prophesy.In my opinion that seem’s to be a bit or heavily hyocritical considering they are preacher’s of the word.You’ll remember when Jack Van Impe had issue’s with TBN and he proudly left after being asked to do so.Bible prophesy is so essential and needed so we christians and upcoming christians can understand the Word in plain,layman terms also.I will say for one that listening to your ministry I have learned more about God’s word and understood God’s word more then all the yrs I went to church,simply because I feel that prophesy is a main tool that need’s to be taught so people don’t get bored with reading and trying to figure out what the Word is actually saying,it make
    ‘s for a clearer understanding of what exactly is being taught and said.I believe God has done and is continuing to do greater thing’s with ETM and if that means leaving TBN to accomplish your mission then so be it.But it does seem like Matt and Laurie are prophesy interested.Why can’t they do somex about putting some prophesy segments on TBN from time to time ? God bless ETM.

  8. I watched the latest TBN prophecy program with Irving Baxter, Perry Stone and others on 3/24 and 3/25. After two viewings I must say that Matthew Crouch is like having Dennis the Menace oversee the debate. Perry was more behaved than he has been in past programs and Irving was the gentleman he has always been. Matthew with the “in 37 days Jesus will return” joke is not funny. Matthew if you don’t believe or care about prophecy that is your decision but to make fun of prophecy and misrepresent what Irving said is putting a terrible face for TBN. Don’t mean to judge but your brother Paul Jr. is greatly needed back on TBN to bring stability to the station. Trying to appeal to young people by being disrespecful in prophecy programming in a two edged sword that will surely lead to nothing good. YES what Irving stated about a POSSIBLE peace agreement with Israel, at the end of April 2014 and that marking the 7 year countdown of tribulation is scriptural. Irving stands his ground he did not set a date for the return of the Lord. We will know the season but not the day or hour. Jan, please reconcile with Paul Jr so the memory of what your wonderful husband did with TBN will not be lost. People are signing off watching TBN. To Paul Jr., have your own prophecy conference on Word and please put things in order. Respectfully submitted.

  9. I have watched TBN since Mr. Crouch, Sr. passed away and it isn’t the same. And really the smile of a child is useless too. They don’t place the veggie tales or penguins one on until the afternoon when kids are out playing. Those green puppets with the songs, my kids are bored with them. And now you have left. They have plenty of “Praise the Lord” episodes that most people do not care to watch. Most are reruns. Most people enjoy watching pastors preach, supernatural things God is doing episodes, 700 clubs, CBN and end of times ministries. I am going to stop donating to the station now because if I can’t watch the shows I want to watch and be able to learn…what is the use? To put more money in the mansions of the Crouch’s? Yeah, I am done with TBN unless they bring back shows and pastors that they had before.

  10. I am really blessed with END of THE AGE And am praying it will continue to be seen on TBN. We must be ready!

  11. In verse 37-39, Jesus likens the days of His coming to the days of Noe. In verse 40, He states 2 will be in the field. 1 will be taken, the other left. This is the rapture. After the tribulation.

  12. So, TBN dropped Rev. Baxter’s End of the Age. Well to TBN I say “Good riddance” because I dropped THEM 26 years ago.
    During my 51 years, I have heard many ministers attempt to interpret Biblical prophecy and Rev. Baxter surpasses them all. He provides Biblical scripture, history, and current events as evidence for his positions and he boldly gives places and names. He called Susan Rice on the carpet loooooong before the Benghazi debacle.

    He is also correct with his POST-trib rapture position. Jesus clearly says in Matt. 24: 29, “Immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days, the sun darkens, etc. Then in verse 30, He said, “Then shall appear the Son of Man in heaven, the tribes of the earth shall mourn, and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven, etc. In verse 31, Jesus talks about sending the angels with their trumpets to gather the elect, He lukens

    • amen to that! Rev. Baxter is not dogmatic and doesn’t try to tie in end time events to seed faith giving. Blessed that I found End of the Age after shutting off Christian television for many years due to the begathons that were on every time I turned on the TV instead of the Word of God.


    • I agree with Sandra Christian , also Florida TBN , look like a Amusement Park ,Poor use of money , reminds me of the PTL Club . Money should help Preach the Gospel , give to the poor and our Missionaries . We sent that money in good faith , to get good programs like Bro Baxter , Jan what happen , I know Paul Crouch SR , had a sweet spirit , your son acted like a court JESTER , on the March 24 ,2014 , this is my last time in watching and supporting TBN,

  14. Don’t worry about it,the church is in for a great awakening! When they realize they’ll be in the tribulation.
    I haven’t watched TBN since Paul passed, i watch you on the church channel, I love that you’re teaching the truth,and its lonely, but i know the Lord has strengthen you for this hour, In a time where tbn is promoting inching ears doctrine, “this is the falling away message” many souls are being deceived by these so called new age preachers. You know of whom i speak of. Matthew CCrouch is their biggest fan,so i think tbn isn’t about souls anymore, but numbers.

  15. So about last night on TBN,, Mr. Baxter, I have to say I was very disapointed it turned out that I lost over an Hour of my time in that, is that part of being part of that network that you have to make an appearance & put your real belief in scripture on the Back Burner??? I don’t know really if this makes any sense to you ? It really is hard to walk in this faith in the Father & The Messiah when it seemed like everyone was making up scripture as they went along or well not following scripture??? Oh wait The exception Bill Cloud though he didn’t look like he wanted to be there at all??? I just don’t know what to think about that creepy show & thats exactly what it felt like… I want to keep watching you & listening & learning fr. your program but I don’t know if YAHWEH wants me too I will pray on this & what I have been shown… I don’t know if I should give you a Kuddos or A shame on You??? But that is not up to me!!!! I will not judge you or anyone else, for I do not want to be judged 10x over… Prayin thats all i can do is Pray for knowledge.

  16. I scanned the messages sent by others on this post. I hope there are hundreds more and I hope you can print all of these and send them to TBN. Let TBN glean and sort through the positive and negative comments to the advancement of their success. Unfortunately there was a not a comment box interactive on TBN so we could leave our comments. If you know of one, please advise as we will be happy to repeat our comments on their site, for the benefit of all who contribute to their programming. I have been donating since 1992 to TBN.

  17. Have you considered using satellite radio? I am an OTR truck driver and would like to hear your programs on satellite radio.

  18. Satan is using many to keep the truth of God from being sent forth.
    As you know my Brother, it’s only going to get worse for His Church. But, in the End, we win, for our LORD has declared it !
    LORD bless you and your ministry.

  19. Thank you for clarification. I thought the episode was outstanding with all speakers!!! I have commented to TBN that we want more than dancing and singing…we want prophecy. We want your show. No one is reading e-mails apparently or others have not stated their dissatisfaction about you and Hal Lindsey being removed. I wanted a way to send the entire 2 + hour video to others on my mailing list. Will I find it on ITBN in archives. It was an important show and I appreciated it so much — how do I find it? dee

  20. I do not know you Mr. Baxter, but I have been subscribing to Jack Van Impe for the last three or four years; your comments about Jan Crouch are exactly what Jack is saying please get back to me on your relationship with Jack Van Impe

  21. I believe TBN and most of their cozy connections and talking heads believe and teach a pre-tribulation rapture and are thus burned by those like yourself and even I in a much much smaller way know it to be a false teaching. It is a latter day deception. It does not conform to their message and they won’t to silent you and others who know better.

  22. As a result, our program, as well as several other prophecy programs on TBN, has been discontinued. Wednesday, January 15th was our last time to air. I wanted you to know because many of you watch our program, “End of the Age”, on TBN. We can continue to be viewed on the Church Channel, which belongs to TBN, the Daystar Network, TCT and on other venues.

    But you are not on Daystar in the Los Angeles area either.

  23. Prophecies of the end time explain by Dr. Baxter are just made so much easier to understand, I’m very disappointed his teachings no longer will be shown on TBN, I would ask Mrs. Jan to reconsider her decision, since this teaching is very sound and goes along with scripture.

  24. I have written to Ms. Jan about the removal of prophecy shows. I asked her to please reconsider, told her that some are saved through Genesis, others through Revelation — particularly our youth. Ms. Jan is a TBN founder and we should respect her decisions; it’s her ballgame. I just hope that, although some are ‘Kingdom Now’ followers, many men and women want to know what’s coming, and learn about yesterday afterwards. The most IMPORTANT teaching about prophecy, to me, for those who know nothing about it is that an imposter will arise, enter the Temple and claim himself to be Jesus. With all the miracles he will be able to perform, many will believe Him and therefore be lost. It’s equivalent to removing every signal and stop sign from our roads. The warning has to be taught. We care about TBN … therefore, pray about this.

  25. Since Paul has passed I haven’t watched TBN very much, I. am very disappointed with the program. I love the prophesy teaching, and hope i can see it on the comuputer

  26. I am sorry to hear the program has benn removed. I strongly disagree with the timing of the Rapture by Baxter and think he is totally wacked out with that conclusion. However, his program can be watched and people can learn tons of information on end times information.

    Just ignore the Rapture stuff and this program is stuffed with great teaching and important information. You would think as Christians we dont have to hate someone just because we disagree with them. In fact Baxter’s Rapture position caused me to launch a personal study on my own on the Rapture that took a long while to complete.

    The result for me was to make a much stronger conclusion based on studying the scripture as to why I strongly believe in the pre trib position. I didnt have that before and I owe that to the provocative proding of Baxters programs. However, the timing of the Rapture is not the central topic of Baxters teaching and the rest of the stuff is priceless and quite important to the body of Christ.

    • My brother. Plz read and understand with your spiritual eyes, Revelation 20: 4-6. Plz read it in context, 4-6.
      THIS God says, not man, is the First Resurrection.
      If this is the First Resurrection, then how could there be one 7 or so yrs prior?
      Read also Revelation 11:18. This is our rapture just before God pours His Wrath out upon the earth and those left behind.
      Be blessed my brothers.

    • Have you lost your spiritual sense or always been blind? Who are you to judge another’s servant. I ask you one question. Since all you pre trib rapture ones say nothing is left to be fulfilled before Christ’s return. The question is: just what was the last thing that was fulfilled to cause you to rise the next morning, shake yourself and say NOW NOTHING ELSE IS LEFT TO BE FULFILLED BEFORE THE RETURN OF CHRIST. Just what was that event????? Hadn’t thought about that have you.

    • I don’t know about the pre or post-trib thing either but I agree that Mr. Baxter’s heart is in the right place with which he provides alot of detailed and insightful information to world events. I like his show.

  27. Paul Crouch did a wonderful job making TBN so good to watch. Jan is not going to run TBN the way Paul did.Irvin Baxter is wonderful and if he is not going to be on TBN, I will not be watching or donating any more money to TBN!

    • Paul wouldn’t have wanted you to do what your doing Jan ..THANKS I’M NOT WATCHING THE SHOW , NOR AM I GIVING MY 5,000 A MONTH DONATION. Now I know what tv religion is all about. Rest in peace Paul . You were awesome May d b your doing and let God bless the mrs..Yep her call. TBN Won’t be the same. Going to watch my other favorite man ( Jimmy ) Swaggert…Ciao Ten..

      • I stopped and cancelled my Partnership…last year we wrote to TBN after I suffered a lite stroke & my husband a heart attack…we lost our home…jobs…furniture. ..cars..and was homeless in a hotel from Dec 15 to June 6…When we wrote at my and Days tar who we Partnered with for 10+ years they could only send prayers…we were so hurt…As of June 6 God allowed my husband to return to work and move into a rental home…Thank you Jesus…still praying for furniture in Jesus Name…for He is able…Ephesian 3:20

  28. Wow! Big surprise. You did not publish my comment from Friday. Afraid someone might be challenged to think critically? Afraid if someone learns that your definition of the end might be wrong that you’ll lose a few dollars of support? Oh well. Despite your tired rants and censorship, truth is getting out there. Whether you choose to recognize it or not is your call.

  29. This is a shame for the memory and hard work of Paul Crouch, Sr. Everytime I think I am going to watch
    a program that has been on years it has been changed. I know TBN own’s the Church channel but I hope
    they realize people have to pay more money. I know changes have to be made but WHERE is Matt and
    Laurie? I was hoping that the issue with the granddaughter was not true but now I hope the truth come outs. I waiting to see how many of the peachers leave TBN and go the other networks to peach the truth.
    The world and the devil is watching to see what is going to happen. It is now the time for Jan and Matt to
    search their heart for the leading of the Lord. We need to pray that the devil doesn’t win and bring something that had a strong message for 40 years.

  30. My understanding is that Jan is a ‘kingdom-now’ adherent. As such, they decry prophecy. However, the Bible clearly states this:
    “…For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”–Revelation 19:10
    Further, the Bible warns that there are severe and eternal consequences of tampering with God’s Word:
    “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”–Revelation 22:18-19
    Personally, I am hoping that any that have been ousted from TBN programming will follow the same, successful path of Drs. Jack and Rexella VanImpe and flood the secular TV air-waves with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the ENTIRE Word of God–including prophecy.

  31. Bread and water are a basic and foundation to many peoples diet. I miss TBN not showing End Times on their station…regardless of any reason in doing so. I am truly disappointed. It’s like passing out Bibles to all with Daniel, Revelation, Ezekiel, etc being deleated. The WHOLE is needed in demoninstrating the “big picture”. TBN please change your mind and put back EndTimes on your schedule.

  32. I have learned a lot from the shows that have been on T.B.N. networks in the past, End Time Ministries and other shows regarding ‘end time prophecy teaching.’ I study the bible continually and very much enjoy such topics. I’m not saying that I necessarily agree or disagree with all that I hear on such programs however it stimulates my thinking and challenges me to study the bible further myself, this is good as iron sharpens iron. I think it is a sad thing to see such teaching removed from T.B.N. programs. When anything drastically changes from where it originated no good can come from it. Paul Crouch was an incredible visionary man whom God used to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in global proportions. It’s sad to see that which helped so many people effectively in the past change direction now. I really enjoyed the debates that Paul Crouch hosted with Irvin Baxter regarding pre and post tribulation views. One in particular was quite challenging but I admired how Irwin Baxter remained polite and courteous, giving good explanations for his views. I will personally looking to watch End Time Ministries and other prophetic shows seeking truth where they can be seen.

  33. Unfortunately, TBN has gone a different route over the last several years. More ear tickling messages bike preacher’s were afraid to preach the full gospel of Jesus Christ. No one wants to be held accountable anymore and if you speak out against certain pastors, you are blacklisted. Just as apologetic preacher Walter Martin was back in 1985. These are the days when the weeks of the tears will be separated. But choose you this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

  34. I’d like to also say, since I’ve become a Christian, there is one thing that never changes with us Christians. We watch some rise in prominence, and we watch some of them fall. If Jan and Matt Crouch harden their hearts against the obvious majority of us who still believe in sin, salvation, hell, prophecy and the ever continuing Word of God, the Bible—-if they ignore us then they will have a very expensive social club who will find that their finances have plummeted.
    I see we are good to go, recording End Times on Daystar, Sunday night on Dish Network. And Hal Lindsey right before that. And yes, thank you, JVI and Endtimes for telling us the truth.

  35. THANK YOU ENDTIMES FOR TELLING US THE TRUTH. JUST WATCHED JVI Ministries and got even more information. In the world we live in, etiquette cannot be the word of the day. We must know who to support and why and when they fall away from the truth. We watch you every week and my DVR is chocked full of your programs. My husband and I support the true WORD of GOD, so please keep preaching prophecy. After 38 years going strong, I cannot get enough of it and the promise it brings.

  36. In the times we are living in I think it is more important to warn as well a teach people of the Lords coming. Foot ball is fun but Heaven and hell is real! Prepare God’s people! They need this more than saying prosper! Prosper! How about therefore be yea also ready for as such an hour as yea think not the Son of man cometh!

  37. Irvin, without a doubt in my mind, my family and I being proud believers in the prophecies of the Bible as well as being strong supporters of your End Time Ministries program feel that it would surely benefit the cause if you were able to extend your message in a variety of languages, especially your recent message for supporting the cause of the Jewish people of Judea. If you were to supply the message in a strongly renowned language such as Spanish, your ministry would flourish as there are many willing to receive the message, but are incapable of understanding. To help the masses in understanding the message, is to help the ministry and the Jewish people. Especially now after having your program removed from the television network, we strongly encourage the idea of spreading your recent videos in urgency in another well known language for those that will accept it and care. We appreciate what you are doing for the lord and his people, Amen. God bless you and your family.

  38. If the Bible speaks on healing and Prophesy how is it that you can believe in healing and not on the prophetic word of God?
    who is her Savior which God does she serve?
    I am amazed at how people change.

  39. Writing about TBN. We have become aware that anyone who does not agree with the “rapture theory” do not stay on TBN. For those interested, please check out scripture. When read in context Matthew 24 agrees with Matthew 13:24-30 (“Gather ye together FIRST the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn”); 13:37-43 (“The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; and shall cast them into a furnace of fire…Then shall the righteous shine forth…Who hath ears to hear, let him hear”). SURPRISE: Matthew 24:40-43 does not tell us if the “good” or the “bad” will be “taken” as we’ve been taught! It does say (verse 43) “if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up”. If the goodman was raptured how could he watch his house be broken up? I can disprove the popular interpretations of I Corinthians 15:51-54 and I Thessalonians 4:14-18 too, but I’ll save that for another time. Just remember that scripture explains scripture and it all fits when you study to show yourself approved unto God (II Timothy 2:15). Thank God for Irvin Baxter who speaks “some things hard to be understood…beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own steadfastness” (II Peter 3:16-18)

    • I have enjoyed most of the programs on TBN, however, I looked forward to the End Times Ministry every week on Wednesday @9:30 PM (EST). Since I have been into the Bible for 40 years and watched TBN, the only thing left after you have read and practiced the scriptures, is the end time prophecy trying to put it all together so you can share with others how little time is left and they need to make decisions that are the most important in their lifetime because you are going somewhere for an eternity!!!! This is crucial that we stay informed and keep discovering more and more of the end time prophecy as it unfolds with current events. It is the most fascinating subject on the planet right now and will be until The King returns.

  40. The most important question has not been asked…. WHY has Jan decided to take End Times Min. off of TBN? What is the reason? That is what we need to know. Is it a pre or post trib. belief difference?

  41. I too was not surprised when I heard about this, I had a good feeling as soon as Paul Crouch passed that things just were not going to be the same. I seen it coming since the incident with Jack Van Impe. I’m sure a lot of people will not be happy with the decisions tbn is making. Stay strong Pastor Baxter I’m on your side. There are some people that would rather have their ears tickled all the time than to listen to truth and prophecy. My prayers are with you.

  42. Thank you Irwin Baxter for spreading truth…bible prophecy. I saw you this eve with Benny Hinn. I cannot learn enough about bible prophecy. God bless you! Thank you!

    • I must admit I get alittle “taken aback” when Benny Hinn blows on people and they fall over. Maybe he is a healer but I do question whether all these people are receiving miracles through him or they just desperately want to believe that they are. Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t. I would not like to see him taking advantage of people for television and publicity sake. I am not saying he doesn’t have the gift, but I am just not sure. I have never been to one of his services. Again, I am just undecided at this point. I have been watching him on tv for years but have never said anything. What do you think? God bless you!!

  43. Today a received a letter from a dear Prophetess, Aquilla Nash, who was aired on TBN as “The Prophetic Whisper”. She has also been kicked off TBN by Jan Crouch. What an attack on true ministers of God…Jan only likes the Hollywood and melodramatic ones, it seems to me. The quiet,comforting, and calm dear ones are out and she follows the ways of the world with a lot of hype and hoopla. Unfortunately we can only get cable here so my only Christian TV channel is TBN. What are Matt and Laurie going to do about it, I am very thankful for their association with Joseph Prince, my favorite Pastor in the world…God Bless all of you.

    • We have Daystar, too-that’s Jonie (sp) and Marcus Lamb. Im glad we have that channel. I like TBN alot too. I agree with you about Pastor Joseph Prince. He has such passion and knowledge and love of the Bible and Jesus. He also studies the Hebrew and Greek languages and dissects (sp) the Bible so it can be understood on a much deeper level. He also seems to have such passion and love for his work. God bless you too, Susannah!!

  44. I’m sorry she cancelled your show Irvin. I really enjoyed watching it; however, I somewhat like the changes that I have seen. Gotten rid of Kenneth Hagen on Sunday mornings and has added a couple newer shows during the week that I really enjoy.

    • Many of the new programs are enjoyable, but you cannot replace a Kenneth Hagen, or many of the others now being displaced. Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:16), and the pastors in question have orchards of evidence to suggest they spoke the Word.

  45. dear TBN….as a fellow follower of Christ, I believe that Gods people will perish for lack of knowledge…as a believer with the gift of prophecy myself, I would encourage you to reconsider with the understanding that as in the days of Noah, so shall the end times be…..we MUST warn those who are perishing with the truth! ALL the truth….what was.. is & is to come
    thank you!

    • that is true. Now, as a believer, it is my responsibility to impart that knowledge, with much love, to others. WE have to live it every day. It all comes down to how we live our lives on a daily basis and how we treat others no matter if it is the end or not. God will let us know what he wants us to know. We must pray about these things constantly with Our Father and cherish every day we have to tell “the truth” to others.Lets not scare everybody away.

  46. I am saddened that yo have made this decision to remove Endtime. Irvin Baxter is my number one choice and is definitely my favorite. I would appreciate you reconsidering this decision.

  47. Dear Jan, To remove prophecy from TBN. Is to remove the corner stone from the Bible. Your Holy Land project is honorable, but it is ALSO saturated with the prophecies fulfilled by Jesus. You have thrown out the baby with the bath water. What will you do when the rapture occurrs and the Holy Land project is void of Christians, who by being raptured FULFILLED the prophecies of GOD? After the rapture, unfulfilled prophecies will still be the corner stone of anything that is concidered Godly.

  48. TBN is a vehicle created by God to get the WORD out . HIS WORD. If TBN does not do HIS WORK the channel will collapse and be replaced. In the meantime men of God like Van Impe, Hal Lindsay, John Hagee, and Irwin Baxter will speak the truth. New World Order is here and well on the way to completion. It is all in the Bible and called prophecy. Jesus is coming soon…..very soon.

  49. Well Irvin Baxter you found the devil because he coming to power real soon as you said or you wouldn’t been taken off the air. For what ever reason you were taken off TV ,you know who was behind it . Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. I watch your show and others about same thing , you brought a lot of light to the World don’t give up…

    • if you read the message carefully Mr. Baxter tells us where his message can still be found–The Church Channel which belongs to TBN, DAYSTAR, TCT, and other venues such as in the internet. It is still on tv you have to find one of those channel providors, as well as the internet. Yes it is inconvenient but not impossible to get his message. It depends on whether you want to search for it or not. Remember, you have other options. And also remember TBN relies on donations “love offerings”and that fact will come into play eventually (hopefully)-keep the faith, and God Bless You!!

  50. I have never seen so much crying from so many people called Christians in my life! Wow! That’s not faith, that’s not truth, that’s not Jesus and I don’t want what you have. I wonder how many of you wrote a letter to the address posted? I also wonder how many wrote a sincere letter to bring the show back and not one with selfish bickering and crying. Come on.

    • i read no crying, only concern. If you ask me, tbn should be taken off the air as a whole. There are some good christians on tbn, but that doesn’t condone the many who have been robbed and taken advantage of by the likes of benny hinn. My former boss and his wife told me of going to one of his crusades and they passed 5 gal buckets around for the offering, they left. The prosperity they preach is only for their own wallets. By the way, WHY does tbn headquarters have a whiskey bar ? quite an expensive one to, check it out. Be ye not filled with wine but be filled with God’s spirit. I should rather be thankful to be away from there mr. Baxter.

    • I get your point but how is bickering selfish? It seems more like being childish to me. I bet a lot of people who are writing to TBN about this matter are not even bothering to come to this website and type an e-mail; they are too busy getting the work of God done. We are not all like this. Please don’t let anyone drive you away from the truth. I used to feel the same way, but Jesus came into my life and saved it more than once, and I could no longer go on pretending and acting as if He were not in my life. I owe everything to my Heavenly Father, my Savior-Jesus Christ and to God’s Holy Spirit. It awes me how much love they have for each and every one of us! Much love to you-Steve.

    • Ditto on everything you said. What? We might actually have to punch a few extra keys on the keyboard to find Mr. Baxter or we might have to search the internet a few minutes longer? What? We might have to write a letter on real paper? We might have to subscribe to his newsletter and include a donation to help offset costs of mailing this to other people? If this is a trial for you then you are not in the right frame of mind. Dust yourself off and start again. Write a letter to Jan, to TBN, and send a donation to help him. Is that too much to ask if you really value this ministry. Put your faith into action. Have a joyous day, and God Bless~!!!!

    • Dear Steve, Jesus Loves you, and He did die for your salvation. Faith is not canceled when we plea or cry. Endurance and clarity of what Jesus is to us, is understood as the LORD carries us through trials and tribulations. What god has offered you salvation and eternal life? Only Jesus has left His throne, to cry with us in tribulation. He is the WORD of GOD which humbly became flesh. He personally knows our troubles, has been tempted in every way just like we are. Therefore, we have no excuse in our consciense, for not wanting to be with HIM. There are NO other gods. ALL others are man made lies, which are not worthy to be mentioned. Have you NOT examined, just how wonderfully made you are? You are beautiful in our Father’s eyes, and the complexity of your being, is a deposit of the awasome future to which you will be changed to. Know this; You are a trinity just like GOD. One part dust and water, one part the Spirit of GOD, and the union of those two, gave birth to the SOUL ( The True You ) which lives on after the First Death. As you live here on earth today, GOD gives you time to observe, examine, test, experience, grow in knowledge of GOD which leads to Wisdom and Understanding. Memories are created by choices of Love or Hate, and are recorded by your Soul. That is called Memory, and it is the ONLY thing you will take with you when you physicaly die. That is why, as you stand before GOD, your choices will be answered for. The Soul must have a memory, otherwise it can not answer for its actions on earth, and it is why you will also recognize other loved ones who may be there. Choosing GOD or failure to choose GOD, is a personal choice. I urge You today, to choose to do good and seek GOD through the salvation which Jesus is offering. You have ALSO already been blessed. How? He has pre-planed your existance during the time of the LAST GENERATION which is what we are ALL living in. Therefore, you have been given an extra blessing by having the opportunity ( in Jesus ) to never experience the First Death, which ALSO excludes you from the Second Death which is the Complete Destruction of your Soul. Jesus Christ is about to Remove those who love him from earth, except for the 144,000 Messianic Jews who will remain to teach about Jesus, to the rebellious. It is called the Rapture in English, and Harpasso in Greek biblical translations. Choose Wisely for God has ALSO given you a firm stairway to Heaven. Jesus is the stairway which will be removed soon and the Spiritual Starvation during the time of Tribulation will mean Hell is over the surface of the earth. The bickering and crying, is the birthpang of such a thing.

  51. I was so disappointed to hear that the show was canceled. Irvin Baxter is a voice that needs to be heard by many. He clearly explains Bible prophecy and how it relates to our world today. Christians and non-Christians alike should be able to hear his very important messages that are biblically accurate and informative. Please reconsider what you have done and add Irvin Baxter back to your station. We will be praying that he is able to return very soon. Thank you.


    • Can you share with us why you thought that? I am just curious to hear what you have to say about this. Do you think it was her doing or was someone else running the show? What about Mr. Krouch’s son? What were his views? Is she that “hands on” regarding show programming? I really don’t know.

  53. Although I believe in a pretrib rapture, I have always enjoyed watching you on Wednesdays at 9:30 after getting home from Bible Study. I watch very little on this channel now anyway except for John Hagee, and will most likely not bother with them anymore now. They have the tickle the ear preaching that I can’t really stomach. Keep up the good fight till we see our Lord and Savior. God bless

  54. NO – NO – NO !!!! i have learned so much from this broadcast and this is the hour that we need it the most !! PLEASE return it to the air !

    • It’s still on the air. Read his message again. Do your part and write a letter. Send a donation. Explain to JAN how you feel about this. Atleast then you know that you did everything you could.

  55. I am deeply saddened to hear you guys have ended the end of the age program on TV, it has brought me a lot closer to the word of God knowing we are in the end times and it really helps me to understand the end times, Jan I hope you reconsider your decision. I know my grandmother likes to watch your program as well, she is actually the one who turned me on to your programs and she bought me your 10 disc DVD set because I enjoyed watching her set so much, without her I would have no idea of your ministry and it is because of your TV program that she knew about your ministry. I am a friend on Facebook and read all your posts and most of the time repost to easily spread the word to my other friends. Again I beg you to reinstate the program!

  56. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise! The TBN network might be going down a road that you don’t want to be on – and God knows what he is doing through all this. Daystar is a MUCH better and more genuine ‘feeling’ network…I hardly watch TBN at all anymore, anyway.

  57. Is TBN only offering a gospel that “tickles the ears?” We should pray earnestly that the Crouches are not losing their way. Are they becoming too star struck and have their eyes on worldly stars instead of the One who saves souls for all eternity?

  58. God will judge….if Mrs. Crouch is now “bought and paid for” and only cares for the $$$ and not teaching what is in the Bible, then she will answer for this! God knows what is in a person’s heart. If she is buckling under to serve those who follow Satan, then she will pay. It’s so sad that Christians look towards some of these people and they are taking them down the wrong path! God Help Us All!

    • Jan Crouch (sp) has always come across as genuine to me. Yes she is dramatic and a little eccentric but authentic. Everybody makes bad choices sometimes. And do we really know how this decision was made? It is easy for us to sit back, watch, and criticize others without doing anything to help the situation. These two people became one along time ago.She has undergone a tremendous loss. Remember there are stages to grieving even if you are a christian. Give her a break. Besides, we don’t know how or why this decision was made. Of course there are things we each can do: write a letter and mail it! Start a petition and mail it, etc.. In the mean time, there are other ways to obtain the info. Mr.Baxter is teaching. Is he the only one who teaches Bible prophecy with any accuracy?Have you read “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn”? We should not be getting all of our prophetic teachings from one person. Again, you can still access Mr. Baxter. I get e-mails from his organization almost on a daily basis. We can even watch his videos online.

  59. Dear Jan Crouch,

    I am sorry for the loss of your husband Paul Crouch. I am sure you want to do the best you can concerning TBN. Our world is truly at the brink of the return of the LORD and we need to be informed about what is really going on in regards to the signs of the times. I urge you to reconsider your decision to remove programs that are helping the people of God heed the warnings of the watchman’s cry! Everything is not ok…so if your programs are only talking about how people can improve their lives without the balance of the reality of what is coming upon the earth, then the sheep are being trained to be more connected to earthly things than looking for the blessed hope and the NEW JERUSALEM, that great city which will soon break through the clouds! Thank you for reading this Jan! I am believing God that you will!

  60. I liked some of the prophecy your ministry taught, how ever I am confused you seem to be post tribulation, and I have read the scripture and studied this since 1982, and I cannot believe that we are not going to see the catching(rapture) of the church…my question is am I not understanding your doctrine right or are you post Trib

    • Brad, he is post trib. But there is scripture to support all, pre-trib, mid-trib, and post-trib beliefs. So with that said Irving just wants us not to be fooled into taking the mark if it is post-trib. I hope it is pre-trib but I will not be fooled into taking the mark because I am still here. He says to “be ready” because any of us could enter into eternity at anytime.

  61. I am really convince that we are in the last days of the last days. Can’t believe Mrs. Crouch did this, there might be some pressures from out there. The enemy,, the devil is terrified that people will hear the trumpet call of repentance for the end is closer than anyone think. God bless Ptr. Baxter, the whole heavenly host is backing you.

  62. Jack Van Impe actually decided to leave on his own after TBN sent them a letter asking them not to personally attack another pastor…or something to that effect. But Jack left on his own. I have not seen other End Time programs being taken off of TBN besides Irvin’s. Perhaps it’s because he is Post Tribulation and they strongly disagree to the point they feel it is causing more fear and/or confusion than its worth. I personally do not agree with Brother Irvin and have tried watching his show, but always end up turning it off.

    • Tiffany, I watched Jack Van Impe tonight and he specifically addressed this issue in great detail, explaining that the reason he left TBN was because two of his programs were rejected because in those programs he was preaching against SIN. Jack Van Impe spoke out against Matt and Jan Crouch tonight in no uncertain terms. If you want to know the truth of the matter you can probably find his program on YouTube.

  63. 2timothy 3:12-14. it’s a clear warning to those in their positions of labour to there best whenever doors are open because darkness closing in. i thank God 4 that, it gives me assurence that your program was broadcarting the truth.

  64. This is a shame. The bible prophecy programs is why I watch TBN. It gives me hope as these days are getting harder to live in.

  65. She has added a bunch of new shows that are not that great and she has gotten rid of a bunch of great shows. What she has also done is add a Holy Land commerical after each show. That is her project and she is pushing it harder than ever now. I will be glad when Matt takes over total control of the whole TBN network and all the other ones to. He seemed interested in bible prophecy. I saw a few Praise the Lords where the show was about bible prophecy. Jan needs to just stay in FL and deal with her Holy Land project. I hate to sound mean, but she bothers me and I really have a hard time watching her.

  66. Jan maybe part of the elite that want us to hide from the truth. The important thing to remember is that Jesus promised to come back for us. We need to be ready to leave this planet any time from now on. So is very important to know the prophecies as they are written on the book of Revelation. God as a special blessing for the ones o read it. To be aware of the times we are living in makes us desire that Our Lord and Saviour will come for us.

  67. WOW!! This just amazes me that she can be so callous! We quit watching TBN years ago when the viewing schedule was filled continuously with those that preach “Name it and Claim it, Prosperity” sermons. We love Bible prophecy, and as a result have learned much from this site End Time Ministries!! Sad day when men are more consumed with the here and now instead of their eternal life!! Jan Crouch should be ashamed of herself…..

  68. It is sad that TBN is filling its air time with extreme grace preachers…. They are confusing the people of God and making it a “feel good” religion. My God is so much bigger than relugion.

  69. Well May Irvin Bexter now rest in peace.
    Dear Jan pease don’t disconnect the program I have learned so much from End time Bible Prophesies, it has tought all of us watchers so much. Please connect the program.
    God bless you, and may he have mercy on us.

  70. The lost can’t be saved if the truth isn’t preached or taught! Beware there are many false prophets everywhere!! God Bless you!! Irvin Baxter teaches the truth and through that you will be set free!!! Praise Jesus!!! Accept Jesus for what he did for you and invite him into your life! Have a relationship with him and repent daily! You don’t want to be left behind to face God’s wrath!! Have a blessed day! We want Irvin Baxter back on TBN!!!!!

  71. Jan,why is wrong with you I don’t think you are a Christian person anymore and all I can tell you is that you going to answer to God one day for what you are doing now.don’t forget that you Can’t scape from him.

  72. I am very sorry to hear this and I will not be watching TBN any longer..Jans obvious beliefs in the teachings of Kingdom Religion are not biblical..Endtime prophecy IS……shame on her

  73. So many Christians either live in fear today &/or pursue a “Feel-Good” gospel seeking how it will “prosper” them & have every problem resolved & answered while they make their journey here on earth. They just don’t want to address Bible Prophecy because it goes against these good-vibes. We may have some disagreements about pre-trib or post-trib rapture…many Christians do. That’s okay by me. What matters is that Rev. Baxter is sharing the Gospel of Salvation thru Jesus Christ and is reporting on how today’s events are unfolding as laid out in Bible Prophecy. At one point (pre or post trib) His children WILL be caught up in the air with HIM. YES..we should enjoy the Christian entertainment TBS delivers so well instead of secular music, etc….my kids & family loved The Holy Land Experience! It was great to get away from Disney for the day! God uses all His Childrens’ gifts to minister to us & the World….but folks…we’ve gotta look at the whole picture…and today more than any..Bible Prophecy cannot be left out. We are seeing the final brush strokes of God’s materpiece plan unfold!

  74. Jan, get a grip. There was never a time when we needed the shows you cancelled. You,re not the only one who watches TBN, but you may soon be.

  75. Hell is trembling and will do anything to prevent people from being saved. God bless Irvine Baxter for standing in what he believes!

  76. Its with a heavy heart,that I am seeing the evil one working his evil looms of darkness into TBN by misguided directors and Mrs. Crouch. The End Times are here,and the world needs to know it,and to stiffel the News of Gods Word is so disturbing to me and my family. Please reconsider this error in letting Irvin Baxter and Jack Van Impe off the air, and reinstate their positions also at more of a afternoon air time. These men do read and understand the Holy Bible,let the lost world hear the Word so they too can know whats happening and about to happen. Sincerely The Whipkey family

  77. It disturbs me to hear this. hope Jan does not forget what the Lord has done for her. I truely believe we are in the end times and if Tbn is asking for support to preach the gospel let it be done in the name of Jesus. i miss Paul Crouch. the lord gives it and the Lord takes it away. we are sure living in the last days.

  78. Dear Jan,
    I have been a faithful viewer of TBN for many years, and was very disappointed to hear that you are discontinuing “End of The Age”, program. I truly pray that this is not the beginning of canceling all “End of the Age Revelation Programs. If so please reconsider this move. You have many who are faithful viewers of Irvin Baxter and other Prophecy Teachers. Please do not cancel these programs.

    Brenda Washington

  79. From this day forward I will not be watching TBN because of what YOU have done to Jack Van Impe, Irwin Baxter and others. So with that being said if you ever decide to make your tv station more informative again, contact me through the above email address. Again I will not be watching this station.

  80. Jan you can have your tv station TBN. I will not be watching this channel any longer. You can take all the tv shows off that you want and you (Jan) can watch the shows that seem to entertain you. As for Matt this includes you as well. I feel sorry that your husband/father worked so MANY years to build this up from nothing and you are bringing it down in a matter of months. Once again, I will not be watching TBN because you are taking all the informative shows off the air. Is this what you think GOD would want?

    • And I will not be viewing TBN again, to view the evil ones darkest deeds to a Christian tv station,and convert it to the secular world is too sad too view.

  81. I use to attend to your church in Richmond, IN during late 90′s and early 00 period…enjoyed the end time preaching. You mentioned on many occasions, you would have your own network…why don’t you do that? You shouldn’t have to depend on the traditional players in christian broadcasting? There are newer players in broadcasting who reach newer viewers on a global scale….daily. Jan doesn’t share your views of the end time prophecy, it’s pretty obvious. Keep up the great work! God Bless your ministry.

  82. rev. Baxter, Why do you want to stay where you are not wanted? Perhaps God has something better in store for you. God seems to be revamping all of TBN. Remember the bee does not lite on the artificial flower. I believe God will bless you more now that you are under going persecution for the Holy Word. Keep your chin up and your eyes on Yeshua. He will find you avenues of ministry. Your fellow servant in suffering, Rev. Margaret Stratton Fort Worth

  83. I was wondering why your show was not on this week (my DVR did not record). This is truly a sad time we live in when the truth is suppressed. My mom and I truly enjoy your show and talk with each other the next day about your teachings. Your teachings helped bring me around to a Post Trib view point. After having my eyes opened I can’t believe people are falling for the Pre-Trib Rapture scenario. I have learned a lot from watching your program and it’s a shame that TBN does not have the foresight to allow your program to stay on the air so others can be taught the truth about the coming Tribulation period. The Bible plainly spells it our for us (especially the Olivet Discourse). Well I will watch your program VIA your website. God Bless and keep telling the Good News.

  84. Maybe God is telling you that you need to get off of TV. True Christians stay away from that junk. God called us out from sin, and we are not to compromise. Crouch doesn’t believe the message.

  85. I don’t believe Prophecy Ministries such as Irvin Baxter and End time Ministry should be cut while shows that only beg for money stay on the air. Furthermore Jan is not fit to lead a Ministry!!

  86. Since The Church Channel is part of TBN, is it not possible that some people are over reacting? It would be nice to see the actual email or letter that Jan wrote. Sadly, some of the comments that I have just read appear to me, to be somewhat critical of a precious woman who has just lost her husband. I think it is a great idea to write Jan letting her know how much this program means, but please do it in a loving manner. TBN’s Church channel is more of a teaching channel, and it could be that Jan and her son Matt believe that is where the show should be featured. I know that in the past, TBN would regularly take polls of its viewers as to what they wanted to see. Perhaps, viewers of this program did not respond in great enough numbers. Let us pray that God’s will be done. Having worked in Televison, I know that programming decisions are not made lightly. God’s very best to you brother Baxter. (Let us all pray for Jan–I recently saw her on TV she was weeping as she stated that she had never imagined steering TBN without Paul) Again, God bless you borther Baxter.

    • Most intelligent post on this thread. Well said brother or sister. Pray for Jan and TBN. We need them both. If there not against us they are for us. God will continue to Bless Irvin, Jack and others. The post tell me more about the spirit of the believers than it does Jan and Tbn. It’s actually sad. Many need to repent on this thread. Hearts are not right. Praying for Irvin Jan and the body..It’s Gods doing.

    • So pleased to hear someone reply in a kind, loving and logical way. We do not know what’s behind this, but to attack and think the worse, is sad and unbiblical. Why so judgemental and mean? Give them a chance and pray for them.

  87. Irvin, you need to think outside the box…go out and utilize the other global networks that are available to you. Plus, the global networks are more pro-active towards the end time prophecies experts in this field; and understand the times we are living in. Jan and her crew @ TBN…are caught up in the California venues of hollywoodish nonsense. I wouldn’t spend a dime on a network who has lost their vision for Jesus Christ.


  89. I heard about this,but I wasn’t sure it was really true. The Church Channel, did not have you on the other night, when it usually does…are you sure you are still being shown on that channel?

  90. What a shame! I LOVE listening to you!!!! You are blessed and you are doing a fabulous job for our Father God. WE need to pray for Jan. I will keep you in my prayers, and I am so glad that you sent this email out so we all know where you are! God bless you, Irvin.

  91. Mr Baxter, Just forward all of these comments that support your ministry to Jan Crouch and we pray that it will make a difference and that whe will reconsider. I am not holding my breath. The GOOD NEWS is that she is NOT in charge of your ministry, Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is. Your ministry will continue to prosper and grow, as for her TBN, the Lord will judge.

  92. This just further confirms the truth of End Time Prophesy. The Bible states, I believe in Mathew 24, “in the latter days even the very elect will be deceived.” It appears that Jan Crouch has been deceived. First it was J, and his Love Worth Finding program, now Irvin Baxter. Hal Lindsey will no doubt be next. So. there will be NO reason for me to continue to watch Trinity Broadcasting. I am NOT interested in Benny Hinn and his message where he spends 100% of his time soliciting funds. I’ll be switching to watching Daystar. And I’ll support Irvin Baxter financially because he has by far the best end time prophesy message.

  93. Dear Irvin Baxter,

    I watched the TBN show with you, Paul Crouch, his son, some others, etc. and it appeared that the Crouch camp was not up to speed with a growing percentage of the shows that are actually produced for and aired on (their own network)TBN.

    It became more apparent during the course of that presentation that the head does not know what the body needs and wants and has been actively searching for. It seemed like an ivory tower to me. I was hoping that a new direction would be selected for leadership, but your words to him were too little, too late, to make the directional shift we so long for. Their ignorance was shining through right there on their own network, on their own magazine/interview/news show! How could they not have researched their own network! It may not have helped that they might have become embarrassed by their own lack of foresight, but you cannot be held accountable for that in any manner. Maybe they did not know enough to get embarrassed, but, I was embarrassed for them.

    Jan Crouch has no visionary reason to be in charge, but she gets to inherit the network; her children are sweet but off-base, also. Who else has the prophecies figured out better than Baxter? Nobody on TBN, that’s for sure. Could there be a finality about a 40 year wandering??? I think you gave me the idea that Satan may usurp media systems in order to promote his power at the end. Many in our Bible study have second thoughts about Joel Olsten.

    OK, sure, it is important to have children’s programming; I am soon to retire after 25 years in public school districts —- but the children’s program director is not the first choice to be in charge of the entire operation. I doubt with all that is on you plate that you would have wanted the extra responsibility, either. However, anything you want to promote can be through the Israel College, so go international with that. At this juncture, we can put our efforts into the next 40 years instead of glorifying the past.

    I saw the meeting, also, between Paul Crouch and John Hagee in Israel when they nominated Joseph Prince as the next “leader” preacher. Nothing against Joseph Prince, but, he’s no Irvin Baxter. I assume that they wanted to go with someone younger, and maybe Hagee got political about it. You probably know more about all of this, but as a viewer, a consumer with a voracious appetite for anything Baxter, Sid Roth, Perry Stone, Theresa Garcia, Hal Lindsay, some more…..it has become obvious that the directional choice could be better, stronger, and more knowledgeable than anything Crouch.

    We already found you (and others) on Daystar and have been watching that. A keyword for ENDTIME should be TRUTH.

    So, I see that I have not held back much here and have really let you know what I think. I would have to be contacted for permission to use any of my comments here, and I am in a private safe house, so, I would choose to use a pseudonym. We look forward to seeing you again next July at the Denver Landmark Tabernacle.


    • I am so sorry to hear that you will not be on TBN. I wondered why I could not find you in TBN’s programing. Fortunately I will be able to watch you on the church channel. Also my condolences to the Crouch family on the death of Paul. We are all Christians and should not berate Jan and her decission to take Brother Baxter off the air. We can condemn what she has done but lets not attack her personnally. Hopefully she will reconsider when she gets over the initial grief that she is going through right now. In the mean time I will not watch TBN until Brother Baxter has been reinstated on that channel. We need to hear what he has to say to prepare for what is to come.

  94. I have written to Jan and expressed my love for your show and my disapproval of her canceling it. Thank you for sharing your work and enlightening us. Isn’t this just one more sign when the word of God is constantly being threatened? May our all knowing God bless you and all of our wonderful and faithful Christian brothers and sisters who have shown their support.

  95. Irvin Baxter is one of the most reliable teachers who STILL adheres to scripture. Rather it is desired by Jan or viewers or undesired by same (Timothy), it does not necessitate the suspension of this very high quality and biblically accurate teaching. TBN should be very proud to have such an astute evangelist and teacher. Me and my colleagues, who teach in church and college, will gladly tune in too the other channels who support Irvin Baxter to continue our spiritual journey together. A&E made similar mistake, TBN, who boasts of being a Christian network, ought to seriously re-evaluate their mission as a broadcasting network.

  96. IRVIN BAXTER , I thank GOD for using you to prophesy this messages to the people. you will do great things MORE. the churches need to do more REMINDER and PREPARING of preaching end time and understanding the importance of REVELATION. best yet to come, I thank GOD for our spiritual to able to read on our own and not wait on those who rather decide to or unsure to preach of this last chapter had been prepare the way. 2chronicles 20:15 amen

  97. 1 Peter 4:12-13…. I will write to Jan Crouch a note of LETTER! OUR GOD will PROVIDE! I removed TBN APP and no longer support and watch TBN. there is other way to keep in touch with these wonderful GODLY GIVEN PASTOR to US. HOW: install apps, watch u tube, or their website that will direct you to their daily preaching. you won’t have to wait or miss any of them. there are evil sources power when they forget they are for themselves and forgotten this is for GOD people. PEOPLE are not waking up! we are living in END TIME! the other countries where all being unbelievable persecuted and tortured are in their deep real bloody END TIME! don’t be thinking of your own country when our brother and sister are one of us out there needs your prayer and help. churches in u.s.a don’t think and realize how deep end time been out there and is arising soaking in USA. get use to the ideal of unbelievable news everyday. get unshock PEOPLE. GOD WORD NEVER LIES AND IS THE TRUTH. IRVIN

  98. I will be making every attempt to stay connected with your “End of the Age” programming. I did notice its absence when I was setting up programs to record on our DVR.

  99. Rev Baxter. My wife and I came across your programs several years ago and have for the most part never missed a program. We record them and watch several times. It was some time afterwards that I came to realize your teaching on the post tribulation return is truly Bibically based as is mine. Most people we watched spewed that pre tribe stuff and we just had to endure it. I was born and 1945 and remember my first exposure to a rapture sermon about 1955 by a Rev Mae Terry(lady). She used a sentence saying “there is nothing else left to be fulfilled before Jesus returns and if there was it could happen just like this” and she snapped her fingers. Now as a 10 year old I thought how stupid that was and knew full well that could not happen like that. She went on to say Christ could come “any second” and had people shouting and very emotional. I just sat there watching the “show”. Well just how many seconds have passed in the 59 yrs since. That false teaching is proven wrong with every tick of the clock. I was confronted by an “any second now” rapture teacher at a funeral several years ago and he tried to shame me into taking a later bus to heaven in front of others. I saw him months later and asked him since nothing was left to be fulfilled before Christs’ return, just what was the last thing that was fulfilled that caused him to rise the next morning and say to himself now nothing is left. I could see the shock on his face as he could not answer. After some time he said, “when Jesus was on the cross and he said, “it is finished”. It doesn’t take a genius to see the many problems with that answer. Now you have firmly made the truth known to many who were deceived. The TBN family is mislead and deceived and I wrote them on regarding this. God will no doubt bless your ministry accordingly.
    Loel Mckinnon

  100. While I do not completely embrace the belief of Endtime (prophecy) I do believe that we who are anticipating the soon return of Christ deserve the opportunity to hear all who have a belief in the soon return of Jesus. I do believe TBN is risking it future by denying those of us who followed Endtime and several other prophecy programs the continued right to hear those we have followed for so long. I was quick to disavow TBN the day they removed Jack Van Impe from the air and with the ending of Endtime they have really ended my viewing with.

  101. End of the Age was the sole reason I began watching TBN. In this day and age we need to know the truth about what scripture says. I have never heard anyone explain end time prophecy as well as Irvin Baxter. His teaching has made me more conscientious about where we are in history and the direction this life is going. It is as if I’ve awaken to reality and can now prepare myself for what lies ahead. Rev Baxter does not waste precious air time with meaningless fluff and blabber. He is direct and specific about prophecy and how it relates to us today. We need the blinders removed from our eyes so that we don’t fall into the traps set for the ignorant by the deceiver. Thank you Rev Baxter. I will be contacting your ministry directly for information about making a contribution.

  102. It was very shocking to know that “end of the age” won’t be on TBN anymore. This is the second program that I watched every week and was terminated by TBN. I guess Jan doesn’t want to know the truth about prophecy, she is more interested in money. I will follow “end of the age” anyway and never I will watch TBN. Shame on them.

  103. Irvin

    Hi, I really enjoy the end time message. I will write Jan a letter.My mom was a real listener and supporter
    in the eighties of TBN. God really moved in helping them spread the gospel.I purchased and listened to
    your 14 end time tapes and hope to let many others listen to them also. The last tape I think about the city
    God is bringing down to earth.Rev. 21John saw a new earth and a new heaven and all things became new. I feel God will fulfill all he wants accomplished.

  104. Dear Jan,
    Please oh please reconsider putting back on End of the Age with Irvin Baxter. I so enjoyed this man and his teachings on the end times. This world needs to hear. I just lost a dearly loved program taken off of radio. Please not another blow to my heart. Thank you and God Bless and Keep You.!!

  105. I barely started watching your program since last year. my grandson and I have been watching every wed. at 6:30pm in southern california and that was the only time, your program never came on again until wednesdays here. I would very much like to continue to watch your programs because in 60 years of being a non practicing catholic your program explains so much of the Bible to us that catholicism did not teach maybe now they do I really do not know. Will it be possible to just go ahead and starting ordering the dvd’s available now? Can you still have a program on you tube? are you going to have your own station maybe like jack and rexella Van Impe have? Mrs. jan crouch would do well to start believing, I don’t think her husband would be happy about this. I am so sorry, I’ll just used the number to call and see if you have a time slot for california, until then thank you for all you time and energy for bring the Bible explanations to us. Theresa

  106. End time is a wonderful blessing. We had family from out of the country that stayed with us during Christmas. They are into Middle Eastern religions, but where fascinated when I played for them all the DVR recordings I had of Ervin Baxter and his programs. When they left I forwarded to them the websites and tv schedules. I wonder, Christ also spoke about the End Times will he also be removed??

  107. I love listening to Irvin Baxter “End Time Ministries”. I may not agree with post-trib doctrine but everyone should have a voice or an opinion. He does inform us on what is going on in the world and how it pertains to last day prophecy. Well, there is always Daystar because I quit watching TBN a long time ago when Jack VanImpe was gone.

  108. Dear Jan Crouch,

    I can remember wanting to learn about Bible Prophesy for many year but never having any resource to follow or the likelihood of discussing the “Reason For Our Hope”(1 Peter 3:15) is to gain more knowledge about our Lord and Savior Jesus according to the divine foreknowledge written in the Words Of GOD.
    Admitting, We may not always agree but the ideas and teachings from guides, teachers or principles on the subject of Bible Prophesy, But we did not leave it untold, misunderstood and without anyone to provide some learning.

    I really believe that TBN has been the best place to bring the “Words Of Hope” to a world that needs Jesus; all of the Bible needs to be expounded on to bring salvation. Don’t miss on the opportunity to be apart of your husband’s vision and the Lord Jesus vision to bring a revelation of his glory through Endtime , Jack Van Impe and other great teachers tackling this difficult but too important subject.

    Please reconsider canceling Endtime, Bishop Irving Baxter. He has a great love and respect for all people and has been working harder then anyone I know to make sense out of the historical and current events so that Bible Prophesy is relevant in our world today !

    Bless You,
    Carlton Smith

  109. If something is working fine, WHY do people change things? The Endtime program is awesome, sad they made this decision, hopefully they will change their minds.

  110. Dearest Jan & TBN Family. U Have Been A Great Blessing To My Life . I’m a Partner Of TBN Coz I Believe In It. I Kindly Ask U, & In Jesus Name To Air ” End Of Time ” Programs, coz They Are So Greatly Appreciated By So Many in My Country. I Honestly Do NOT Understand Why U Stopped Them. Many A Time The Church Ch. Is Weak, & we Cannot Follow The Most Important Lessons That All Christians & Non Christians at These End Times where All Preach of How The Lord’s Second Coming Is Drawing Near. I Love U Sister Jan as I Loved Brother Paul & Ur Family. I Ask U In JESUS’ Wonderful Name To Reconsider Your Decision Again simply For The Love Of God & His Wish That ALL Peoples’ Be Saved. Thank You & Bless You

  111. What A Loss. This To Me Is The Most Important Subject. We Should if Needed Crawl on Our Knees To Tell People Of What You Teach Us Pastor Irvin Baxter. I Wish To God To Fully Understand Every Issue And Even Every Word Of Your Lessons. May Our Lord Bless U Abundantly & Keep on Opening Ur Heart & Mind To Give Us Even More & More Of His Word About What’s Coming Ahead, So That ALL Will Be Ready. I Love U in Our Lord JESUS CHRIST. PS I wish U Can Tell Us Of Aired Programmes & On Which Channels According To GMT. Thank U

  112. We would surely appreciate some modern , TRUE news coming from Pastor Baxter please..There are SO many you could take off that only push the agenda for $$,$$$. We SO desire TRUTH above all so please do keep Irvin Baxter on the TV station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Sorry for the changes. I know that satan isn’t happy for you to be keeping people alart at the activities of the end of time…and he can use anyone to twart that, but be sure that God is with you and He works in ways we can not see…so TBN will change their mind and your program will continue in Jesus name.

  114. We watch your show and records it also every week. We get it on church channel and Daystar. Its just too bad and sad for those who cannot watch it anymore. It is a very bad decision on her part. We learned a lot from watching your program. God Bless you and your Ministry.

  115. I thank God we get Daystar that does have End of the Age! Saddened that Jan Crouch doesn’t see the great importance of Bible prophecy. The Church needs to be updated by God’s anointed men and women and not be caught unaware of our Lord’s Coming.

  116. I messaged TBN on face book to tell them I was sorry to see them discontinue End time ministries. They replied with the Church channel’s schedule. It is a shame.

    Thank you for all you do :-)

  117. Please reconsider your decision to not broadcast “End of the Age.” Believers and non-believers need to have this vital, informative program available to further our education and convictions.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Janet Ellison
    Plano, TX

  118. I am sorry to hear this ~ Paul loved to hear prophecy and I would Pray Jan would re consider cutting this program, you are so important to the end time message,,,

  119. Love your show…loved you coming to our church and going thru the 14 DV series now…will send Ms Jan a message….I love TBN but was concerned about upcoming changes to come and this is setting actions in motion….

  120. Although I love listening to Irvin Baxter and believe he is on target about the end times I disagree with the whole television aspect!!! We are separate from the world so we shouldn’t publicize like them! TBN is a trinity broadcast anyway so why would you even be affiliated Mr. Baxter??? Not only with TV but with a trinitarian channel! I know your a Apostolic Pentecostal tongue talking Jesus name baptized person as am I and you don’t need TBN!!!!! Jesus has it all under controll!!!

  121. I have learned so much from watching your show and viewing your DVD on the endtimes. So powerful and so needed in these last days. Sorry to hear. Praying that God will open doors that no man can shut. Be blessed. The best part is God is The one in control. Shalom

  122. Dear Irwin, I am surprised to hear that TBN has removed your program since I think you and your people have a very interesting and enlightened view which discusses end time prophecies. What could Jan not see that she would not continue your program. So sad….I will contact for whatever good it will do. Chris Mikulka

  123. this is horrible…even our local Christian channel has removed some of the most anointed preachers ever..it is happening The enemy does not want Gods word to be brought forth..but greater is he in us..nothing is impossible..will continue to watch online. The endtime prophecys are our life, our future we all need this I will pray everyday and write letters…the prophecys cannot be stopped..

  124. It seems the network has been all about raising money anyway. Perhaps God has better things in store for you Brother Baxter. I would love to see TBN start to preach on the cross, in the blood of Jesus and salvation instead of how to be rich. It greaves me when ministers tell you you can be wealthy like them if you give – NO – they’re rich because they have persuaded you to give them money. It saddens me that such a powerful network is not using it to spread the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes, we ALL need to pray for God to turn this avenue of communication around!

    • I agree with Annette. TBN seemed to be all about money, and prosperity preaching. End Of The Age is totally Christ centered, and Mr. Baxter taught truth! Wherever it is, I will find and watch this show. I so much enjoy and learn from his teachings, and I will pray for him and his ministry. God is in control, and satan is defeated!

  125. Yours, Mr Baxter, and most prophesy teaching are the backbone of what our precious Lord is saying to us…. I ‘fear’ for TBN and the Crouch family who seem to be promoting runaway ‘grace’….no accountability…show business (for the sake of show and not so much the Father’s business)…and now this….I surely do not wish that the tag of ‘Ichabod’ does not befall this amazing work of God now that Paul is gone from this earth…..I say this in all love for the Crouch family and for all of God’s prophetic word…..

  126. How very sad I am to hear this! Things that are good on TV seem to be getting cancelled especially when it has to do with Religion. I still get the Church Channel. So I will get to watch still. Thank you for all you do!

  127. I, too, am sorry that End of the Age has been canceled on TBN, especially on Wednesday nights. The earlier time shedule was better for us. We watch the program on other channels sometimes as well–hoping to see the programs more than once. We have some of the DVD set. There is so much to learn, and we don’t want to miss anything.

  128. I am so sorry to hear this, but I can listen and watch you on the Church Channel. To me, she has been a fake from the day 1. I will pray for her.

  129. End time ministries is one of my favorits. We should not be going around blind. Hall Lindsay is also nice. Please Jan I like you too.

  130. This is a big mistake. Although I do not agree with all your prophecy interpretations and opinions, I am fully supportive of and applaud your deep love for Israel and desire to spare as many lives as possible whenever the “abomination of desolation” occurs. And it will. I will find a way to view your segments regardless.

  131. Sorry to hear that. I enjoyed this program a great deal…I even purchased the dvd set to learn at my pace. Hope to find you on the net.

  132. Seems a very unwise decision to discontinue programming concerning biblical prophecy at the start of the years 2014-2015 when we are expecting the rare occurance of the blood moon tetrad with a total solar eclipse right in the middle. If God is showing us signs in the heavens, I think Irvin’s messages are more relevant and urgent than ever. Regardless of the actions of TBN, it is the responsibility of all believers to be ready for our Lord’s appearing and spread the Good News to as many non-believers as we can. Thank God that we have Daystar, Church Channel, and the internet to continue viewing EndTimes Ministries.

  133. Dear Jan…please make sure the prophecy End of the Age and other such programs stay on TBN. My father was a prophecy teacher and was the author of a book Plan for the Planet. It has gone all over the world and many have come to know Jesus and are ready for His return because of the teaching. We are faithful partners, my mother is a faithful partner and loves Irvin Baxter’s teaching, she may not agree but all the time as she is a scholar of the Word and studies what he says…we want to continue giving to TBN.

  134. The Book of Revelation is the meat of God’s Word. Discussing the Great Tribulation can be difficult for some people. And then, there are those of us, who Praise God for loving us so, that He gives us forewarning of things to come. Thank you, Father.
    Some people refuse to accept the truth as difficult as it may be. They need everything candy coated. So, a woman who wears oversized pink wigs may have a difficult time with the facts found in Revelation. I pray she reconsiders her décision.

    May God continue to work mightly through your ministry. We thank God and appreciate all you, Judy and the staff do.

  135. sorry to hear that you are no longer TBN however I usually watch you on Daystar. I will however write Jan a note . sometimes grief puts a fog over our thinking and we don’t make wise decisions. tT professions tell us not to make big decision for A year. needs lots of prayer, However, God knows what is best for His son Irving.

  136. oh! oh! sorry to be hearing about this situation but I think Jan must reconsider her decision seriously. What is going to become of all those viewers who look forward to your programme? I will definitely be watching you now on Daystar.

  137. I am not surprised to hear this. At a time when we need to hear these programs the “Powers that be” over at TBN will try to block it! I thank God that there are other venues for me to receive the information that I need in this hour via your website and Facebook page!

  138. GOD BLESS YOU, YOUR FAMILY & YOUR MINISTRY, MR. BAXTER. I THANK GOD FOR YOU! I purposely did not have a tv because I could get NO tv Christian programs. I am BLESSED to have Christian tv NOW & am very thankful that I will be able to watch you on the Church channel ! :) I pray that GOD will open new doors for you. Don’t worry about TBN or ANYTHING else. (Romans 8:28) Just continue to obey the LORD in your ministry & your life. The whole world is a MUCH BETTER place because of you, Mr. Baxter. Thank you very much for your sacrifices; they have NOT gone unnoticed! : ) s/ DiAnna H, near Austin, TX (JesusLovesDiAnna@Gmail.Com)

  139. End of the Age is one of my favorite prophecy shows to watch. Hopefully with this door closing, God will open another. I have been a faithful donor to TBN, and I will now put my money into End of the Age with Irvin Baxter. I love bible prophecy and think that we should have as much study of the End Times as possible.

  140. Brother, I live in Justin Texas, and I might have to drive your way to hear you speak the truth. I miss your program on tv. May God bless you.

  141. We are very blessed to be able to watch you and we will look for your program on Daystar or Church channel.
    In God we trust, you will flourish in spite of TBN!

  142. I had never heard the post tribulation viewpoint expounded until I started watching End of the Age last year. All my Christian life I was troubled about the pre-tribulation viewpoint because just a simple reading of God’s Word to me seemed to say that after all of these things Christ would come. I assumed I was just too dull to get it but I wondered why when an easy reading of God’s Word said one thing, that theologians made it out to say something else. So I thank Dr. Baxter for having the courage to preach from his heart. Everything he says makes so much more sense that what I have been taught for so long.

    • I don’t understand how the Jewish people are the apple of God’s eye, and yet you want to warn them about the coming disaster. If and when God’s prosperous me financially, I want to help the Jewish people! Sometimes, I wish I were a Jew.

  143. I’m saddened by the TBN decision, but God’s people must seek, knock and stick together… including being proficiency with alternate and vibrant forms of communication. When godless gov’t chokes the i-net and we can no longer buy or sell, shortwave may be one of the “new” waves… God bless you Irving & Baxter family.

    • to my own comment – As stewards, we must support ministries which teach and preach ALL of God’s Word, yet still pray for the Crouches – Prophecy comprises 1/3 of Scripture I believe… also pls forgive the typos (above) – Thank you & God bless you Irvin for decades of diligence in study and sharing.

  144. I’ve read through most of the comments. Many are judgmental and angry. That is God’s place and he will either bless TBN or not. I agree Bible teaching and prophetic signs are of the utmost importance; especially now.
    Praise and worship is vital, too much is uninviting. ‘Fire and brimstone’ has turned many off to a relationship with Christ. Both aspects are correct, but without the knowledge of everything between; fruitless. (I believe nobody has ever been saved watching little bunnies frolic). The “For a gift of ($), we will send you (?), is patronizing; a valid reason, for those looking for one, to not seek Christ. (Not to mention the “I’ll send this blessed scrap of silk, and all your dreams will be fulfilled within 2 weeks”). Just tell it like it is. “This (?) is for sale.” Everyone knows it takes money to run a program. We don’t need someone to tell us “If God puts it on your heart…” If He does – we’ll know.
    It is as simple as this – the truth must be told, or we are the ones failing. Mr. Baxter, Mr. Van Impe, among others are doing just that. They are still airing and for this we are grateful. (Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey both air on secular channels in my area). None of these programs need any particular network to get the message out. Let TBN do what they choose. Let Daystar, The Church Channel, TCT, and JCTV do as they choose. And let God do as he chooses with them.
    Thank you for letting me share.

  145. God Bless all the people of End of Time Ministries. I love your programs, and I can tell you that the evil one is working over time trying to stop you of warning the people about what it is to come very soon. I pray that God will provide for all the needs of this ministry and even more. Let people open their hearts and minds to the word of Christ, so many be save. Thank you because of your teaching and others like Hal Lindsey and the Van Impes, I left my life as a Catholic CCE teacher; I receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I got baptize and I am more happy than ever. I was blind but I now I can see the truth thanks to you all. God bless you.

  146. God Bless all the people of End of Time Ministries. I love your programs, and I can tell you that the evil one is working over time trying to stop you of warning the people about what it is to come very soon. I pray that God will provide for all the needs of this ministry and even more. Let people open their hearts and minds to the word of Christ, so many be save.

  147. My husband and I really enjoyed your program, we have several DVD’s, and reccomend them to everyone. We will catch you on one of the other channels. I don’t care for TBN, I watched it to watch you. They are a bit creepy.

  148. what is the difference between the church channel and tbn? we will still get to watch Ervin.maybe it’s about the money.i enjoy the show

  149. I stopped watching TBN after they took Jack and Rexella Van Impe’s program off their network.
    Apparently, Jan Crouch and her sons have more interest in fund raising than they have in Biblical prophecy.

  150. I just hope the people will pursue the other options to get Brother Baxter’s teachings because they are so relevant. My life has greatly changed from the teachings of Mr. Baxter. As for TBN, I just think God is separating the wheat from the tares and I believe the obviousness of this is a blessing. Bye TBN.

  151. Good that you are sharing and involving the church out there to voice our opinion and take the action to request the return of such programs like your that ate informative and needed for the opening of our eyes to wach the signs of the tomes we are a part of. And pray for wisdom upon persons like sis. Jan that need it to make important desisions for the chanels that change peoples lifes. I think i must write to her. I pray that Gods will be don.

  152. I had my TV set to record anytime the show aired. I notice I did not have any new recordings. Now I know why. I really miss the program but will try to find on other channels in my area.

  153. My husband & I love your ministry, we will keep you, your wife, staff & ministry in our prayers. This is not of God, every day that passes we see just how relevant your ministry is. The Crouches have been showing their true colors for a while now, I don’t watch their stations anymore after what they did to the Van Impe’s. When their son & daughter in law host shows it gives me the creeps, I feel like I’m watching a couple of throw backs from the 80′s that never grew up. I get mail from them looking for donations, I don’t even open it up anymore, it goes straight into the recycling bin. This is a hard blow & I know it hurts, it hurts us too, but keep doing God’s work, your ministry is a beautiful light in a dark, cold, hard world

  154. Really too bad. Was a real interesting program. TBN has already started their descent in quality programming. Some might not think so but the continual song and dance plus gymnastics to me are against Godly principles in the first place. At least Daystar has some conscience left.

  155. Mr. Baxter, growing up in a strict Apostolic family and now I mainly follow Jesus Christ and the word of God Holy Bible KJV, let me just say If TBN has taken out all Bible prophecy programs from their station then I can no longer watch TBN. Bible prophecy shows are a must on TV today I love you program I order your DVD’s this is very upsetting. you do a great job the Lord is with you and he is in control and I know you seek him in all you do. God bless you and your ministry

  156. I’m sorry to hear TBN will not carry you.
    When Paul Crouch passed I wondered in my heart what changes would come.
    Now I know.

  157. Dear Bro. Baxter,
    Your ministry is a blessing/ I listen to Politics and Religion on 1630 AM here in Dallas Texas and watch end of the age every week on Daystar. You are in my thoughts a prayers daily.

    Thanks and God Bless You,

  158. Well, I am no surprised at this either! When I watched the program about prophecy on Praise The Lord, Irvin got a LOT of opposition and ATTITUDE from the other members. I noticed some of them don’t believe in Prophecy and want to believe THEY will be raptured before the tribulation. Irvin, you made it perfectly CLEAR that the rapture will occur AFTER the tribulation and THAT DIDN’T REST WELL WITH THEM! They simply refuse to believe. Now they want to kick you off TBN??? What are they afraid of now???? It must be the upcoming signing of the Peace Treaty in conjunction with Jesus prophesying about his return. They don’t want to believe it and are rejecting the TRUTH! That won’t make it any less true and Irvin you are doing a magnificent job in putting the truth out there! I used to believe in the rapture before the tribulation but you have TURNED ME AROUND. Jesus made it clear and it is EASY to see the truth in scripture! I look forward to his return even though we may have to endure the tribulation! I think TBN is more worldly anyway and want to believe their fairytales! Keep on striving Irving, God will give you your prize in the end! April 29, 2014 is coming and ready or not SO IS JESUS!!!!!

  159. I’m very disappointed, sad that Jan Crouch has decided to cancell End of the Age program and other prophecy programs. I would like to study prophecies. I think it’s very important. I am saddened by this choice.

  160. We met approx. 20 years ago in New York (Brooklyn) and you have been a blessing to me and I know you have been a blessing to others. I will surely keep your ministry in my prayers as the good Lord leads and keep on keeping on in Jesus name

  161. Irvin Baxter, I believe in you and your ministry mainly because everything you do or say is taken to the Lord in prayer first. I trust that this situation will not be any different. Seeking the Lord in this, I pray, will give you insight and revelation on where you are to go from here. Only the Lord closes doors and opens them. While it was Jan who took the action, more than likely it was Lord was really moving her. I pray you will always continue seeking His counsel on every situation. You and your ministry are a blessing to many. Thank you

  162. It is God’s will that all the people know! And God’s will cannot be stopped. We are the army of God and we must get this message out. Many more doors will open and much territory is to be increased. Let us pray for the blind and deaf and ask God to bless them in Jesus Name!!!

  163. I pray God continues to use you to reach everyone who needs to hear your important news! With God’s power, he will keep your words accessible to all. If not through this program, then, though your other avenues. Blessings on your organization Irvin.

  164. After viewing on TBN your appearance along with others some months ago on the topic of the timing of the rapture…I could see that Matt Crouch was the main one that was an advocate for the Pre-Trib. Rapture as to his attitude and comments. I believe Matt has a heavy hand in this decision and not just Jan Crouch. I believe them both to be unstable in the wisdom of scriptural prophecy in many ways, so this does not come as a surprise. There may be other changes that will continue to promote things that are not Godly or scriptural in many other areas as well, programming to lessen rather than enhance the True Word of God and the world situation as it now stands.
    I write this without any foreknowledge or anything I have read or heard, I only write from the heart and the belief that with the passing of Paul, much will happen that will cause a dissemblance of the Gospel of God and as the Prophet’s of old, a Holy Warning to the times such as they are and will continue to be so.
    We will continue to watch you on Daystar to stay informed as we so enjoy your program and the pertinent information you supply both with your program and your magazine. We pray that God increases your ministry throughout the world and particularly in Israel as well.
    Bob and Diane Ward Mesa,AZ.

  165. I will definitely write to Jan Crouch for an explanation. Satan is probably really attacking the entire Crouch family right now.

  166. So sad the end of a relationship! I have viewed a few of Dr. Baxter’s appearances on Dr. Crouch’s TBN show on youtube and can see why Dr. Baxter would have respect for and relationship with him. Thankfully I can continue to watch Endtime on Daystar and thank God for Endtime.com and the archives. I work 3-11pm and every day after work I go directly to the website and go into the archives to listen to the daily radio show. Thanks Dr. Baxter and God bless to your team for keeping that up to date. Your ministry will surely go on!

  167. We don’t all want to watch music and rallies of groups…We want teachings. We want bible prophecy. The singing and dancing are fine with limitation. Learning is what we want. We work. We don’t always have time to study the bible and its critical aspects. We depend on the interpretation of scholars like Irvin Baxter and many, many others. I hope “pablem” for newbies is not going to be the agenda…We will be sorrowful to lose the likes of VanImpe, Hal Lindsey, Irvin Baxter, and many others. Please reconsider…dee

  168. Blessings Irvin, Anything that does not teach the pre-tribulation rapture view, will persecute those of another scriptural stance. Rejoice, for so persecuted they the prophets- redemption must be drawing near! False doctrines will cause much of the falling away, when their hope is in the false doctrine, rather than Christ and the Father by the Holy Spirit! En Agape, Dr Jim Burck PS We need current teaching based on what is happening now that will prepare the Body of Christ– please consider this on upcoming programs.

  169. I would like to say I will miss watching End of the Times on TBN. But can watch on Daystar.

    My wife and I have contacted TBN via their contact page. Explaining to them that we will not longer be watching anything on TBN until End of the Age is returned to is regular spot of Wed evenings. I invite other to join our boycott of TBN in support of Pastor Baxter. We will also be sending a written letter to TBN expressing our support of Pastor Baxter. Hope everyone here also sends a hand written letter and contacts via TBNs website.

    Here is the link to the contact for TBN.

  170. we only get the free local channels so I was getting anxious but gladly read that you will be on the church channel. it is sad so many today don’t have a love for prophecy and continue to live as those who were swept away during the time of noah. my husband and I partner with you and are glad we will continue to be able to watch your programing with our 6yr old. G-d bless

  171. Hello!
    Thank you so much for the info about the discontinuation of your tv program on TBN. Since it was one of my favorites, I am very saddened by this. I am very happy to hear that you will be on other available channels. Thank you for you great work and information in this vital area. Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas, Texas, has done a series on Bible Prophecy and states that it is extremely important for all Christians to know about and examine . It determines our future.
    Thank you for making this vital information available to us all! Please continue to keep us posted, especially, could I have some information of the Jerusalem school ? Thanks again, the Bible states that in the end times , even the elect( Christians) can be deceived. Your work opens are eyes so that we do not have to deceived by the New World order that it is not good for anyone. It is not Biblical or for our benefit. Without, your information and others, how would we know ?
    I am very grateful for your information and pray that God will bless you, your family, ministry and work.” Without vision , people perish.” We need to know our future as past of that vision.

  172. Bro. Baxter, we regret that you were taken off TBN. It is their loss! But, we know that all things work together for the good for those who love the Lord. As our pastor says, “it’s working for you.” You and your staff keep up the good work. May the Lord Jesus bless you real good.

  173. Brother Irvin: I always watch you on “DayStar” and the internet, AND I am a Catholic. In my neck of the woods, you are on DayStar at 10:30 PM on Sundays and there is an “encore” airing on the following Saturday night at 11:30 PM. I also see Hal Lindsay at 10:00PM on Sunday, right before you come on. Jack Van Impe is on at 9:00 PM on Friday night. I don’t watch TBN because there is a lot of false teaching on that network. I know I don’t have to say this but trust in God. He will lead you where He wants you to go. Jan and her listeners are the losers here, not you and your ministry. Your sister in Christ.

  174. Ervin,
    I knew TBN would go down the Hill if Paul Crouch Sr would Pass away. I heard that they were wasting Donations on Planes, Homes, & RV for Jan & I heard Paul & Jan didn’t get along very good but it was just the Money that Kept them together. And when Jack Van Impe was kicked off TBN that was the last Nail in the Coffin. And then someone put Dirt on the Internet about Jack. We are in the Last Days. I also believe if we make it through this Year without World War-3-it will be a miracle. Another thing to watch for is that Super Volcanio in Yellowstone Park. After I Heard about Joel it didn’t surprise me one bit. Israel will not stand by & let Iran get the Bomb. I know they have been threatened by the U.S. & European Union. The Bible says what’s coming & Very, Very Soon. Come Quickly Lord Jesus.

  175. So sorry to hear that you will not be on TBN anymore. I enjoy watching your show and I do believe in
    End Time Prophecy…. I will watch on another channel. May God Bless You.

    Thank you for the information.

  176. I knew things were going to happen after his father died. I will block TBN channel from my tv. This is not right and I am upset and sad about this. I knew it would come as his son thinks another way. I will find you and keep watching your show. God Bless

  177. …days of Noah…it amazes me what those in charge think & do. For TBN to stop prophecy from being heard, explained & going out to the nations is sad. God forgive them! I thought the Crouches motto was ” GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL”? How sad that they are not honoring their word. “But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?” Romans 10:14 Thank God that Irvin Baxter makes his videos available for ALL to hear! God Bless you Mr. Baxter & your team & staff!

  178. It is not a surprise for me. The only programs they want are the ones which “tickle the ears” of those who want to know “how to use God for increasing their riches” and “think good, feel good, buy a miracle here” preaching. Yes, I know these are harsh words but, at least Dr. Crouch used his platform to let prophets warn people and get them prepared for what’s coming. Sorry to say but, Ms Jan lives in Disneyland and her sons have been to “hollywoodised” (if we can make this word up).

    • I agree Sharon. There are alot of “Think Good, Feel Good” churches now a days too, many are Mega-churches. We need to pray for all of those Lost people. My wife and I were thinking of going to the Holy Land Experience at one time, but we have both been blessed to have went to the Real Holy Land thru Zion’s Hope who actually founded The Holy Land Experience. Jan has made THLE into a theme park like Disney.

  179. Pastor Baxter, I, along with the many who have contacted you, see what the devil is trying to do but he is a defeated foe! Please be encouraged by all the good words people are sending to you. I’m deeply saddened by TBN’s decision to remove you! I have watched TBN from the late 70′s and have had the greatest respect for Paul Couch but things are changing there and not for the better. Thanks for all you do and PLEASE keep on keeping on!!!

  180. Your program has beautifully and credibly educated many believers in this country about the clear possibility of our presence down here during the great tribulation. Your prophetic history lesson is absolutely riveting (especially pertaining to the last century and now). Like it or not, we must give our
    attention to these prophetic findings. I am grateful your ministry has answered, with respect, any questions I have called them with. I was taught years ago that the “falling away” (the apostacy) was actually a “taking up”, or rapture. And “until he be taken out of the way” at the revealing of the anti-Christ,
    was made to describe the Holy Spirit taken out of the earth with all the saints, but it is merely a stepping aside of restraining forces that allow any tyrant in time to be made known. Many martyrs of the tribulation are seen in the book of Revelations, whom the Lord will comfort. After all, are we not called to “be faithful unto death and He will give us a crown of life?” My Christian life and expectations have been changed completely by the life’s work of Irvin Baxter. And I thank my God for the opportunity to be prepared (at least in Spirit) and not overwhelmed with shock as events unfold. It is no wonder that most of the current Christian media, which ever entertains Americans with a prosperity gospel, do not feel comfortable with End Time Ministries. I am actually more at peace having been enlightened by it. Thank you Irvin Baxter.
    Jesus strengthen you in the inner man.

  181. TBN is an abomination, my opinion…..”wordly” and it improves your message by not giving it there. YHWH is in control, those who are meant to hear HIS message will. YHWH’s latter day message is all about prophecy, right down to the numbering of days. It is the prophecy of 1,000′s of years ago that HE declared, that will, when known by unbelievers in this age, will cause them to believe in Yeshua…..those who do not have evil hearts (tares).

  182. Son, Matt and wife, Laurie, may be who you should be talking to. I understood Paul turned over the direction of TBN to him, not his wife, Jan. It was Matt, not Paul before he died, that informed the Van Impe’s they would not longer air their program because of his disagreement with his message that he found MAY offend listeners!

  183. Rev. Mr. Baxter, you have God’s hand over you, Bless You. I pray for TBN, but know it is a sign of the end of days. I hope the Lamb’s will keep you on the Daystar network. Thank you and your wife and staff for all that you do on the radio and media and internet. May the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth keep you going strong. Amen. Raymond Sullivan.

  184. Irvin, I think it is amazing that at the same time I was writing about other doors being opened, three other persons were writing the same “open-doors” message. God leads his dear children along!

  185. I,too, am disappointed to know Irvin will not be aired on TBN. However, I pray that other doors will be opened which will be a much better avenue to spread the end-time message. As we know, the time is short!

  186. Jan crouch is so unreal any way.She is so cosmetically made up with too much make up and outlandish wigs.How could a Godly woman appear like she does.God wants us to come to him as we are.She reminds me of Tammy Baker.I never watched Irving on TBN because I feel they are making lots of money and using God as a smoke screen.Irving hasnt lozt anything by not being on TBN.

    • Judge not. However she chooses to dress and whatever she chooses to program is between her and her God. Just as it is our choice to watch TBN or not. I choose not.

    • I am a regular in watching your show. Cannot believe it would be removed from TBN Broadcasting. I do watch Daystar, so that would work for me. Not sure who else was released, but it is unexpected. Wherever you go I want to know and keep up with your info.

  187. I am like N.Knott, this does not surprise me. My husband and I always watch you on the Church channel and we always attend your meetings when you are close to us. We plan on attending the Poplar Bluff Mtg. in Feb. I hardly ever watch TBN because I can feel the spirit that comes across is NOT one I want to listen to. Also, I catch Jack Van Impe on other channels. God bless your efforts Irvin. We are planning on helping you with your mission in Israel. Please continue to stand fast in your call in these last days. We are here for you!The time is short. We will also being praying for you earnestly.

  188. Brother Irvin;The fastest growing network on DISH is the Blaze.I believe if you contact Glenn Beck he would be glad to have your program on his network.God bless.

  189. Some doors will close but we wait for our Lord to open new ones or increase the traffic thru the existing ones. We fear not.

  190. How sad that Jan Crouch has decided to cancell End of the Age program and other prophecy programs. I study prophecies a great deal and am saddened by this choice.

  191. This does not surprise me. It started years ago with the station pushing out Hal Lindsey…which, they eventually took back, BUT with subject censors. Then, Jack Van Impee was removed because he REFUSED to allow them to censor his subject matter. However, Van Impee found that he could reach more people on more diverse channels (even mainstream media channels) and NOT COMPROMISE his message. He stated that he spent the same amount of money for all the additional channels as he did on just TBN, and reached MORE people.

    These are the last days and the forces of satan are going to make a push to silence the truth, where ever it is told. The time to speak out is NOW, while we are still somewhat free to do so. The time is fast approaching where what we say about our beliefs may be illegal.

    It breaks my heart to know what is coming to our world, but it WILL come to pass, and very soon. Where we stand now will measure where we will stand then…when our very lives could be at risk because of our Biblical beliefs.

    I was concerned when I watched the last End Time airing because the message of Jesus’ SOON return was associated with John Kerry’s secret negotiations. The contents of WHAT the Bible states will be in the end time plan was PLAINLY stated, making it very easy for anyone to compare with whatever peace agreement comes out of the Kerry negotiations! I felt, IF these things were actually being pushed by Kerry’s proposed plan, there would be some STRONG fall out. Sadly, there was.

    Paul Crouch had a respect for Biblical prophecy. However, toward the end of his personal involvement with the day-to-day running of TBN, and his son took over the running of the station, and things changed. His son’s vision for TBN is geared more toward future profits and growth through the pleasing of the mass market (of whom many have fallen away from sound Biblical doctrine).

    Brother Irvin, it means so MUCH to me…and others who believe the same way as I do…that Endtime ministries, and YOU, are not compromising Biblical TRUTH in order to appease the majority of those who have forsaken God’s word for a more “pleasing” message. He will provide you with a way to do the task He has called you to do.

    Personally, I applaud you for not compromising your beliefs to remain on a station that has fallen away from sound Christian principals and beliefs, just to keep a TV slot on a popular station! Often God’s truths are NOT popular!!

    May God abundantly bless you, your family, and your ministry during the difficult time you are experiencing.

  192. I am deeply saddened that your program has been discontinued. I have learned so much from watching your programs and feel that I am prepared for some of what will be coming because of you. For the first time, I really gained an understanding of Revelation and the description of the beast and the one world government and so much more. God bless you for your years of study that resulted in my being knowledgeable now about all that is coming together in the world to bring about the fruition of these prophesies.

  193. This is truly a blessinging in disguise. I am glad that Mr Baxter is no longer with TBN. I stop watching this show before they took him off. I am glad the Lord brought him out of “BABYLON”.

  194. As many have commented, Jack Van Impe was also pushed out as well:it is very suspicious, which males me believe prophecy programs are better off going elsewhere! So you use Tour annointing appropriately, without sensorship, and interpret prophecy accurately. TBN may not be what they appeared to be. Followers of End times will watch on Daystar! It’s the most informative program ever to air re: prophecy and is a blessing!

  195. What is sad is if TBN broadcasted Irvin’s End of the Age message to other countries and now they will be in the dark. I too suspect Paul’s son had something to do with this decision. I have never heard him preach, I only see him hold the Mic for his Dad and ask questions like a Reporter. My spirit aches each time I see him and his wife with Joel & Victoria Osteen. Paul was Well-versed in the Word. He seemed to always have his Bible with him and reading verses from it. We will see in time what changes happens to TBN. I just hope it is not like what happen to WalMart when Sam died and the greedy kids took over and sold out to China. I am not saying TBN will sell out to China but it seems each new Generation is a little more lost, spoiled and greedier than the previous. Sign of the Times. Well Irvin, you stay the course, God has you on the right path and many times we don’t know at the time why things happen the way they do, but God is in control. God might be removing you from TBN for a reason. God has given you the Gift of Prophecy, He will not let the devil stop you from getting His message out.

  196. Sorry to hear this. I’m going to write TBN and ask that they reconsider their decision.
    Thankfully, Daystar is available.
    I wonder how this will affect Hal Lindsey’s program?

  197. Have been a long time viewer of your program & magazine subscriber & was sorry to hear about TBN’s decision regarding your program. Suggestion: not sure how it works but many ministries are using Roku as a venue to air their programs. Many people are using Roku since programs can be watched @ their convenience & do not have time constraints. It is really great & I love it!!!

  198. Love you Brother Baxter. All things happen for a reason! There must be something better for you around the next corner. You are a man of God and he will bless you coming in and going out!

  199. Irvin,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your programming on Bible prophecy. I have Dish and will seek you on DayStar and the Church Channel to watch. TBN has dissapointed me, also the Inspiration channel. I quit watching INS and now plan to stop TBN. I subscribe to your newsletter and hope to purchase some of your DVDs for watching or online. We came to see you once last year (2013) when you came to Bentonville, AR.

    Thank you for Endtimes and many Blessings to you, family and staff.

    Nina and Doyle Carelock

  200. Rev. Baxter: I have been a long time viewer and admirer of your show, your ministry and your work. I am a huge fan of End Time Ministries finding it very informative and educational on getting ready for what lays ahead of us as children of God. I have been reborn in the Lamb’s Blood since I was 18 yo and truly find a personal relationship with Christ Jesus to be very rewarding spiritually. Unfortunately your message and teachings are apparently falling on deaf ears with some people. But when they are cut off without remedy by God they will know true misfortune and sorrow. I would like to find out more information on becoming a permanent partner and supporter to your organization. Please keep up the good work that you do.

    Phil Notto
    New Port Richey, Fl.

  201. I am gobsmacked. First Jack van Impe now Irvin. Baxter. Millions listen and learn from them. They are true prophets of God. TBN needs to wake up to Gods prophets and take heed. Most of their presentations are too commercial anyway. Sure they’ll lose millions of viewers. Very sad.

  202. Very sad news indeed! My husband had NEVER had any Bible teaching and Mr. Baxter has given us much to ponder. The End Of The Age is partially responsible for bring my husband to Christ. We watch weekly, and Timmy asks questions if there is something he doesn’t understand; which is rare as Mr. Baxter is easy to understand, thorough, and pertinent.
    I may be wrong, but I believe Mr. Baxter does’t use off stage prompts for more than camera changes. He studies and knows all of which he speaks.
    Mine will definitely be among those letters written to Mrs. Crouch.

  203. Pastor Irvin Baxter, we both love to listen to you on tv and once again hope to see you soon and we will let Pastor Kelly know about this on Wednesday at church in MT.Sterling God Bless You.

  204. Jan wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole Bible is a prophetic book. You are depriving millions of people of hope and understanding. You are making a terrible mistake. Paul would be absolutely devastated.

  205. Dear Jan,how’re you doing? God bless you. Pls I just want you to know how God loves you of using your media for His mission.please Welcome Irvin back.thank you.

    • Thanks Michael. Please consider writing a letter to the address provided above. Jan will not be reading these comments, and a hand-written letter is the best form of communication regarding this matter. Thank you!

  206. I don’t think there is some conspiracy to remove Endtimes Ministries from the air. I think The forth coming truth is scary and some people just want to hear the comfortable words in Church… Tell me about the sun and the blue skies and skip the earthquakes and wars and rumors or wars… I Pray they are prepared and not just scared because if you believe the Bible, the Word of God, these things will come to pass… Now if there is some inside business dealings that is another issue. One mans opinion.

  207. whats going on with TBN they are moving,all the good programs like Aquilla Nash , Jack Van Impe, and now the end time please we hope that you think it twice before you do this thank you

  208. I’m sorry to hear that tbn is pulling Bro. Baxter and other prophecy programs off its station. The Choice of programming should not be determined by Jan Crouch or any board. It should be determined by the partners and viewers of tbn who keep the station on the air.

  209. They took Aquilla Nash off too which I loved to watch and was healed through her prayer and ministering. Have you all thought about seeking out the Inspiration channel? I get that and watch it too. I love your program and hope you can continue. Thanks so much for teaching us. You really seem like a very humble person.

  210. There are really only 2 programs I have dearly loved to watch on TBN here in Stockholm, Sweden, and they were both prophetic. One was Endtime Ministries, and the other one was Mana Fest. While I am very glad to know that Endtime Ministries will be available on the Church Channel and thru Daystar, I am sorry for the loss of contact with TBN. Praise the Lord music seems also to have been skipped in large measure onTBN and why that is, I don’t know. Please do not let this dampen the zeal of Endtime Ministries! I am also grateful to you, Irvine, that you have come out in the open with this. I have been looking for Endtime Ministries and not finding it, and now I know that I will not find what I have been looking for where I was looking. It is a most difficult challenge to work with the book of the Revelation of Christ, or the last book of the Bible known to us as Revelation. Please keep pressing on! We are living in the generation which should see the return of Christ, is my understanding. As more time passes, some people at TBN may change their minds about whether or not messages such as those found on Endtime Ministries are important and highly relevant!
    warmest Christian regards!

  211. Satan is fighting against the truth, but those truly seeking the Lord and His Truth, will find it. The fruit of TBN will be made manifest in due time. There are many on the broad road to destruction. Let’s be thankful that the Lord has shown us the truth and let’s share it with others as we go about our daily lives. Going forward, we will be seeing less and less of the truth on television and the main-line media. It’s up to Believers to share the truth, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray the Lord will give us courage where he has placed us. Good Luck Irvin and team. Keep up the good work!!

  212. I hope Irvin is reading these responses, it will surely lift his spirit to know how greatly loved and appreciated he is in the body of Christ Jesus. Also hope all will heed the advice about writing a HAND WRITTEN letter to Jan Crouch, emails will not suffice apparently. God Bless you Irvin and Judy and your ministry partners and workers.

  213. I am so sorry to hear this news of TBN cancelling this wonderful and informative show. However, I am glad that there are other avenues available to catch the show. This is so unfortunate but it is a part of the End Times. Somehow I think Paul and Jans son might also be responsible for this move. I will continue to watch and listen your show and will let TBN know that prophecy information is the most valuable information. Keep up the good work End of Age

  214. Well I have to say that I’m not surprised by TBN actions. It seems that when you speak out the truth on subjects they want to shut you down, and further more in my opinion and based on there action in the past and present they are very apostate, this is not to say all there viewings are people but it seems they are more about signs and wonders than about the word of god, and again I point out key people that are associated With TBN.

  215. Regarding tbn , Paul crouch, and many popular and famous “ministers”, I would suggest that everybody who reads this post read John MacArthur’s book “Strange Fire”, which gives great insights into the history of Pentecostalism and it’s disregard to scripture. If you love truth, you’ll love this book. I of course am completely not in agreement with MacArthur’s eschatology views, being a post tribulationist in that aspect, but this book he wrote is a great eye opener. We can waste our time reading dozens of books full of doctrines that do not establish our hearts with grace, but this book is laced with scripture, church history, and many things that can edify

  216. I am so sorry that your program was pulled off the air. We do need more Prophecies Programs on every Christian Stations to help the Church Body understand what is going on in the world. But if TBN is taking you off hopefully Daystar or even the Word Network will take your program on theirs and we can continue watching and get more understanding. Bro. Baxter I will keep you in prayer. When one door closes another will open. You have something bigger and better coming your way.

  217. Thank you so much for keeping us informed………..Shame on her………..She never impressed me too much, anyhow…….always looked to me like she was more about showing herself off than anything else~~

  218. I refer to youtube and to your website alot to keep up with your program. But I will write to TBN because you’re a good witness to them. I can’t imagine why she’d take off the prophecy programs especially with the world events becoming so intense. I really appreciate your ministry. Lord Bless you!!!!

  219. It doesn’t surprise us! TBN Never has been our channel if choice. Apparently it will be just a ‘feel good’ channel more concerned with the number of people they attract and the money they can pull in. Guess what lady is going to be surprised and caught totally off guard as these end times unfold! God warns his people. Thank you for being a watchman.
    your ministry and your heart to warn people . .

  220. Here in the Philippines, I often watched your replay and some of your old programs via internet or youtube. I want to buy the set of lessons as advertised on youtube but my problem is that I have no credit card to pay the shipment. Is there an alternative for credit card? Thanks for your program via youtube the Open Line. I learn a lot from it. Thanks very much.

  221. Um, It really does not surprise me in the least. TBN also pushed Jack Van Impe off the air, and a while back the Hal Lindsey Report was also taken off the air. From what I understand it was because he came down hard on Muslims, but later on for some reason he came back on TBN. I think that perhaps they’re not real interested in Prophecy, and The Second Coming of The Lord. We used to watch, and support them financially since the early 90′s, but since they got rid of certain broadcasts we no longer do. I get the feeling that TBN is changing but not for the better. They need a revelation from God, and lots of prayers.

  222. Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophesy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand. ~ Revelation 1:3 KJV | What then is true for those who do not read or hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein? Peradventure Sonlife Broadcasting Network will open their doors to outside programming… | …all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. ~ Romans 8:28 KJV

  223. Thankfully, I can still get Endtime on Daystar and the Church Channel, where I normally watch you anyway since I rarely ever watch TBN anymore. With Paul Jr. having been driven out and now Paul Sr. having passed on, I believe TBN is doomed to total darkness. It’s been a long time coming, but the TBN I used to rejoice in and that blessed me and taught me so much in the past has deteriorated in recent years into something you probably should not be associated with anyway, Brother Irvin. God will make a way for His message to go where He wants it to go. It’s not up to Jan Crouch. It’s up to Jesus. He’ll handle this. You watch and see!

  224. we are so saddened of this news and are praying for Jan Crouch,It is vital with the times we are living in and for the whole world to know Bible prophecy especially Jesus and how that He is the only way to the father Irvin baxter and Endtime ministries are carrying out the great commission and winning many souls into the Kingdom of God,God Bless You all and I pray for Gods Favor over this decision and that Mrs Crouch will allow you to minister again on TBN soon and I also pray for the whole Crouch family for the loss of Mr. Paul Crouch we love you all!!

  225. Um,I’m really very surprised with this and TBN,who has been in the forefront of faith based television,has an obligation to God’s people(and people who aren’t His yet) particularly now as things are moving ever closer……

  226. Jack Van Impe was pushed off TBN a couple years ago and he is still on my local Gospel station it covers half million viewers It covers Eastern Kentucky and Lexington it channel is WLJC-TV it is online also. Put the WLJC-TV in your browser it will work Maybe you could do this too. A lot of GOD’S people are being pushed off programs, the devil is like a roaring lion devouring as many Christians as possible. Its sad! GOD BLESS!

  227. I have never liked TBN -too showy. You money will be better spent without their fee. I know that Jack Van Impe and TBN had a falling out because of their wanting to control what was talked about and what wasn’t. Van Impe would not compromise his ethics. He found more station that he could then afford, according to him.

    May God bless you as you unwaveringly tell us what is coming.

  228. I am so sorry to hear that TBN will no longer air End of the Age. This program has been an inspiration to my family for the past year and has been, what I have to say, the best, most researched and biblically sound program on Bible Prophecy that i have seen/heard. My children, ages 10 & 12 always watch with me, and I have used your program to help answer questions that they have about the future times. We are so grateful for the time we got to watch and the knowledge we learned. The seeds of truth you have planted in our hearts are being shared right now with whoever will listen to us. Thanks and will look forward to future programs and e-mails from End Time Ministries as we are able to receive them,
    sincerely, in Christ,
    devoted Catholic, D. Nguyen (in Oregon).

  229. Long before your program was aired on TBN I was sent a survey of sorts by them on what type of programing I cared for on their network. I expressed my dismay at that time and I felt it would serve the body of Christ if a post tribulation program was given some air time. I too had been a pre tribulation believer but like you some things just didn’t make sense. Anyway, I doubt my two cents meant much but some years later, there was your program for which I was very thankful. If ever the time is right for this teaching, it is now. I fear in the coming months there’s going to be a lot of explaining going on. I’ve tried to get relatives and some friends to at least look at the post side of things, but it won’t be long till hopefully, it will become crystal clear. Nevertheless, Jesus is on the throne and the clock is winding down. AMEN. Come Lord Jesus.

  230. Irvin….I really enjoyed your show on TBN. I actually made my first donation due to shows such as yours. I will miss your show on TBN and will search for yours and others like your programming on Daystar. Too bad for TBN, but more than likely I will not watch their station any longer if they cut out my shows I watched the most!

  231. I stopped watching TBN when he forced Dr VanEmpe off his network for telling the truth. I now enjoy your wonderful program on DayStar….. Keep up the good work and may God Bless you and your work.

  232. Dear Jan, I don’t understand why you would take such an important programing off TBN. I have watched you for years. I am so sorry for the loss of Paul, yet I am sure he would not want this to happen to Bro Baxter.. I go to the Holy Lands every December, not going back there anymore if you do not put this back on TBN.. its the good stuff you guys are always taking off. and putting things on that don’t even make sense. I guess the next to go will be Perry Stone. I will just go to Day Star and watch him.. I am sure if you guys don’t pick up Bro Baxter again. Marcus will.. This end time prophecy is so much needed to let people know that we are in the end times. and how to get ready if they aren’t ready. God help us all to get the word out to the sinners about his return.. Do hope that I will get an email from Bro Baxter telling me that you have picked him back up.. if not, then I will not be watching TBN anymore. what hurts me about this is, that you will have people like Steve Harvey that has such a fowl mouth on there, and sending mixed messages to the sinners that they can live anyway they want and still go to heaven.. but take this man of God off that is teaching people how to live and be ready for his return. I don’t understand it. Help me out here please!!

    • I think, Ella covered it very well. Jan I will pray you can open your eyes to see the need for good sound prophecy Bro. Baxter delivers to this end time world we live in.
      So appreciate Bro. Baxter for all he does to prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. And I believe it to be soon.

    • TBN has been going down the tubes spiritually for some time. They are too entertainment oriented and unfortunately your show is too blunt about the truth. So be it, God will allow a door to close because He always has a new better door He will open. Your program is so awesome because you make Prophecy so understandable for the rest of us. It is surely TBN’s loss, I assure you. They will suffer for what they are doing to good sound teaching programs. Christianity is not about feeling good all the time and seeking to please our flesh, yet somehow that is messages coming across most strongly on TBN. We need to pray, pray, pray for the brethren that are being lead astray that they will see they are off the straight and narrow path and get back on it before it’s too late and they become part of the Laodecian church. Love you Brother Baxter in the Lord, keep preaching the truth, God will make a place for your voice to go out into the world where HE wants it to go.

  233. I am extremely disappointed that TBN stopped airing this program, I constantly looked for it every time it was aired. Those over at TBN need to stop worrying about being politically correct and playing into the hands of the antichrist. Remember Irvin “Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.” Proverbs 30:5

  234. Please reconsider your decision to stop broadcasting End of the Age as well as other prophecy programs on TBN. Prophecy is important as we are living in the last days.

  235. Well, I guess some people don’t realize ‘we ARE in the End Times’. I first found your ministry on Direct TV. They list at least 10 different channels of christian tv. Cable doesn’t carry enough christian programming and the times and programs aren’t consistent. I never miss a program of End Times. I’ve learned so much from you, it all makes perfect sense. Irvin, You are an anointed bless’d man of God and I Thank You! Mahalo from Hawaii, Christina

  236. I certainly enjoyed ‘End of the Age’ on TBN. Can Jan Crouch be reached via e-mail? I also view the Word Network. Is it a possibility that you will be on there?


  237. First, I believe sad if Jan’s husband really believed in something that she wouldn’t support her husband’s beliefs. Secondly, If anyone believes in Jesus Christ I would hope they would want to get news to everyone as the BIBLE commands

  238. Praise God that you are still being broadcast on many other networks. I didn’t even know you were on TBN. I’ve always watched you on Daystar. I don’t know what the problem was but Jack Van Impe purposely left TBN over some issue. TBN is not the measuring stick against which all other networks are compared.
    I know there are many Christians that don’t want to hear about the events in Revelation. I think they’re just scared that they may have to live through it and they don’t want to know anything about it. It’s sad. In Revelation chapter 1 it says “read this prophecy aloud”. God wants us to know what’s going to happen. Keep up the great work.

  239. I also wanted to suggest a move to secular t.v. as well. ABC , Lifetime , Hallmark Channel , Discovery Channel , Bravo , A & E , WGN , Family Channel , History Channel , etc. have been more receptive in recent years. Jack Van Impe is on late night on Sunday’s with ABC , and the lost is skyrocketing ABC’s late night ratings through the roof. there are a lot of confused and delusional people seeking truth in these End Days. just a thought.

  240. I’m shocked that Jan made the decision to discontinue End of the Age on TBN. Your show was one of my favorite programs on that network. The information that you provide is important for us to know during this end time period. I’m not sure why she did it, but she made a mistake and I will be glad to send her a letter with my views. I do not get the others stations, so I will watch it on your website. Thanks for everything you do to help us understand the end times.

  241. Irvin Baxter is the one voice of end times that was reaching the Body of Believers who embrace end time prophecy with truth from the scriptures. PLEEEAAASE DO NOT CANCEL! We look forward to his insight and revelation. Your husband Paul would be sad to know you intervened against his wishes, and those who have been supporting this ministry through TBN.

  242. sorry to hear they removed your show, but i am not entirely shocked. TBN has started the slow, but treacherous path of removing the true ministers of Yahweh off their airwaves. it started with Creation in the 21st Century. then it was Jack Van Impe for exposing false ministers and their deception of making the Holy Scriptures and the Koran as one religion. this is just the beginning. i’ll just watch your show on another channel.

  243. It is my opinion that TBN has been infiltrated by the devil anyways. I do not support TBN because most of the programs to me are glorifying themselves and what they promote rather than GOD. When and every time I have tuned to TBN I am reminded of the money changers outside the temple and I feel as Jesus did, but I can only change the channel.

  244. At THIS day & time – of all days & times – it is truly shocking that such an unwise & unfortunate decision was made to tie the hands of prophecy ministries. It makes me doubt with great wonderment, that Mrs. Crouch is biblically proficient at all to not see the great need to warn believers of how little time remains before the return of our Lord. Prayer is the only way to take the matter to a higher power. :-)

  245. I re-read my note to you and felt that I need to share that I am a most loving and devoted follower of Christ Jesus and it just REALLY hurts my heart (as it were) that TBN would seem to choose form over substance.
    That is not what ‘Jesus would do’ at all. In fact – I think he’d place a special burden on the hearts of those who love Him and End Time Ministries (realizing that by minimizing one station is in a small way – an attack from the adversary – a pathetic one, but one – nonetheless) to have them double their giving and double their praying efforts on behalf of what End Times has been led to accomplish on Israel’s behalf.

    It is NEVER ‘form over substance’ with Jesus and in this case – it very much appears that TBN is operating under a ‘works of men’ outlook rather than listening to God. It’s VERY human to do something like this. We’re ‘all’ human – but, ‘be still and know I am God’ still resonates in my soul to those at TBN before they go off willy nilly changing important programming schedules.

    Thanks for reading and always remember that its not ‘our way’ but YAHWEH that’s always THE Way to go for the best blessings for everyone.

    Cindy Thorpe

    • I have held this up in prayer for almost 24 hours, now.

      The verse I received? “What Satan means for evil, God means for good.” In the holy Name of our Savior we stand with End Times Ministries on our figurative knees in prayer as we look to our Savior and His Will as He works an even greater miracle so that He will indeed get all the glory and His children will be delivered – JUST as He has planned. (p.s. guys… I’m a ‘Holy Spirit GOOSEBUMP’ as I relate these words which just flowed from my fingertips and completely circumvented my brain – but came right from this heart of His making! Yah WHO? Yah Weh THAT’S WHO!!! warm truthful smiles! :-)

  246. Thanks for the update, I will be looking for your program on the other channels! !!! Very upset about your program being discontinued !!

  247. Wow. A sad day for This to be canceled I’m shocked and dismayed. I love Jan and Paul and pray she reconsiders. As this is the will of God.

  248. I am just completely in shock that Jan Crouch would not have an interest in biblical prophecy! Biblical prophecy is very important to the Christian growth of the saints.

    I know Paul Sr. was interested in biblical prophecy and the endtimes messages. Because I watched and recorded a couple of the segments that featured Irvin and Perry Stone along with some other endtime teachers.

    Now that I know that I can watch EndTimes online. I will do so. I hope that Daystar and some of the other gospel stations will pick EndTimes and the other programs up.

  249. I too will write to Jan and tell her how End of the Age program has touched and saved me and my family. For I was once eternally lost, but thru your program and ministry I was the first one to be baptized by you. Thankfully, I will continue watching End of Age on the other channels. So to you Brother Baxter and to your wonderful ministry, I say please don’t worry for God has perfect plans! (Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”). God Bless!

  250. I am an ‘on fire’ (as we all should be) for Jesus – Christian American living on the coast of South Australia. Your program, my brother Irvin, has been SUCH a blessing to my husband and myself. I thank you and the staff at End Times because you have made many topics more understandable with the wisdom you’ve been blessed with.

    I am also very sad to hear that Jan (chances are it wasn’t her – I’m thinking out loud here, but her son – Matt, who actually made that decision. I’m almost certain of that) made the decision to remove End Times on TBN.
    Your program was one of the few (understand I say FEW, here) programs that were not mere ‘entertainment’ with a blurb about coming to Jesus at the end of a show.

    I will be as honest and loving with you, Irvin as you have been with us in this email: MOST of the TBN Shows are not geared for mature Christians for those who think we should be also ‘entertained’ as well as edified in 2014 (kinda like a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down – Mary Poppins kinda outlook, which is NOT Christian in any way whatsoever) look up the word ‘Entertainment’ and you will notice that it’s ‘all about’ prohibiting entrance into something or other. In this case, TBN is all the poorer for their rejection of ‘meat’ in favor of a non-nutritious ‘sugar substitute’.

    Allow me to reiterate: This is TBN’s loss because it is the Viewer’s loss.

    And, lastly – Prayerfully TBN could use a small word of Holy Spirit WISDOM as they are grieving the passing of Paul (though I’d be ‘Praising the Lord’ at this moment – because if they believed what they proport to believe – they shouldn’t be so darned emotive about stuff ’cause Paul is WITH Jesus) they should not do anything ‘rash’ or ‘sudden’ for perhaps 1/4 a year if possible. They should wait on the Lord. They should listen by resting when possible and praying and reading their Bibles… Then and only then will the Spirit of God be honored and glorified rather than us focusing on mortal men and women.

    God KNEW the very moment He’d ‘take Paul home’ – and I promise all of you that He knows just what He wants done with TBN, as well… Don’t emotionally wrestle this out of His Hands as you grieve for YOUR loss (which is kinda fleshly, ie: ‘self’ish) guys…certainly not Paul’s.

    Praying for you all and watching End Times whenever possible (also Lion and Lamb Ministries is great, too!)

    Cindy Thorpe
    (An honest Christian at a time in this globe where not too many seem to abound)

  251. I have been watching this program, End of the Age and cannot believe that this program will be no longer in air by your Station. Please put it back on.

  252. jesus and i love you Irvin and Judy Baxter. you two know how to persevere and have faith in Christ Jesus. God is bless you both.

  253. We will miss the program so much. Last winter, our Pastor showed the whole series that you have on bible prophecy. It was so enlightening. I was enjoying the update about the work you are (and will) be doing in the country of Israel. May God direct you in this ministry to the Jewish people. We will be praying for you. God will always have another outlet for his endtime word if they will not air it.

  254. I really do enjoy watching your program. Thank you for all you do, and the update. I will watch on the internet, because that is where I can do it best. I live in Rowlett and would like to visit your church. However, I do not know the address, or the area very well, as I recently relocated here. Any help in that respect would be appreciated. Thank you, and God bless your ministry.

  255. I am so sorry that TBN has discontinued your endtime message. It will not stop the word from getting out. Praying for you and End of the Age!

  256. Jan Crouch, due to your support of satanic muslims I will no longer watch your net work and will pass the word that you are not True Christian, but supported to evil

  257. I just went to http://www.tbn.org and at the very bottom is “contact” – I just filled out that form and asked Jan and Matt and all involved to put End Time Ministries back on for free – we all need to hear God’s Word to let us know what is to come – Irvin is teaching us all under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 16:3 – Jesus is speaking! We are to discern the signs of the time! Maybe if enough of us contact TBN …

  258. Well it will be there loss. If your message happen to be correct. Which I believe that your message has more truth to it then any others I have read about. Then Jan will answer the our Lord. More than anything these days people are hungry to know what is taken place in this world. People that don’t even know the truth or the word know that there is an under line current of something changing in this world. And they know it is not for the better. We need people like you that will be the watch men on the tower. Keep up the call God has placed on you.May God continue to light your path and make the way clear for the truth to be told.

  259. I am so amazed that a Christian media could possibly even consider avoiding warnings…. reminders…. encouragements… & preparational guidance of last things… & keep those things that scratches the itching ears wanting only to hear of gain in this world… This prepares people to fall away not stand…. it is more also shocking that just about all the prominent Christian leaders don’t believe the truth concerning the last things & can’t even prepare anyone to escape the wrath to come… really?

  260. Father God, I ask You to take Control of this situation, that Your Will be done in the Precious Name of Jesus… giving You All the Honor, All the Glory, and All the Praise, for You Alone are Worthy… Amen †


  262. Pastor Irvin, I am sorry to hear that Mrs. Crouch has decided not to continue serving God by allowing Prophecy shows to Air on TBN. My Wife and I watch your show each week and study your End Time DVDs. It would be a great disservice to cancel your show and others that teach on these subjects. We will do our best to let the Crouchs know that they are doing a disservice to Christians the World over by their decision.

  263. I want u back. I love your show. I have it on auto record on my dvr.I get a chance to talk w/ Pastor Kirkman from Sulligent,Al.about you and your message.

  264. My husband and I watch End of Age every week. We believe it’s important to stay informed about prophecy and end times. We are also Partners with TBN. I thought Matt and his wife were handed the torch while in Israel last year, when Joseph Prince was there.

  265. Sorry to hear TBN has made this decison, no doubt they will be making more decisions, they seem to be going more and more Hollywood style. Thankfully, I can watch Mr Baxter on Daystar. Why would they remove him, and other prophecy messages? After all, I watch Daystar more than I do TBN, too much Hollywood on TBN. May God help TBN, and hopefully they will see the right path to follow….
    Jesus and His Word.

  266. Hey Irvin…It’s me ScottREV18. This is incredibly sad news! I’m just trying to understand if there are other reasons?

    I know Jack Van Impe had a similar experience and it sort of makes me wonder?

    I spend a fair amount of time of my day watching TBN, waking up with TBN and going to bed with TBN. I have personally seen Paul learning from Pastors that were on TBN, him at times saying, “I did not know that when particular points of the Holy Bible were brought up.

    We as The Body Of Christ are rapidly losing our voice in the Fallen World, this is surly a blow to all of us who are waiting for the return of Our Lord, I hope Jan has better plans? ScottREV18

    Then suddenly, a mighty angel picked up a boulder shaped like a huge Mill
    Stone, and threw it into The
    *Atlantic Ocean,*
    and cried mightily with a loud voice saying!!
    Just as I have thrown away this stone, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down with violence , and shall never be found again!!!
    The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21

  267. I have enjoyed watching the Broadcast on TBN. Like others, I want End-Time to continue. Without it, there is a void. Viewers need see and hear revelatory teaching. I will write Mrs. Jan Crouch a letter to reconsider their decision.

  268. I was dishearted to hear Endtime will no longer be shown on TBN. That program is one of the few that I eagerly wait for each week. I will pray about this, but my immediate thought is to not turn on TBN in the future, altho I don’t watch much TV. I hope Jan reconsiders, and would like to know the other changes planned since Dr. Paul Crouch passed.

  269. yes Bro Baxter, we love your bible information…..As so many have left, I was around when TBN started.
    My Wife( in Heaven now) gave ,but I no longer…at 75 all is well and Iam rapture ready when ever that happens.
    We love you , and after all these years of seeing great ministries start and fall and go the way of cain.
    They have left the true Gospel of Grace.. We will keep you in prayer… Bro Joe

  270. We need all the prophecy we can get. The world is not going to get any better until the prophecies are fulfilled. I have not watched TBN since Jack Van Impe is not on that channel anymore. Seems TBN is going the way of the world.

  271. Hate hearing that your program will no longer be aired on TBN. What a gigantic loss! I have watched your program for about 2 years, have learned a great deal & enjoyed it a great deal. May you continue to be blessed in your ministry. We need more educators like yourself!

  272. The Lord would never allow that, unless he had something BETTER/GREATER to replace it with.

    You are part of His Troop of Elite… He has better! Hold on… it’s on the way! :)

  273. As most comments on here are well thought out, mine is real & shot from the hip.
    I love End of the age. I do NOT however like TBN. Their attempt to sell gaudy trinkets & over the top performances at the “Holy Land Experience” is a little too much. If you remember, Jack Van Impe somewhat faced a similar fate. I’d actually like to see Mr. Baxter distance himself from the trash that goes on behind the curtain of TBN. I think we all know about some of the disgusting sexual acts that TBN is known for. Don’t let the pink hair fool you. She knows. End of the age would be better off saving the money up & updating some of their shows. A lot has taken place since recording some of them. As for TBN, watching End of the Age was the only show I turned it on for. After seeing countless attempts to play off the poverty of African Americans to seeing some over the top preacher pretend to bathe in an empty offering plate, I think it’s safe to say that TBN & their oblivious followers are a tad out of my range of sanity that I’d like to ground myself too. Best of luck Mr. Baxter. I’ll try to see you online. Be blessed.

  274. Irvin,
    Trust in The Lord is what came to my mind when I read your letter to the End of the Age viewers who watchTBN.
    Thank The Lord your program is on Daystar and TCC!
    This is a great opportunity for everyone to be reminded to purchase the 14 DVD series!
    God Bless you Irvin Baxter and your Ministry!

  275. I have enjoyed watching your show in the past, Mr Baxter. Some time ago, we did discontinue our satellite service.

    I am actually more concerned for Jan Crouch and her lifestyle. Her fruit does not evidence the walk of a true believer. Considering that we are to know people by their fruit and to test the spirits, I am very concerned about any Christian leader associating with sin and blatant misappropriation of funds that are supposed to support kingdom work. For this reason, I scrutinize anyone who broadcasts with networks such as TBN. (TBN is not the only network I am concerned about.)

    These are my thoughts and I submit them for all believers to prayerfully consider. God bless and keep His church in Truth and love. Amen.

  276. Hello Everyone
    Irvin seems to be one of the most knowledgeable prophecy scholars. TBN is losing a gem. I will definitely write a letter to Mrs. Crouch. May God Bless Irvin, his show and his ministry.

  277. well this is not good. hopefully she will change her mind my son and I watch when we get the chance. he has an interest in Biblical prophecy and in endtimes ministry in particular as do I

  278. I prefer Daystar TV anyway. I am not at all surprised by the removing of your show Irvin. I am being careful to not pass judgment but the bulk of TBN shows do seem to go along with prosperity faith teaching and apostasy. Marcus and Joni Lamb are incredible servants of the Lord and Im so blessed and thankful you will be on Daystar! With Daystar, your website, magazine and youtube, your mesage will go forth!

  279. Sorry to hear you have been taken off TBN. TBN has been in the throes of change now for a while
    and how good it is to know that TBN is not Jan’s network, nor is it Matt and Laurie’s network,
    neither is it the “people’s” network, as they use to like to say. However, it is God’s network and He
    is the one who chose Paul Crouch to raise up that station for His honor and glory. The passage
    of scripture in Acts 5:34-39 gives me great peace and comfort to know that if God is the one who is really
    in charge of TBN now it will succeed. If HE isn’t, it will come to naught.

  280. god knows and sees and will fix all this, he has blessed you will much wisdom and knowledge, you have many ppl backing u and esp. GOD has ur back, i would like for u to b on more channels and will pray that the anointing on ur ministry will over take the problems and sort them out . may GOD our father richly bless u and yours. keep on keeping on .

  281. My husband and I are not surprised one bit that Jan would no longer want your program on the air. We would strongly encourage you to shake the dust off your feet and move on. The Lord has a plan for you and the work He has for you is ordained of The Lord and we believe He will make a way for you. When the truth gets too close for comfort we as Christians should realize the world hates us. If you concider many so called ministries on TBN that are not of The Lord but still on the air that should tell you something. We are going to pray that The Lord will open all doors for you even on regular TV where the true word needed to be preached to the lost. We appreciate your teachings and believe your hear from The Lord. Hang in there and see what mighty works The Lord will do. Frances and Tommie Peterson, Summerdale, Alabama

  282. there is alot of division in that family they all think there rite wat about the ppl that needs minister to that need jesus wat happen to paul jr they cut him out in pics wat an example i dnt watch tbn no more think jan true colors r about to come out jan thnk twice about wat u did removing irvin baxter from tbn i think u need to hear end times it strikes me odd that she not interested in end times strange .

  283. So sorry to hear about her decision. I pray that she will change her mind. Possibly with massive prayers, her thoughts will be directed to God’s decisions in Matthew 28:16-20. “… and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” … including prophecy.

    Doris Hart

  284. Brother Baxter, I am sorry to hear this. I wait for Wednesday nights like a kid. We truly need prophecy shows to be airing so people will know what to look for. I am sad but will continue to find you. I don’t get daystar or the church channel here in San Antonio, except on my phone. I will watch you there. I wouldn’t miss. Thanks for your dedication.

  285. I was wondering what happened!

    For every sat night at 7 I would make sure I tune in to get ‘fed’ on what was
    happening on the progress of the endtimes, but, for several weeks now, Mr. Baxter was talking about the up and coming Jewish persecution that is predicted…

    I have seen this message several times and was hoping that Mr. Baxter would soon talk on what is now going on, and comparing it to the Bible predictions.. I also was wondering what happened to Hal Lindsey’s report..

    I was also wondering what happened to the terrific tv shows on Biblical stories, and shows that talked about angels, and what happens after you die? and other shows that is so hopeful for many…

    What a shame that this had to happen…and I pray that Jan will open her eyes and realize that she is hurting other people that WANT to learn about prophesy due to her blindness, and selfishness!

    I am surprised that she didn’t believe as her husband did and understand the incredible importance of constantly being taught especially in these harrowing days and times…is she that blind NOT to see what’s happening? I guess so…how sad.

    She is playing with ‘fire’ so to speak, and she could be held responsible by God for stopping those that could be saved by hearing the uplifting words of teachers such as Mr. Baxter, or Hal Lindsey..or others that have their fingers on the truth.

    But, that is her choice.. and it is she that is going to have to face her destiny..Fortunately there are other channels that will pick up the prophesy news…

    now, just to find them LOL!
    Can someone tell me what channel DayStar is on? and what times does Mr. Baxter come on..is it the same time as he was before? Sat at 7 pm?

  286. Bro. Baxter and all who teach bible prophecy will be effected. So sorry to hear of her decision but i consider the source. I do get the church channel so i hope all will be able to switch over. thanks to all who see the need to teach bible prophecy.


  288. I am shocked to hear that the very program that is lighting the way for many of us in end time bible prophecy, is being ignored and even despised…this is the time when many will not suffer sound doctrine…this program is needed, for its presence or absence will have eternal repercussions.

  289. I am so sorry – I will miss you – Thank you for following the call of God and sounding the alarm. Your programs taught me so much and I am forever grateful. I will continue to watch on the Daystar channel. God bless you, your family and staff.

  290. There is no significant good concerning TBN. The so-called ministry is an abomination to The Lord. And keep in mind that my wife and I used to like TBN. No longer. It is anti-God.

  291. I love your shows on tbn it was one of the ones I Loved the most! Everybody does over here. We are always telling each other the endtime news to keep us each informed. I pray Jan reconsiders taking you off. People need to be in the knowing. God be with you! and God be with Jan it is hard without Paul around. Lots of Love Patty

  292. God bless you. We would not miss Endtime for anything. We record every program for future reference
    and witnessing. Please remember, God is in control and as this door closes, another will open since you
    are doing His will. We financially support your work and will continue to do so!

  293. To Irvin Baxter,
    We write this note in support that our prayers are that Paul Crouch would have wanted to continue your show as well as the others. We are indeed blessed by these shows. In light of the changes and pressures from the secular world, we sure hope that the Future TBN under Jan Crouch is prophetically supportive. We are a monthly supporter of TBN and have been for years. We also support your ministry. Wayne & Kay P

  294. I won’t support TBN without your show. Prophecy was one of the main reasons I watched TBN. I don’t have the other channels you mentioned. How pathetic of her to take away 30% of the bible!

  295. I have not watched TBN in a very long time because I am not sure exactly what message they are trying to send. It seems to me that they are just trying to not only be in this world but “of this world” which is definitely in conflict with the Word. I will continue to view your messages online. God bless you and your family!

  296. I believe Paul Crouch had a vision to spread God’s Word throughout the world. He successfully made his mark on many lives. I don’t know Jan, nor do I know her intensions. I don’t watch TBN when Jan appears simply because her appearance distracts my spiritual concentration in honoring Christ. I believe God has a plan for End of Age and other prophesy based television shows, possibly by Jan reconsidering her management decision in this matter or maybe there’s a bigger blessing coming.

  297. Hal Lindsey was another favorite of mine I will now have to do without. Jan I think you are doing a great injustice to God and God’s children by discontinuing Irvin and Hal. These are two of the best teachers the world has to offer. Please change your heart and way of thinking, don’t let Satan get his way. I was lucky to be able to watch Irvin and Hal back to back, I looked so forward to this, now I will have to do without both. We the children of God want our teachers back, reconsider please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  298. Sad development to be off TBN because of its wide coverage. But I DVR now all your episodes from Church Channel or DayStar. Even though I bought all your past DVD’s I find watching a ‘piece’ of them focused on one aspect of the ET to be very worthwhile. Almost never watch TBN anymore. I stopped watching the evening live shows years ago as too much glib happy talk and white embroidered suits. The ‘teaching shows” like yours with Biblical expounding are superb. I like watching on DVR because I can pause and look up scriptures, then continue. The evening TBN show I would not waste my disk space on it! Sorry TBN.

  299. Jack Van Impe had to leave TBN too because he wouldn’t compromise God’s Word. Count it all joy because God counted you worthy to bring you out from those who are compromising His Word. We are entering a season of the wheat and tares separating.

  300. Greetings, Bro. Baxter, I am not surprised in the least about Jan Crouch. I have 2 good friends,and other acquaintances, that worked for TBN and from their comments, she is only interested in money. When I heard her speak to the little old ladies having grocery money saved, and she, in her usual whining voice, begged them to send her that little bit of money, it spoke volumes to me. I stopped watching TBN, years ago because of the continued “begging” for more money,when the Couch family are millionaires. I never read anywhere in the Scriptures of Jesus, not the Disciples begging and pleading for more and more. Where there is faith, one doesn’t have to do so. I, mostly, watch Day Star. God bless and keep up the good work. God bless and keep you.

  301. I don’t watch TBN as most of the preachers are in it for the money. Very few preach the cross as the only way. I will watch you on Daystar. God Bless with all you are doing.!!!!

  302. Brother Irvan – I will be praying for you and your ministry. I have been watching your program on TBN for several years now and although I may not agree with you in every respect I do so enjoy your teaching. I am very disappointed in TBN’s new direction. I do not feel that brother Paul would be pleased with this approach. Your program, Hal Lindsey and Perry Stone are a few of the programs that are worth watching on TBN. The prophecy programs are really the only thing I watch on TBN.

    I will pray for Jan because she is headed down a road of “Christian Entertainment” that I do not agree with. I am a graduate of Central Bible College – the same as Paul – in fact his brother, Phil, was president of the college when I was there. During my pastoral internship at North Hollywood A/G our your group help clean up and make repairs at Paul’s new studio. Over the years Jan has changed much in such a way that brings tears to my heart. Her physical appearance says it all……

    I will write TBN but I doubt it will do much good….. Jan has developed a tendency to do what she wants regardless…

    I will be praying and watching you over the internet……

  303. I don’t watch TBN but I am sorry to hear that your program has been cancelled. The truth needs to be aired. It breaks my heart to see more and more people reject the true word of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS. GOD BLESS you Man Of God. Keep on keeping on

  304. I personally don’t believe that it is Jan Crouch making these decisions, she may the title but I believe that the younger son is making the decisions and that he has his own Hollywood agenda. So sad, and ask GOD forgiveness if I am wrong.

  305. May God the Father of our Lord Jesus take control. TBN and all of its programs have done me great good here in kaduna, Nigeria. I’ve read revelations and I can relate to end time ministry s program. I ll miss it. I still look up to you Jan. I admired and adored Paul and yourself. Paul is resting with the Lord.

  306. It’s such a shame that Jan chose not to continue your programs. I enjoyed them so much and learned a lot. I was channel surfing on one about three years ago and ran across your program and have been a devoted watching ever since. I enjoyed so much watching and learning from you. Your knowledge, explanation’s was great and my favorite part was the way you seemed to be a loving and caring grandfather who cared deeply about teaching your children. I always tried my best to never miss one of your programs and if I did I was lucky enough to catch you another night of the week. Where I live I could either catch you on a Thursday night or a Saturday night, it really disappointed me to miss any of your programs. Most of the time I watched Thursday and Saturday nights, this is how much I enjoyed them. I could identify with you, you just seemed to be part of my family, so much like a father or a grandfather. I surely hope Jan reconsiders and I really hope I can some how catch your End of The Age program on another channel. Your program has become a big part of me. Thank you so much for being who you are and enriching my life and knowledge, God Bless.

  307. I am sorry to hear that TBN discontinued your program, I have read that the TBN family is going through some family issues since before Paul Crouch died. Again, Satan causing division and strife, if only they can see it. We just have to pray for them.

  308. Jan,
    I am so disappointed that you have removed ENDTIME from TBN’s broadcasting. I am so in shock, I really thought you and Paul were on the same page. I hope you would prayerfully reconsider putting it back on.
    Thank you for your consideration on this matter.

  309. Walter taylor i do not thank it will be on where i can look at it ether Christ Jesus may turn that tv chanel all the way off for Jesus said if you put out evil you will get evil back so you better look out

  310. Dear Jan I am sorry for your loss of Bro. Crouch but so much grieved about your doing away with Gods true minsters that are warning us of the last days . I started watching your station in the early 80′s when i lost my husband . it was then so anionted with the precious Holy Spirit . But since you have decided to turn the station into a modern religious station I can no longer listen too you . I have went to Daystar to real
    Holy Spirit messages I am 84 and unable to attend church but i know the anionted message when I hear them may God have mercy on you for your decisions .

      • I will indeed do that. As not only souls that could learn how near we are to Jesus coming , the souls that do not have real; good understanding is being cute off . So sad when the world is more important than the Truth of God Word .

  311. Irvin, the main reason I believe in you and your ministry is because you are true to seek the Lord in all you do and say. While this is disappointing to say the least, I trust you will seek the Lord in this as well and he will give you peace and direction. Seeking Him in every thing is what makes End Time Ministry a reliable, trustworthy source. May we always be able to count on you.

  312. Please just set up a ROKU or Youtube account. The only reason I watched TBN was you, Hal Lyndsey and Perry Stone. You all need to move forward to the ROKU because Cable and Dish are controlled by the Luciferians.

    The ROKU gives me the ability to kick back on the couch at days end, sip tee, with Bible in hand and continue my prophecy education. If you would like me to volunteer to help you move forward into these new technologies feel free to contact me.

    • I would be more than willing to fly out and spend the time with the necessary people to illustrate how important this is, especially as we move forward towards the trials of the End Times. All at my expense, no cost to you. If you would like character witnesses, a resume, just ask. You mau also look me up on Google. I am the CEO of Veretekk.

  313. I am disappointed that in this time of the end which is so obvious to us as Christians that you would choose not to show programs that talk about Bible prophecy. I understand that this is a difficult time for Jan. However we are all to be watchmen and women on the wall. You have cancelled Prophetic Whisper, Jack Van Impe and End of the Age/ It seems like censorship in a time when we need to know more of the The Word than ever.

  314. After TBN’s fallout with dear Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe, I stopped supporting that station. I am not at all surprised by this email. Sad to hear it, but not at all surprised. I have a friend whose sister worked for TBN in Colorado and from the information that I have heard, they do not treat their employees well at all. The work environment was so horrific, it effected this particular employee’s health and she had to take early retirement and is on disability! Hmmm, not too much like Christ, I would say. No love, just power…

  315. I am so sorry to hear this. But it is only the beginning of our persecution. Jan Crouch is letting satan control her actions. We will be watching you on Daystar. May God bless you. Mary Griffin. Menifee Ca.

  316. Hi Jan
    Firstly our love and prayers to you for the passing of your dear husband Paul, but I am sure you know that we have this hope that those who die in Christ will rise first. Secondly, sweetheart the whole Book of Scriptures from the beginning to the end, are a Book of Prophecy. This Book is a Middle Eastern Book, written by Middle Eastern people, and we have a Middle Eastern Messiah, born a Jew, lived a Jew, died a Jew, and who is coming back a Jew. This Book cannot and should not be stopped from informing people worldwide of what has been written by God through His Holy Apostles and Prophets. Jesus Christ our Messiah must remain in heaven until the RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS. That is Scripturally End Time Prophecy. Please I plead with you, reconsider very carefully, think about the ramifications to TBN on all levels, and the consequences of any decisions that may be made, please in all that is going on in your life personally, sweetheart, please think carefully, weigh decisions up. Bless you, Sharmaine, New Wineskins Ministries Ltd, Australia.

  317. Dear Jan

    I thought the goal was to bring good news to God’s people about his son Jesus Christ… By you discontinuing the end times you also telling God himself you will do the same thing to him if he was here or try to. I have been. yes, I have been a fan of tbn from Hal Lindsey, the movies you guys show.. i.e. Moses, Jesus, David, etc.. another good program lost… as the bible stated, in order for.. the false prophet to show God has to be removed.. Great..job.. we now know who side you on.. I’m sure your husband will disagree with you in the ways your handling the show… now I have to see what channel carrying the end Times in los Angeles..

  318. This ministry is a must. People need to hear about the end times. It helps us to understand why things are happening as they are in the world, and gives us all hope. You are making a terrible mistake in removing this program. Please reconsider what you are doing. We appreciate Irvin Baxter. He is a very educated man, and TBN is very fortunate in having such a high quality program on their station.

  319. I have no doubt that Dr. Couch took a lot of heat from his supporters when he put “End of the Age” on TBN. Irvin Baxter’s views on the Godhead and salvation, although Biblical, do not sit well with mainstream Christianity. Then again, neither does his teaching concerning the endtime events. Dr. Couch allowed himself to be used by God to broadcast Endtime Ministries message and I am greatful to him for that.

  320. While I am sorry to see End Time gone from TBN, perhaps this is the time to look forward. Perhaps now is the time to attempt to get onto a more secular network as another person suggested. It is the lost who need the message. I believe we should all pray and write letters if that is what you chose to do. Every day we see the secular community making more and more effort to eliminate anything “Christian” and to actually punish people for mentioning Christ/Jesus. Did everyone see where a teacher told a first-grader to stop talking about Jesus and he could not show his classmates what his family celebrates at Christmas. If he had been a Muslim, a Buddhist, or even a New Black Panther, I’m sure that would have been fine.

  321. I am very upset at the removal of End Time Ministries program on your station. I am a loyal viewer and follower of Irvin Baxter. As an Atlanta resident and a long time supporter of all Turner channels I will be withdrawing my support and viewership until this has been resolved in a fair and balanced manner and this program is returned to the lineup. I pray this happens in a speedy manner so that financial harm is averted.

    • Thank you for commenting, Pamela! A letter to Jan might prove to be quite beneficial. Please considering writing one and sending it to the provided address above.

  322. […] About a week ago I got word that some good people who were an essential part of TBN, namely Betty Jean Robinson and someone I don’t want to name publicly because they will announce it themselves, were removed from TBN programming – at the hands of Jan Crouch. Now it’s being reported by Irvin Baxter himself that due to Jan Crouch no longer desiring ANYTHING to do with prophecy and end times teaching, she has immediately dropped Irvin’s program. (read it here) […]

  323. It’s only proving that we are in the last days. I truly enjoyed watching your program and that’s what is important. I’m not surprised by their decision, you can tell Paul was the true believer in that family.

  324. Sorry to hear this! So does mean John Hagee and Sid, It’s Supernatural are going to? Ugh Jan…I will write to her! Glory be to God in all we do!!

  325. I am really sorry that Mrs. Crouch has made the decision to cancel this wonderful program, as well as others like it. I am fortunate to watch Bro. Baxter on DayStar, and also listen to him nightly on the podcast through endtime.com.

    I do plan to write to Mrs. Crouch to make a plea for the reimplementation of the programs. I will continue to pray for programs such as these to continue. I feel that it is vital that we reach as many people as possible to inform/warn them of the coming war on Israel and Christians all over the world. I am sure that God will provide a solution to this situation……and it will be BETTER than any we could come up with!!

  326. Wow, you’d think that for as long as Jan and Paul were married, she would respect her husbands passing by continuing to play the kinds of programs Paul loved.

  327. Brother Baxter I think it is a sad day when T.B.N can make such a decision based on the fact of the crucial events that are unfolding before our very eyes, I really support the fact that you are trying to reach every single Jew before the return of the Messiah. We hope you will continue to be broadcast on Daystar and The Word network.

  328. A book i once read titled: soon world coming shaking events holds that Isreal will be attacked before the coming of the antichrist. It seems that prediction will turn out right. The author drew his illustration from the prophecy of Ezekiel, which is about similar to Tim Lahae’s “left behind”.

  329. Dear Jan I thought the goal was to bring good news to God’s people about his son Jesus Christ… By you discontinuing the end times you also telling God himself yyou will do the same thing to him if he was here or try to.i have been. yes, I have been a f fan of tbn from Hal Lindsey, the movies you guys show.. i.e. Moses, Jesus, David, etc.. another good program lost… as the bible stated, in order for.. the false prophet to show God has to be removed.. Great..job.. we now know who side you on.. I’m sure your husband will disagree with you in the ways your handling the show… now I have to see what channel carrying the end Times in los Angeles..

  330. I am very sorry to see this happen but, with no surprise. With all the changing in true christian living, there is a lot of suppression going on. We have to remember that Satan knows that his time is short, and wants to hide, and deceive us. To stop the world from knowing he will loose. But there are other channels, to show the world End Times, and what will happen. Be vigilant and always watching, for The Lord’s return is at any time. May God Bless!

  331. Why force someone to do something they do not want to do. Pray for her! Say good by and part ways. There are bigger and better venues to reach into. Buy some airtime on a non-Christian network and actually start reaching the lost instead of preaching to the choir. Sure some of our theology might be incorrect when it comes to GODs’ timeline of events, but at-least we are saved. You just might be astounded at the results you might get by going to the secular media.

    • I understand what you are saying but Jan has been wanting everyone to contact the cable companies to start showing “Smile of a Child” to let them know we want it aired. She has been trying for years to do this. So if we let her know we want her to show it it might reach her. I believe this and other stuff is why God has raised up other Christian Networks. And yes we should pray for her.

  332. Sad to say, but I totally concur with Karen. When JVI walked away, the hand writing was on the wall. The tbn ministry and network are too PC and concerned more about Chris-lam and cash. Ergo , we assume to know who they worship , personally , I do not believe it is our Lord , but that is between them and God. You and the other prophecy programs will be better served away from the negative influence of TBN. RIP Paul.

  333. Sorry to hear that, will definitely write to her! Keep up the good work; endtime Ministries is our favorite , we love prophesy! Let not your heart be troubled!

  334. With the direction TBN was headed, I don’t view it as a loss. God will open another venue for Endtime Ministries. We have used Bro. Baxter’s DVD’s as teaching tools at our church, numerous times. I have never heard any other scholar explain the endtimes with such simple understanding, as does Bro. Baxter. Thank you Endtime Ministries!


      • I will say AMEN to that. I know that Paul had a vision for the Middle East and I guess when the prophecy teachers preach the truth, Middle Easteners can be upset and that is why, but it is strange that Jan would make such a decision so soon after Paul’s death. I am a TBN Partner and am concerned with all the “name it and claim it” programs and what goes on with some of the ministries that are on TBN and its stations, such a Benny Hinn. I know that many people come to know and accept Jesus through them, and for that reason, I tolerate them. They will have to answer to Jesus one day and that is their problem.

  336. The Jan Crouch I remember did have a great love for Bible prophecy. I think new leadership has stepped up to steer the TBN empire in a different direction. Folks, let’s give it our best to ask for End of the Age to return to TBN. If it is not meant to be, then we can shake the dust off our feet. It matters not what we think of the “oddities” on TBN, this network still was a bridge to bring truth to viewers all over the world. It is worth our best effort to rally behind the show for its return.

    • I agree with you, but Jan has changed a lot through the years. I love watching the “Praise” classics they play at 2:30 a.m. Eastern. What a HUGE difference between that Jan and the one now.

  337. After my initial disappointment with TBN, and reading some comments, perhaps this is for the best. TBN doesn’t want to hear what God’s word has to say about end times. That’s sad. They would rather listen to contemporary man-made doctrine on the subject. Tickle the ears. Best wishes to you Irvin as you continue sharing the Gospel and the truth of God’s word.

  338. In Scripture the Number 15 pictures rest, which comes after deliverance! Your program is at rest for now,but the good news is I will be watching you on the church channel! Your in a time of testing and your being humble by God! Surrender to him and in due season He will exalt you again.Amen

  339. Actually Irvin I think maybe God wants this to end as TBN has many false teachers and prechers on their network Jack Vanimpe walked away from Tbn because they told him he could not speak of certain men who were teaching lies. I no longer watch Tbn because I feel they lost it with being right with God some time ago and sadly they have so many pimps who call themselves preachers on there shows. God bless you and your show I pray the Lord opens up other ways and if it’s his will then for you to be on Tbn Gods way is best. I support your show and end times thank you

  340. Dear Jan Crouch, I just wanted you know that with sad regret we heard of your decision to stop airing “End of the Age” television program. We want to let you know that this is an excellent program for all Christians to know about events,happenings, that forshadow the return of Jesus Christ! We would hope you would reconsider and still air the television program. Thank You. God Bless! You are in our prayers and hearts as you mourn the passing of your beloved Paul. He was a great man of God!

    • Thank you and God bless, Pastor Munger. In order for Jan to receive this message you will need to mail it in to the address provided above. Thank you for your kind words.

  341. Wow Yall just continue to do things to lose viewers,I have seen at least a couple of other programs You have pulled over the last couple of years that I used to watch on TBN that I now have to watch on Daystar.Guess its time to make the total switch to Daystar

  342. I am sorry to hear that it will not be shown on TBN; however, I do get the other channels and will still be watching. God bless you and continue the good work.

  343. In Scripture the number 15 pictures rest, which comes after deliverance. I will be watching you on the Church Channel! You will be OK! Rest.

    • I was always taught that in the end times the word would be cut off.
      It’s imperative we all get our Bibles out and study and get our hearts right with God as we are not going to be spoon feed much longer.

      • Somehow I find it hard to believe this was Jan’s idea. The ministry was turned over to their son by Paul himself on their program. I believe this is their son’s doing since he was given charge.

        • Jan is actually in charge at the present. Our contact from TBN said this decision came from Jan specifically. We certainly don’t want to be mean toward her, but it is true that we will be praying for her and the TBN team.