January 29, 2013
Is Germany Rising Again?

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  1. forasmuch asH3606 H6903 thou sawestH2370 H8754 the ironH6523 mixedH6151 H8743 with miryH2917 clayH2635.

    (Chaldee); corresponding to H6148; to commingle: – mingle (self), mix.

    I think it is presumtion to declare that the clay represents the religious part of the holy roman empire. The word for “mixed” in daniel is actually “arab” and it is the arabs (the clay) and the remains of the roman empire, the iron (the crusaders) who have controlled the temple mount ever since A.D 70
    The actual people who destroyed the temple were not romans but syrian and arabian conscripts -Titus tried to limit their destruction but to no avail. It is there in the history books. So, the prince who is to come will be of syrian/arab descent. However, it is worth noting that the etruscans ( the founders of italy, the Lateinos/666) themselves came from resen (now mosul).
    Now, that makes a whole lot more sense.

  2. Does this mean that Germany will do what they they have done before and start world war 3. If so, will Germany become nazi again or what? What would that mean for me and my fellow American citisens here in the United States of America. If Germany starts another world war, will it Germany go further then they did in the previous war and if so will they even go as far to attack Russia, which may become the Soviet Union again and if so by any chance defeat Russia and carry on and attack Brittain then finally the USA or will it be a repeat of world war 2?

  3. Dear Friends, The writing of this short note comes 1 + year after the article. It is my understanding that Germany is providing Turkey, the Middle East and Africa with military equipment (planes, submarines, weapons, tanks, etc) and personnel. The Germans are also collecting their gold from New York, France, and Great Britain, and making side “deals” with Russia, so as to work with them, and not fear them. Is it becoming obvious that the end-times is really RUNNING at high speed? Why is the German issue running in the background with all nations concentrating on the economic situation of nations — man made economic crash illusion controlled by the”elite” of “zionists” to be more exact. Where are we in the time-line of events to come?

    • No affence, but I dissagree with that. I don’t know about poor Germany, they started the preveos 2 world wars, and caused lots of damage in the process and in the second world war, killed millions of people, Jewishs civillians, Russian andd allied soldiers and other civillians.

  4. And, in the United States, we would have been speaking German, apparently, by only one vote!
    My father was in Germany after the bombing of Hitler’s compound in WWII. He brought a picture back of Hitler’s bombed compound: a heap of rubble. Also, do you think that Hitler will come back to life???

  5. My precious Baptist father, who was in WWII, told us often that “Germany will do it again!!!!! He died before there was a united Europe.

  6. “Scripture and the historic Christian faith clearly indicate that Jesus Christ will return personally and visibly,” he said. “But this faith is not a license to speculate on the time of the event, or to encourage an escapist mindset. People must live in the present and solve current human problems.” -Dr. Richard Kyle

  7. You know seeing how the events are happening so quickly in the middle east, I would be reading the above passage with a bit of skeptism,for I wouldn’t have been able to see how Germany could be so powerful, now, as time has marched on and the obvious is taking place, and thankfully, with the wonderful synopsis that the above article has provided, it really does look like Germany will be a major factor here. It is exciting for me to watch the unfolding of history, and Biblical insights…it means that soon, very soon, we all who believe in Christ, and His Father, will be soon enjoying paradise…

  8. I didn’t realize how powerful Germany is right now in the EU! They are definitely a country to watch. I’m not sold on the idea that the next pope is ‘definitely’ the false prophet though, but I’m convinced about Germany taking control over the EU and the anti-christ coming from there.

    • Yes we do know that Jerusalem will not be completely controlled by the antichrist. We tend to believe that America will not either. We see a depiction in Revelation of eagles wings carrying of Israel into her place of safety; we believe that to be America. God bless.