September 10, 2012
Founding Fathers: Christians or Masons…or Both?

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  1. I’m a born-again Christian and also a master mason…past master of my mother lodge. I’ve found no dichotomy and certainly no satanism. The only folks that I have gotten any grief from are either ignorant or bigoted, or both. Ignorance can sometimes be addressed with the application of knowledge. Bigotry is a spiritual condition which seems to be a bit more hardy.

  2. But you forgot that our founding fathers were never masons and even if they where, they were defectors who repented and left they satanic cult system for good–and one of them was George Washington and how do i know this; because Washington himself had an angelic visitation from one of God Almighty’s angels….showing him three great perils that’ll come upon America. and another thing, our other greatest President Tomas Jefferson did have possession an Islamic text but…he only had it to tell beloved Arabs who came to America that the Bible and the Muslims text are not one bit related to the true word of God, nor that Allay and El-Shaddai are NOT the same god which can only prove that their true bible believing Christians NOT Masons! the USA only wears one crown only and that is the crown of being the second chosen nation on earth to be built on Christianity praise the Lord Forever-ever and Always Amen!

  3. To say that Freemasonry is “inter-faith” in-so-much as a religion, would be the same as saying that since I work at a place, lets say Sears or maybe Wal-Mart, and they have people working there peacefully who are Muslim, Christian, Jew and Wiccan, then they must be inter-faith organizations. As a bible believing, born again Christian, who happens to be a Worshipful Master of a Freemason lodge in Indiana, I find this article to have some rather weak arguments as to a link between Christianity and Freemasonry.

    I concede that Freemasonry is not explicitly Christian, but neither is the grocery store that I shop at. Note that Freemasonry is not a religion, and should not be treated as such. Rather it is an organization that has a background in Christianity, and as for my lodge, contains Christian men. But that certainly would not stop us from accepting a Jew for example. Because we do not force a particular religion on anyone, I am free to choose what church I wish to attend (in my case, a bible based Christian church). Together with other Masons, we work together to bring charity and support to families throughout the world, and we have fun doing it together.

    The bible I received after I became a Master Mason is the King James bible in its unaltered state. It so not a Jefferson bible, a Mormon book, or any other oddity. The only difference is that it contains references in the front and back that are specific to Masonry and where it is linked in the bible. Our alter at our lodge also contains the same bible, with which we show the greatest reverence to, and we highly recommend all of our members to read.

    I once was ignorant of Masonry, and thought that it was “satanic” or a “secret society.” Please know that neither of these are true.

    Irvin, I appreciate your program and listen every chance I get. Thanks!

    • The reason so many question or classify Masonry as “satanic” or “secret” is because it is. As a Christian you must realize what the Bible says about having any other god or acknowledging any other “power” as being wrong. Often Christianity is “added” to activities to make it seem good, like having a Bible or linked to scripture but remember Satan links scripture too in deception. You say “the alter at our lodge” but that same alter would also have to acknowledge other gods as part of the Mason way (other religions). You received a KJV Bible because you claimed Christian but a Jew or Muslim would not. I maintain that Masonry is not Christian and, that alone should speak to Christians as to what purpose such an organization would have for them. Christians are called to work in Christ’s service (which includes charity and support to families) both soley and together and bring the glory and honor to Him, in His name NOT in the name of Masonry or rather the glory of man and his man-led organization.

      • rodsterinfl said it best. Freemasonry is satanic. Lower level masons do not realize this and are hidden from the truth. They promote “family, fun, service, community” it is all a load of crap and the higher 33deg masons know the truth. If they want to get out its too late, their souls are sold.

        • They slowly shape you over time to their belief. You become numb to certain issues and topics. It’s called hiding in plain site. They slowly get in your subconscious and you accept more and more over time. Before you know it, its too late.

  4. this is why I am convinced that America is the ‘great harlot,’ “MYSTERY” babylon – in the Bible, the only nation that could ‘play the harlot’ was a nation that had also known G-d, the beast I see as the UN, whose headquarters are in the US, NY to be exact – and it’s 10 horns hate the whore (probably muslim nations – kings without kingdoms such as palestein…?) – the woman is “that great city” which reigneth over the kings of the earth – isn’t that the complaint of all the other nations? America bosses all the nations around? The ‘great city’ the ‘mighty city’ has lived deliciously and is full of dainties. Is that not America? Are we not the richest nation. All the merchants were made rich by her – through ports, shipmasters and trade by reason of her costliness – made rich by slaves and souls of men – know what your US birth certificate means? You are ‘property’ of the US used as collateral to secure loans from the federal reserve – and you pay off the US debt to the Fed and lending nations through your taxes. She commits fornication – accepts all religions as ‘true’ and promotes sin through media (hollywood and the music industry) – sets the tone for the WHOLE WORLD – all nations drink from her golden cup full of abominations (the emmys, the grammys, the oscars…)

    • Praise the Lord!

      Hello Darlena,
      I must confess, at one time I wondered if we could truly be the harlot. However, I had to consider ALL of the prophecy. I was taking it in part, and therein lay my error. I, like you, see many of the same qualities in the harlot as can be seen in the US. I love my country, and am blessed by God Almighty to be American born & bred. However, that does not mean the US is always right.
      If we really think about the parts of the prophecy we are applying to the US, we can also look back through history and apply those same parts to every kingdom or country that has risen to power in the last 2000 years. By power, I do not simply mean risen to statehood. More specifically, dominion or dominance. Any power, or country, that has been dominant in our history has many, if not all, of the same qualities from this prophecy that can be applied to the US.
      The question we should ask ourselves is not, can some of this prophecy be applied to the US. I believe the appropriate question would be, can ALL of this prophecy be applied to the US.
      Think of it as baking a cake. We have all of the ingredients in front of us, but we decide to ignore one or two of the key ingredients. Namely, flour and eggs. Assuming we have only water/milk & sugar left, after we combine them we will have a sweet drink mixture, yet no substance. The same can be applied to Scripture. We must apply all of the ingredients given, or we may end up with something that sounds sweet, but in truth it is nothing more than sugar water and not able to sustain us.
      The first thing we should look at is the useage of the term “great whore.”
      In the Old Testament, God would refer to Israel in this way when she was in a backslidden state. In the New Testament, we are to be presented to Christ as a chaste virgin. As Israel backslid and was called a whore, so to can it be applied to any members of the Church who are backslid.
      We know Rome once had a great apostolic church. According to Paul, their faith was “spoken of throughout the whole world.” However, historically we know that within a couple of hundred years from the apostles time, it had fallen into complete apostasy. Therefore, the term whore would be applicable to the once great church of Rome.
      The above article does a great job of giving us a brief, yet descriptive overview, of our nation’s beginnings as far as Christianity vs Masonry. One thing in particular I would like to point out though, the US has never been a church. When reading about Israel in the Old Testament, it is important to remember that not only were they the physical people(nation) of God, but they were in fact the then church of the living God. America has never held that title. Under the New Covenant the Church is the spiritual nation of God, though we are spread throughout the physical nations of the world. Though we are many members we “are one body in Christ.” America, since it’s inception, has been a physical nation. A nation tremendously blessed by God, no doubt, but a physical nation nonetheless. I believe this should be the first thing to immediately disqualify any physical nation from being the whore.
      If this is not a “disqualifier” then, we have to consider the possibility that the other dominant kingdoms/nations could be the great whore. (United Kingdom, Germany, European Union, etc.)
      The question again rises, does ALL of the prophecy apply to these nations? The answer is unequivocally, no.
      Another part of the prophecy that should help to identify the whore is how she is arrayed, or clothed.
      According to Rev 17:4 “the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet.” The folks at EndTime have put together an excellent post on this, so I will not elaborate much. Though, I would like to point out that our nation is “arrayed” in red, white, and blue. While she is arrayed in purple and scarlet.
      Also, the seven heads which “are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.” I have not seen a good argument for how that applies, or can apply, to the US. It can easily be understood in reference to the “city of seven hills” though. Also covered in a post by EndTime.
      The last thing I would like to point out is the killing of the saints by the great whore. There are many things that come to mind concerning this subject. First being that Rome persecuted the saints not long before the Holy Roman Catholic church came to power. Rome already had a pagan church of the state called something along the lines of, The Universal Church of Rome. So, change the name around and you have a “new” state religion. There is so much information available concerning the origins of the HRCC, I could not begin to scratch the surface in one post. The other immediate thought is inquisition. The HRCC remained true to it’s origins and continued to persecute the saints of God. Even going so far as to make it illegal for the common folks to own a Bible. That kind of makes it hard for someone to “study to shew thyself approved unto God.” Through more research it is very easy to find that the HRCC was directly or indirectly involved in the inquisitions. And, it was conducted with, at the very least, papal approval, if not authority.
      As far as I know the US gov has not killed the saints of God. I will add a ‘yet’ to that, because we know where the world is going.
      All of this said, I do believe the US will eventually get back on track and be a willing servant for God’s will. So, I may bring a bit of prejudice to my argument.