October 11, 2013
The Battle of Gog and Magog | Prophecy in the News

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  1. Why do the weapons of war burn for 7 years in Ezekiel 39:9-10. Why does the Bible report in this prophesy that : “They will not take wood from the field nor cut down any from the forests, because they will make fires with the weapons.” I would like an explanation as to why this fire would need to burn for 7 years after the return of Christ and the beginning of his reign. Any ideas, I would love to hear them. Take care and God Bless you!

  2. i was was soooo tickled when i found this site. i have been watching your program for some time on the tv did’nt know i could get you all on the internet wow. i love to learn about the prophecy that is in Gods word tand to find it here is a real treat for me. i live alone and i like to read so when i found this i was thrilled.
    i will be tuning in a lot.

  3. The sixth trumpet war will be nuclear. A nuclear war of that scale WILL cause a nuclear winter. Nuclear bombs cause the sand and soil to turn into glass.

    Jesus said that the sun would be darkened, the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and then He will come back (paraphrase Matthew 24). Jesus was describing a nuclear winter. This does not occur until right before His return at Armageddon. If a nuclear war occurs at the begining of the Tribulation (final three years), then Jesus would have said the sun would be darkened,… and when you see the abomination of desolation,…

    The saints in Revelation 15 are standing in a sea of burning glass. This picture happens right before Armageddon.

    Furthermore, the eagles wings (the USA) protect Isreal for 42 months. The battle of Armageddon takes place during the 43rd month. The US must be taken out of the way in order for Armageddon to occur. I believe we are the saints with harps in the burning glass. We will live through the blasts.

    The sixth trumpet war will begin before the abomination of desolation, but it will not end but until right before the battle of Armageddon.

      • But nothing has happened to the stars. Also, the moon is still giving its light. Jesus was not describing something that would affect one celestial body. Everything in the sky will be affected by Jesus’ prophecy. The only way to do that (other than supernaturally, and I don’t believe that it will be supernatural when God has a man made way to fulfill this prophecy) is with a large amount of nuclear bombs.
        Also, since we know for absolute certain that the sixth trumpet war will be nuclear, and we know that large scale nuclear war will always result in a nuclear winter, we should expect this to be fulfilled in this fashion.
        The 1/4 of the sun thing you mentioned was in July. Large scale solar flares happen all the time, and they do not darken the stars. Today, the sun is whole again in the visual spectrum. There is still a large hole in the extreme ultraviolet spectrum, but no other.

  4. i feel that the 6th trumpet war is actually part “a” of the armagedon.and the result will be a treaty of desparation.then the finish.i might point out that the persecution and murder of christians worldwide is of tribulation speed and numbers

  5. I have always thought that ww lll would be either slightly before or slightly after the peace agreement. However, the possibility exists that ww lll could be the event that ushers in the final 3 1/2 years of tribulation.

  6. How can ww3 happen outside the great tribulation (last 3,5y) , the worst time in history ever (past and future). In other words, how can the great tribulation be a greater tribulation than ww3?

    • The tribulation will not be a war. During the tribulation Satan will persecute the church and Israel through the Antichrist and the False Prophet. Think of times of persecution. Think of the inquisition and the persecution the early church faced. The tribulation will be much greater than any of those times. God bless.

  7. You say that Armageddon and Gog and Magog are the same? Well, explain the reference to Gog and Magog after the Millennial Reign in Revelation 20:8.

    • This is a second battle of Gog and Magog or at least an attempted battle. It does not appear to last very long but then again we are not given much detail. This happens after the millennium and we know Armageddon happens prior to the millennium. God bless.

  8. In Mathew 24:3-8 it prophecy that kingdom will fight among kingdoms and nation among nations.It is almost starting now including Syria,U.S.A,China,Russia,France and few others.It is the “FIRST PAIN OF THE CHILD BIRTH”.The second is in Joel 2:1-will be the “THE WARNING THE DAY OF THE LORD”which are the army of locust will devastated the earth.Thirdlly in Joel 2:28-32 which is “THE DAY OF THE LORD”- ARMAGEDDON and the DESTRUCTION- 2 Peter 3:7-14;but after the RAPTURE>God’s people will be taken to heaven and to meet the King of Kings in the air.(1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 & 1 Corinthinas 15:51-55) .These prophecies will happen respectively one after another as happened in the pain of the child birth,”THAN THE KING OF KINGS WILL DESCEND FROM HEAVEN” ‘AMEN.LET US BE READY IN PRAYERS ALWAYS – Luke 21:34-36 and Bible reading and obey – Revelation 3:10.