June 21, 2013
6th Trumpet | Prophecy in the News

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  1. Why does everyone take the bible so literal??? It’s mostly symbolism anyway, and has been “revised” and edited so many times by various people throughout history, and not one of them was named Jesus lol. Do you really want to base your beliefs and your life on just one book without really knowing the much about the person who wrote it? I’m not saying it’s all a lie, most of it is based on events that really did take place, but you have to remember that it was written by various authors, with various perspectives, just like this thread, so you are going to get a mixed bag. I’ve spent most of my life studying Theology, and the history of various religions, because I choose to follow only what I know, and I know too much about the bloody history of most religions, and their covert tactics that it’s tough for me to place all my faith in the bible. Most people don’t even know that the practices of the Catholic Church are actually based on ancient pagan rituals. Paganism never died, it was just transformed, and Catholicism was shaped in a certain way, not for Christ, but for the conversion of Pagans to Christianity.
    As a matter of fact, there were really only two major religions in existence during Jesus’ life. One was Paganism, and the other was Judaism, Jesus was a Jew, and chose that path over paganism. Years of research and critical thinking has led me to believe that if Jesus were alive today, he would probably not even chose to be a Christian lol. Christ never promised infallibility to his churches. The Savior never promised to his churches their absolute preservation from error. Even in the first century there was some defection from the truth as evidenced by the Epistles. From the second to the fourth century we find a rapid departure – from the truth when Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire wanted the powers of Christianity and (in name, at least) he became a Christian. Under his rulership many of the churches were united with the state in. 313 A. I). and a hierarchy was born. Thus a development was started which climaxed in the rule of the first universal pope, Boniface III, in 606. So…If it really was that easy to transform an belief system to fit a political agenda, what makes you think the bible hasn’t been used for the same purpose?
    I know my Savior Jesus Christ was not fear based, and only operated through love and peaceful action. Using the holy and divine to propagate fear is a common manipulation tactic with religion, as well as corrupt govt. institutions. You know… the same kind of corrupt institutions that Jesus sought to end and free his people from. Remember what the happened then? A large population of people were convinced that he was nothing but a con man by the ones who were in charge, and it wasn’t even questioned by the masses before Jesus was tortured and crucified. Please follow your heart, and not the propaganda tactics that have been used for centuries by these corrupt institutions. They are only able to thrive through control tactics, fear, war, and suffering. Everyone’s still waiting for the “anti-christ” to show up, but that’s just a trick, as the anti-christ has been here for some time now, and it’s not an actual person, but the entire dysfunctional system, that is consumed by greed, yet again lmao. If you don’t believe me just look at the multi-billion dollar estate we call the Vatican. They repeat Jesus’ words and talk about feeding the poor constantly, but have they ever made a real effort. You could feed a lot of people with all those material possessions they have plated in gold. What would Jesus do in that situation? Once you truly understand and know Jesus, his word, and his divinity, you will be awakened as a child of God and you will be shown the truth.

  2. Study to shew thyself approved unto God , a workman that needeth not to be ashamed , rightly dividing the word of truth . But shun profane and vain babblings : for they will increase unto more ungodliness

  3. I can’t believe that our nation and Congress can’t see that Obama is not on our side and doesn’t have our best interest at heart. It’s as though people are blinded to his real intentions. No president has been perfect. But just look how far our country has gone down hill since he’s been in office.

    We are even loosing our freedom of speech !!! I feel so frustrated that no one can see the train barreling straight at us! If you shout “get out of the way” they think you’re crazy or prejudiced against the train!

  4. I think that the US should stay out of any war in Syria.

    I am also saddened by the beheading of the Catholic Priest by the Syria rebels on June 23rd. A man of faith who became a martyr for the love of his Lord Jesus Christ.

    Some in the US Government want to support the rebels, they are also supported by the Saudis, Hamas, and Al Qaeda. I am no fan of the Assad Al Awite Government backed by Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia.

    There is no good side.

  5. This is war is coming! Bible prophecy is never wrong. Christians need to try to save as many people as possible. Read Mark 16:15

  6. Do you suppose that the great falling away will consist of those that believe in a pretribulation rapture? If the tribulation starts and those that believe in a pretrib rapture may lose faith and confidence…..I am not sure…but i cannot imagine what will happen to the hearts of those that are sold on a pretribulation rapture….

      • I would like to believe that but I am unable to find a scripture or passages that reflect a pretrib rapture. If you have one please let me know.

  7. We need to be about our fathers business, that means telling everyone you come in contact with about our Lord Jesus Christ. If you don’t know him personally, then you need to and tell your families, friends, those God puts in your path. Jesus is at the door,waiting for Jehovah God to say ” go get them” that is what’s important now. Nothing else. Jesus has his hand on the door waiting folks. God bless

  8. There may be a significant time gap between WWlll and a major Mideast conflict. Although I have always thought that the whole mess would start and end in the Mideast. Syria certainly could be the catalyst.

    • I notice that I haven’t seen psalm 83 mentioned at all. Might want to look at it and read. Please notice that all the tents are nations and peoples that have borders with Israel. I believe that this war will be soon, very soon. 2014-2015

      • The Nations mentioned in Psalm 83 were dealt with in Jer. in the last chapters. The Lord tells of their destruction.

      • Mary, do you have a direct explicit reference of this prophecy in the Bible? This has been thrown around the internet by many with a hidden agenda to frighten good Christians.

  9. When you say “make sure you prepare yourself spiritually and physically ” what exactly do you mean, especially the physically part?

  10. Our time here on earth is almost at a close. and my question is how are we to be living? more prayer, more salvations, and what are we to be watching for? i know what is happening as you keep us informed, but i am looking for the Great Spiritual awakening? where are we in this wonderful event of God’s Joel 2:28? or is this much later?

    • The rapture occurs after the tribulation according to Matthew 24:29-31 which means the rapture will also happen after this war. God bless.

    • There are two events that could likely occur next: the 6th trumpet war which kills 1/3 of mankind and the confirmation of the covenant which triggers the final 7 years to the battle of Armageddon.