May 6, 2013
666 or 616? – The Number of the Beast

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  1. Wow great article. The reason I was researching this subject was a statement I heard by Dr James White( A well respected NT Scholar, I like him) that the number of the Beast was 616 I’d never heard that before. I think there is a definite bias amongst evangelicals who are post-millenialists and hold a preterist interpretaion of Revelation. They are so determined it seems to undermine a literal interpretation of the Endtimes to the point where the accepted and majority of textual evidence concerning Rev 13:18 is merely put aside. I find this intellectually dishonest at best and heretical at worst.

  2. 666 isn’t attributed to the anti-Christ. It’s attributed to the two horned beast otherwise known as “the false prophet.”

  3. Since the Book of Revelation states: “…and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” This is 666 and not 616. The Bible is the word of God and it contains no lies or contradictions. If we start believing the deceivers who persuade us to believe otherwise, then we will start to believe other passages are incorrect as well.

  4. The Book of Revelation is marvelous ,ingenious and entertaining piece of religious fiction . . . too bad so many treat is a reality.

  5. I can’t believe we are here, at the door of Truly the last days. I had a scare of breast cancer and going through the tests, I wouldn’t allow them to put those small titanium. Chips in me, so if they have to go back in the breast,they could find the lump. It scares me some times thinking about having my head chopped off or being shot, but I would. Iwould have to. I won’t take the mark. Jesus has done so much for me,it’s the least I could go through for him. Amen? God bless

  6. I recently had a really bad bout with a cold that would not go away….and still slightly lingers at this writing. This all began in February of this year and it is now May. Finally, I went to a healing ministry at our church for blessing so that the Holy Spirit could work on me. Why am I telling you this? Well, as I sat there, they brought out the Holy oil and told me to put my hands out in front of me. They then anointed my forehead and the palms of my hands with the Holy oil before praying a blessing over me. I didn’t think too much about it until later.

    About a week ago, I was watching a religious(for lack of a better word) program on television about holy oil. They were warning that you need to be careful of who is anointing you with the oil because if they are not living their life appropriately through God’s teachings, they could easily open a “door” to you by transferring their evil spirits to you via this Holy oil. They said that you should always know the character of the person who is anointing you. That made sense to me and again, I didn’t think anything of it….until later.

    That night, I woke up in a sweat because I don’t know if I was dreaming or my brain was connecting dots, but I suddenly realized(wondered?) if the holy oil is the tool that would deliver the mark of the beast. Now, please hear me out before dismissing this idea.

    In the Catholic Church, Holy oil is a big thing and they believe in this transference. Most churches do. If the Church in the End Times is to be lead by Rome…how do we know that it isn’t the Roman Catholic Church? If that is the case, and people are ignorant about the Bible…most have seen scenes of the symbolism within the Roman Catholic Church either in movies, visiting with friends or relatives, through the news media, or by being or originally being a member of the Roman Catholic Church. If they really believe that the anti christ is the messiah and are told to show their devotion by worshiping the beast, then they will have to take the mark to show their allegiance. Now, a lot of people might resist getting a chip or a tattoo in their hand or in their forehead, but most would think that it was a very innocent gesture to be blessed by the church with holy oil. It could be like Conformation within the Catholic Church that takes place now. It is a way for young and old to show their allegiance to Jesus. That is when they give their life to Jesus/God…and they are anointed by the area bishop with holy oil. It is during that time, that the Holy Spirit is activated within that individual. So, what is to stop the church, being lead in the end times by an antichrist, from giving conformation to new followers who are showing their allegiance to the anti christ…even if out of ignorance. It would be a method to do something that had been done for centuries and nobody would think twice about this “innocent” act.

    Now, the part that I can’t figure out is that you cannot trade or sell without the mark. But, maybe there will be a supernatural “mark” from the anointing that would allow others to recognize one another. I don’t have that answer….just something to ponder on…could it be that the mark is an “innocent” blessing with “holy” oil that nobody would think twice about? And if the person administering had questionable character and housed evil spirits…that those spirits would then gain access and open permission to the individual as a result of this “blessing”? I don’t know for sure, but it sounds plausible to me. If nothing else, I will never again allow anyone to anoint me with holy oil unless I know them well enough to know that they are baptized in the Holy Spirit and are born again through Jesus Christ. I will never again take it for granted that that is a given.

    • Vicki, this is just my opinion but I don’t think you have to worry. Remember, Samuel anointed Saul with oil when he was made king of the Israelites. David also was anointed with oil by Samuel. I think the mark of the beast will be much more prominent, like possibly a chip under the skin like they do pets or a scanning of the eye, or a national id card. God bless.

    • Vicki,

      I hope that your fever has broken.

      You received this information from a TV preacher, for lack of a better word, what was he selling?

  7. 666 was the number given to Ceaser Nero because of his persecutions of the Christians. He persecuted them for 42 months before his death. He also is the Emperor that burned Rome, remember?

  8. My brother goes to this left wing assembly of God church that shows pictures of bill gates and rick Warren as roll models and he chipped himself and now these rfid or digital angle tags have a red square of infection about 4 inched by 4 inches on both of his lower legs and it gave him the aids virus

    • who put in the chip?
      I have only heard of a vet doing it to a pet.
      Are you also saying that the A of G is a liberal church?
      It gave him the aids virus?

      this should be given to the press and shouted out at the mountain tops.

  9. With all do respect but ” Who cares what number it is …………Will know when the world changes and starts to take the mark …………I will watch out for any number or mark and it’s pretty evident it will be the muslim mohamad mark or the rfid chip ………I’m betting on RFID chips ………Look how technology can track or control everything we do ……………………. Although if were knocked out of technology by an emp it will most likley be the mark of mohammad Do your research ………Anyways Jesus is Lord and he will let those have have eyes see and ears listen ………….. Some people today even though 80 something percent % are more convinced now than last years We are in the Birth Pains ……..Headed to Tribulation WW3 soon ……………Trust in The word in Spirit and Truth …………Jesus is the Only Way to the Father Many will come to believe he is Alive Once Their worst nightmare comes out and is reality and they are broken ……..Jesus always is with you know matter what even When you don’t believe He is the Shepard …………But for now he says Do Not Be Troubled and gives us Warnings ……………..There is one thing that’s Living Proof of God vs Evolution…… Evolution says we evolve ….Why did we stop Evolving ……. Then I tell them But if you look at Prophecy in Bible if you study history Prophecy Never Lies it’s all True ……….. And if you look at Today and Future Prophecy’s They are and will not Fail Either ……….God is Alive and Very Real …….. We should Fear Love and Trust in Him Above all Things ………………..

    • Believers must not be worried with mark of beast, of course the enemy has an agenda but our loving and foreknowing GOD disclosed to us.The concern of every Christian is to know CHRIST more than ever and share HIM with the world that promises us riches bit cannot give us eternal joy.Read PAUL,PETER and JOHN,you will realize that the priority for them was for the believer to bear the image of GOD in the world which Adam failed to do.So OUR KING is coming thus lets rejoice brethren and that is the attitude that the early church portrayed because they realized that we do not belong to this earth but in EDEN. That is where life began and unfortunately we landed on this planet because of Adam’s disobedience.GOD HAS GREAT THINGS IN STORE FOR BELIEVE,SATAN IS NOT THE MOTIVE OF OUR FAITH BUT CHRIST IS.