November 25, 2013
Middle East Peace Agreement

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  1. Like you, I too have been following the peace talks between Sec. Kerry, Israel and Palestine. Although it has been announced that these talks should be wrapped up (and signed) by April 29, 2014, I wonder if anyone has taken into account the date mentioned by the prophet Ezekiel, in Ezekiel, Chapter 40, verse 1 concerning the third temple? I find it very interesting that he (Ezekiel) was taken, in spirit, by God “On April 28″ and shown the measurements and the layout of the future temple.

    The reason I mention this verse is because I have found God to be pretty literal about things (when his word is finally understood) and it is interesting that Ezekiel would write down an actual date. I would wager (if I was a betting woman) that the day they announce the building of the third temple will be April 28, 2014, not April 29.

    God Bless,

  2. It does not matter Jesus sister Israel has held the world sins for 50 years. I am raising and all will have to face the “Ark”. The crime against God is world is that after 1945 no one gave Judah the “Ark” to clear the lands of pure evil. Now nations have raised and the Whore of Babylon will now grow to the “Devil” because people got to busy. Again, world you are in great sin with God Israel he said no longer will help with your sins. Your sins are piled to heaven you will get ready for the “Ark” no one is suppose to talk to Judah without the earth. WORLD YOU HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH TOO MUCH SIN. NOW YOU WILL GET BY THE ARK AND TAKE THE STRKE FOR YOUR SINS. ISRAEL NO LONGER IS HOLDING YOUR SINS YOU WILL DEAL WITH GOD NOW. NO MORE MEN YOU WILL DEAL WITH GOD WORLD YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE THE STRIKE FROM THE ARK. I HAVE NO SIN I AM JESUS SISTER AND THIS IS WHAT HAS KEPT YOUR EARTH FROM BEING THROWN INTO THE ABYSS. AGAIN, GOD HATES THIS WORLD. THESE ARE SICK POSSESSED PEOPLE WHO SERVE THE ANTI-CHRIST, AND THE FALSE PROPHET

  3. The peace treaty that the US is working on suppose to be complete by April 2014 which lines up with the blood moon on passover, I believe the start of the 7 year tribulation will start sometime next year. What do others on this blog believe?

  4. Wondering when the two witnesses will appear if they preach prior to the abomination of desolation. Will they be from Israel?
    2nd ?: What is the relationship between the antiChrist and the 13th Imam?

  5. There is a scripture that states …,”Tongues shall cease, and prophecies shall fail….”, in so many words. Like Rev. Baxter has always mentioned, in a very short time, all the theologians will most likely be shut up in the next coming years. His Will be done Amen. Mr. Irvin Baxter, keep on keeping on and God Bless You and your Endtime Ministry, thank you for completing the Jerusalem Prophecy College on time.

  6. Since events are now occurring (in our world society) which were prophecied earlier, doesn’t this imply that today’s events are determined (as all events involve human beings and their actions). Could human beings be ‘at effect’ (without any free will) so that prophecied events can be fulfilled? It seems reasonable (to me) that God could be causing all these events by his Sovereign Will and Control…over the Consciousness of us humans. This implies that all of us are really subserviant (at effect) to the Higher Will of God and his desires. Could this be possible?

  7. Irvin
    I’m with you 100% A7 yr. treaty starts the Great Trib. Alls the
    mark of the beast will be a computer chip embedded in the Hand or Forehead.
    My personal feelling, time is running out. The Rapture could be about the same
    time. Joel B

  8. It will be nothing but a “piece” agreement, in which the Israelis will still be bombed by the arabs. “peace, peace, and then there shall be sudden destruction.”

  9. As much as I would love to be with my Lord and other family members there is still
    too much of God’s work left to do here on this Earth. When it’s time
    He will Call all His children home and the work, His work will be done.
    God bless us all, seek God, love Him with all your heart, mind and soul.
    And love your neighbor as yourself. Be A witness for our Lord Jesus
    Jesus. always lifting Hing up before men. Be acid He said, If you lift Me
    up before men, I will lift you up before My Father, who is in heaven.

    May God bless our steps answer our prayers in was that will help
    us the best. God be with you all, and God bless America!

  10. I’m sure that this agreement will be like a short testing agreement (7 yrs.) for the middle east has been at war since time began. They will want to test the waters before a long term agreement can be delt with.